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Thanks for the replies. I think I might actually buy it.

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I loved Demons/Dark Souls and for some reason this reminds me of it. How is this game compared to Dark Souls? Are they even comparable? Does it have in depth character customization which made Dark Souls so addictive? Is there any form of multiplayer?

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^^YA OK!! LOL! and btw, i got it to work, apparently u guys were right, this time i made sure i got the address to be exactly the same as what my bank has and made sure everything was case correct (dunno if that mattered) but it worked yay! thanks guys

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you gys mean like case sensitive and stuff like that, and by exact address u mean as in the address that my bank has on file, like it has to be exactly the same, i'll try that and see what happens, and no im not broke

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is there a problem with adding funds to ur psn wallet from a credit card, cuz i keep trying to do that and it keeps telling me that the card is invalid and i use this card for everything, i have an american console with an american psn and an american credit card, not that all these should make a difference but i dont see what the problem could be. i've tried over and over and it just doesn't work, does anybody know anything i should know, thanx in advance

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hey guys i was wondering if it's possible to change my psn avatar into something other than the ones PSN let u choose, thanks for any info

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yes that actually worked, it doesn't make sense but whatever, thank u again

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ok i'll try that when i get the chance, i can't use my ps3 till tomorrow, thanks for the information btw

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I got a new ps3 slim about 2 weeks ago and everything was fine but today all of a sudden all of my 4 controllers stop working unless i have them wired, there seems to be something wrong with the BT. I tried turning the console off and turning it on using the controller with it wireless and it was able to turn the console on but could never be assigned (all 4 red lights kept on blinking till they turn off instead of get one red light at 1 indicating controler 1 u know?) has this happened to anybody, any ideas that can help me :( thanks in advance

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ya i just tried that and it worked :) but now that u mention it, what is the enhanced mode?