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Fun times

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It's been a great time here on Gamespot, I've been a member here since 2004; I've made alot of friends here and did several reviews for games and blog posts. I'm giving up the part of my life that enjoyed video games because, of school. It's getting tough this year and i can't stand the pressure and then there is the temptation to go back and play video games.

I'll be back every now and then but; no more blogs, reviews, forum posts, trying to get emblems (;)) or any of that stuff. It might be a little bit different for sites like tv.com; but the days of carelessness and paying money for games is done. Again, it's been a wonderful time here and i certainly will miss it. Peace.

Re-living Jan 16, 2007

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On Jan 16, 2007 World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade was released and across the world players have been waiting for the game to finally hit store shelves. The game was a hit and users who have previously left World of Warcraft for being to boring or ****s being "broken" returned and were reaquanted with an old friend. When The Burnning Crusade was released the features were: Outlands, increased level cap (70), new dude (Illidan), lots of new areas to discover, flying mounts, Jewelcrafting, new pvp battlegrounds, and Arena. Today on August 3rd, 2007 i just heard everything again.

So the Wrath of the Lych King was finally revealed recently and boy, i don't care! It's the same exact concept; level 80, Inscription, Death Knight (??), new land, new dude (Artthas). For crying out loud i don't think many people reached Illidan yet and they're already releasing another 25 man epic raid?

Personally if you ask me Blizzard is moving way to fast for their users. The amount of time since the first World of Warcraft came out till Burnning Crusade was enough time for everybody to get the epic gear, mount, and of course, suspense. Their are a lot of people on my realm that havn't even got a chance to do Karazhan yet. Again if you ask me, now, it is so pointless to get tier 4, 5, 6, 7... because their just going to keep bringing more updated versions out and more time for you to waste getting nowhere. Sounds extreme but, thats why i dropped as well. They started to release more and more armor that really it just seemed pointless to even try (and for some other reasons).

For people that really put in a lot of time into World of Warcraft, enjoy it, and are the one's getting far in the game then yeah the expansion is worth it. For a user like me and all of the other people who couldn't keep up; this game is not worth a dime.

Tips and Tricks guide for Halo (PC)

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Now the best Halo game of all is the first one for the Xbox however, the reason why i play this one because one it's free online and two their a lot more buttons on a keyboard then on an Xbox controller; so let's starts!

The beginning stages in Halo are ok and are designed for players to get to know the game before the challenging parts come up (this isn't shocking). For beginners, average and hardcore players sometimes they forget the most important rules Duck and Cover (D&C). I've been up against some pretty good players the always die because they expose themselves which allows me to get an instant kill. Now everybody knows this but, they seem to forget when they play cooperative/deathwatch. That's the golden rule but, their are many others.

This tactic works great when your playing single player and was one of my survival techniques for beating Legendary mode. When you jump duck in the air not always behind cover. By doing this you take away 50% of your body for a brief moment making the enemy aim tighter than usual. By doing this method you can jump on slightly taller objects and snipe the enemy from a more convenient location. Doing this in multiplayer is a good idea also but, it may not work as well in single player for the fact that a human controls the other character not the AI. Remember doing this does not mean to bunny hop! That is one key rule as well; if you do decide to bunny hop you will reduce your speed and a weapon such as the needler and a charged up plasma pistol can instantly take you out.

-These are a couple ammo saving techniques-

When you fight against the covenant you only kill grunts when their are four or more by melee them. It is senseless to kill them with a weapon such as your assault rifle which you may need later to kill hordes of Flood. And if you can move fast enough you can still melee all four of them. Jackals usually have about three or more in a squad so here's what you do; you can either shoot the shield until they role out of the way then you move in and melee them OR if you can maneuver fast enough you can smack them both twice and finish them off. When your facing an Elite covenant you shoot repeatedly until you see that their shield has gone away by this time he is usually trying to regain his balance and that's when you melee him until he dies.

When you are up against Hunters you never shoot once (this is common sense in Halo but i am still mentioning it). You let them charge at you but, do not let them hit you. They can take a good chunk of your energy shield away if they do. You just have to walk backwards and as soon as you see them move their arm step to the side and try to hit their weak spot. Which just incase you still don't know, it's behind them and it's a big orange spot. A precisely aimed shot with a shotgun or such should bring the brute down but still, hit him once in the back like any other and you'll be fine.

