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i already tried that but it dicn't recognize it, well it didn't actually say that it couldn't detect anything but it was taking a really long time to recognize it so i just assumed it wasn't working

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so I got the new ps3 Slim and Im trying to hook up my bluetooth headset (the one that came with SOCOM), now it worked perfectly on my old ps3 (60GB) but im not sure how to get my new ps3 to recognize it this time, im not even sure how i did it the first time, and i can't find any instructions. Any help?? So basically my question is how do i pair my headset with my ps3 so i can use it? thanks in advance

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really? thats it? so i dont need to do anything to the old ps3? like what happens to it?

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i believe it means downloadable content

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So i got the YLOD a couple of days ago :( and i've decided to get the new slim, but my question is this, how do i get my psn back? u see, i dont want to get the new ps3 and try to make my psn the same as the one i hadand haveit tell me that it's already being used, so im thinking i might need to reformat my old HDD to see if it erases everything even my psn account so that i can use the same one for my new ps3? does that make sense? thanx in advance for any help

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hey guys, is there a way to choose my own psn avatar instead of having to choose one from the list they give me, if yes, how? thnx in advance
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two reason I think your'e foreign (not American or Canadian) you spelled "typo" type-oh and u love soccer...

but this game is being made by Treyarch instead of Infinity War so I'm expecting WW2 again... Don't get your hopes up on this one because I think COD3 was glitchy and awful...

Who knows though, maybe they'll do something cool like the Pacific Theatre...


No he's american

He'd call it "Foot ball" if he were foreign


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it's awesome!

Opinion : the sound you used to be the "select sound" (the one that plays when you hit X on something) should be the sound that plays when you move with the arrows.


i agree, the sound that plays when moving the arrows is really annoying

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How did u do that spoiler pop-up thingy, that was pretty cool, i've never seen it before.

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i thought tom clancy's end war is gonna be like that isn't it?