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Breaking Bad Season 1

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Just finished the first season of this and loved it. Great show that keeps you on edge but is not so tense that it bugs you like Weeds did for me. Although I'm not quite sure how the rest of the series will be, I heard it gets intense.

Currently I'm playing Halo: Reach mostly, about to start Mass Effect 2 for my first playthrough. School starts in a couple of weeks so I'll probably be done gaming for awhile.

Dental Surgery

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Tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth removed so I'll be drugged up for a couple of days in extreme pain. I bought the Dragon Age: Origins ultimate edition just for the occasion cause I'll so bored. Also meaning I'll be on here and GT a lot lol. By the way if anyone has a GT account send me a friend request, haloman06 not haloman92.

Anyways been playing lots of Gears 2 before the next one comes out. If you wanna play some wingman hit me up sometime. Other than that been playing some MLB 2k11 and a little Perfect Dark Zero for some extra achievement hunting. But I guess that's it. Summer is almost over! Live it up!


My brute and Birthday

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Well my 17th birthday was May 5 (cindo de mayo) i guess i can get carded at the movies now without looking like an idiot and making up some excuse how i forgot my id. I just got a bunch of money some sunglasses and some small stuff. Ill probably buy a new game with the money but i dont really know what it will be yet.

Also im obsessed with this mybrute thing. Its weird cause its so simple and you log on like once a day then just wait for next time. But if you dont have one please click the link below to create a brute and be my pupil, you will prob enjoy it. trust me...



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Its been like 8 months since the last time I did this but im bored

Ive been killing on some mass effect lately trying to get a bunch of achievements. Actually i have been going back on a few games trying to get some missed achievements i dont even know why.

Im still thinking on what my next game should be. Halo Wars? or i never even got CoD WaW. Im even thinking about getting fallout 3 or Left for Dead.

I finished out the wrestling season and my senior project so right now im carefree so ive been coming here every now and then, but never really did much

Thats all i guess

Gamespot... wow...

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Its been forever since ive been here, but im here, maybe here to stay. The only reason i come here anymore is to check up on some gaming news anyway. Im officially 3 years old here since Aug 23 '05, its been awhile. But yea football season starting up, along with school, along with practice, its gonna be hard for me to ever get back into gamespot. But ive been playing call of duty 4 all the time since i just got it. This blog is short just to say im still alive and remember my gamespot account. Hey!

I got tagged by like 3 people so...

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So yea i pretty have to do this stupid 5 thing since i think 3 people just tagged me, man this sucks

1. I start on my highschool wrestling team (sophmore) at 135lbs and ended up like 12-16

2. I got Guitar Hero 2 May of 07 and failed Surrender (easiest song) on easy twice, now i can get 48% on Slayer on expert(and beat every other song on expert)

3. My favorite music genre is screamo metal stuff but recently ive been getting into the trance stuff and i like it

4. I live in South Carolina but next to football hockey is my favorite sport

5. My first system was on the genesis and i still havnt ever sold one of my games

There you go

Video Blog #3

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Man now that ive transfered it like 3 times the audio is bad and you can barely hear it. Oh well i hope you guys can hear if not just say so


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