When you fight the flood the best weapon to always have with you is an assault rifle. The assault rifle cross-hair's diameter is the best for slowing down two to three guys and kill them if fired properly. With flood you have to be aware that even though you kill them, they can trick you and come back up once you pass them. In this case you can tell if like one or two shots take them down, if that happens then you should couple seconds and most of the time they pop back up. On Legendary this happens frequently; you shoot the flood enemy down and attack the next opponent and he comes up and strikes you in the back and it's back from the last checkpoint again.

Shooting the flood in the head does not really have a strong effect as shooting a covenant in the head which is a good tip because, the head takes accurate precision with your weapon and doing that sometimes wastes your ammo. Try to aim for the chest and the arms so in the event that their are hordes of flood streaming towards your position, if you shoot it correctly the arm will fly off and he can't attack you. So at least one of them can't attack you so you don't have to worry about him.

The BIG picture with flood is to never ever shoot the little creepy crawly things. Shooting these wastes your ammo a ton, meleeing them and popping more than 5 at once is much better as oppose wasting your half your assault rifle round on a squad. The main point this comes in effect is when you first encounter the flood and swarms of them come by; even on Legendary, just go up a smack them because, you will need all the ammo in the future.

Portable Frag Grenades! These are so useful. I call them "pregnant walking abominations" but, you can call them what you want. Killing these while a squad is charging up at you will kill them all with precision and proper timing. You have to be aware that if there is a frag grenade on the ground or plasma grenade you must back away twice the distance if you don't then you'll die because, those explode on impact with another explosion. This is also where everybody dies frequently, you must back away from an unused grenade if any form of explosions are near by.

-Back to cover for a brief moment-
Last but not least is to use corners before you actually go down towards the next corridor. Always have your back facing the wall, take a quick glance at your motion tracker and try to hear what is down their. This process sounds long but, only takes two seconds and not even once you get the hang of it. So face back, motion tracker, listen and then if you see a big squad it is a good idea to start to battle with a frag grenade; plasma's are ok but, the enemy has plenty of time to escape and the plasma grenade won't have any effect unless you stick it on a grunt and he runs into his own team, then yes! That is a good time to use it.

Remembering these tips can really help you kick butt in Halo and these are the methods that i use for Heroic and Legendary difficulty. I really hope these came to some use :).

(Yes, these are applicable on the Xbox as well, i mentioned PC because, thats where i experimented with these)


Gadgets left and right...

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Today i went to Bestbuy with my bro and my parents. We browsed around than we went to look at the iPods. We got one! Today we picked up a 2GB Nano. we listen to music but not 30-80 gigs worth of it. They asked me to upload some of their songs and i uploaded some of mine; it can handle about 500 songs and we have about 100 on their now; over half of them are mine :P. So we all just share one, bottom line.

I downloaded Topspot which is a really sweet addon for Gamespot members who havn't heard about it already (thanks metagnome). My Topspot section is up and running. I haven't commented on the games that i did put on, i was to lazy to, maybe, i'll go back later and do so.

Other than that nothing else is new.

Brain Disfunction: E3 Review

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So, my first reactions upon browsing through the E3 Editors Choice was "What the hell? LittleBigPlanet?" Then i looked into it some and i saw that it really doesn't seem to be that bad of a game. This game is designed to run on the PS3 and it will be one of the first games to use PlayStation Network. The game looks cool, but is it a 2D game? Because, even though the graphics and everything look great i don't enjoy playing 2D games much. This game enables you to "build" stuff up from scratch whether be a tank or building or anything you want; but it doesn't appeal to me that much as games like Halo 3, CoD 4, and MGS4. Currently everybody is just underestimating the game and i am as well, until i hear more news about this game and wondering why it still hit the best game of the show i will still be disappointed by Gamespot decisions.

I was very disappointed to see that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot did not even make a finalist. The game looked absolutely amazing and i can't mention it enough the part where i saw Vamp and Raiden fighting. The graphics looked just as good as Call of Duty 4 and I'm pumped more about MGS4 then Halo considering what my user-name is. I was just as shocked when i didn't see Assassin's Creed on the list and that game was almost the best one out of the whole show. This next topic i agree with Gamespot; their was nothing mentioned about Spore. Spore is like, even more in-depth then the Civilization series and thats already in-depth. You start off by creating an organism and evolve, then soon make a city or something very close to that.

"Amazing. I'll probably buy a Playstation 3 for this. Screw LittleBigPlanet!"

I was actually pleased about thier "Shooter" list. I think Gamespot knew that Halo 3 would be the best shooter so they just took that game off the list and put on other games to give them a hance as well. All the games like Crysis, Bioshock, Unreal 3, Killzone 2, and of course Call of Duty 4 deserve their places. Halo 3 doesn't need to be placed on the list because every body already know's that it probably is the best one. Yet all the game's on their "Shooters" list may actually beat Halo, you never know.

Closing this recap is probably my least favorite subject. Rockband. I hate how it took first place in the "Stage Demo" category. Other games like Bioshock or Mercenaries 2 should have deserved that title. The game is an addition to a game like Guitar Hero. You just have some more people playing next to you. Not to forget the price, Guitar Hero (with the Guitar) came to $70. Looking at the equipment you should have to get the most enjoyment out of it with your friends comes out to $200. Which leads me to my very last topic (promise) money. I pre-ordered Halo 3 Legendary Edition and thats $130 alone, know in order to "jam" with my friends i have to spend an additional $200 to play a simple video game? $70 for Guitar Hero was enough but this is outrageous. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 new games are all $60 now instead of $50 like for the Wii and the PC. So far i see the Wii Fit for $70. I might just stick with that or get some other game. I enjoy playing video games and i do enjoy being with friends; but i'll just have to find something else to do.

Fun trip

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I just got back from Chicago today and it was a fun trip. We had tons of cars honk at us, we honked at quite a few ourselves. While i was there i heard about Rush Hour 3 (i was so happy :)). Nothin video games related; just spending some time with my family and walking around Michigan Ave (it's like hell there). I got to go into a Apple store; and i tried out the iPhone. The device is pretty cool but really not worth the price. It does everything a computer does. Save yourself the $600 and do something useful. Enemy Territory Quake Wars is coming around the corner and pumped for that.

The downfall of this weekend is that i have to unpre-order the Halo 3 Legendary Edition. I gave it some serious thought and it really isn't worth $130 for a helmet and a bonus content CD. I hardly watch those and what am i going to do with a helmet? I also had to make this choice because i needed money for tennis lessons which is starting soon.

I hit level 22 as well :D


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Their coming along ok so far. I try to keep my reviews short, sweet and to the point. I don't like to elaborate or mention small details because thats what the Gamespot reviews are for. Hopefully i'm getting somewhere with these and i really hope you guys find them useful. I have yet to edit some of my other reviews. If you have a comment please let me know; Thanks.

Halo Music...

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Has changed so much over the years since the original game came out. The whole idea came to me as i was watching the opening for the microsoft press conference. Drums, keyboard, guitar, electric violin, and bass. I miss the original theme music; it slowly came out of orchestral and entered to a more rock-ish music, which, i don't like. I played Halo sometimes just to listen to the music, and, i still do that. I put in the original Halo for Xbox/PC and listen; go through some of the levels and listen to whats going on. It hasn't changed dramatically but Halo 3 will most likely be the last game in the series and i would like to enjoy it with my kind of music and what was originally supposed to be in there. Just a thought to the gamers out there and i would like to know what you think as well, has the music changed and do you like it?

(Video Games LIVE! Tour)

the E3 Pulse

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The hype for E3 is over now. The review for each conference? Here it is.

Microsoft: The problem with Microsoft is that they generally want to win over every gamer with Halo 3. They put a great emphisis on the game and that got on my nerve. They start off the show with the musicians. They bring out three editions and they make a new Xbox 360 "Halo Edition"; and they expect that people will go and buy it, (good sales strategy but, a majority of the gamers own a Xbox 360 now and nobody is willing to spend money on another one again). One other factor is the Xbox Live Arcrade. The selections that i saw were not really worth it. They were trying to do what Nintendo was doing; but, it didn't quite work out. Nintendo's "Virtual Console" actually has classics, Microsoft however just has some random games there that don't appeal to me whatsoever.


Nintendo: I actually liked Nintendo's Press Conference this year. I really like the direction the Nintendo Wii is heading in. Nintendo thought ahead with their plans on the Wii controller. They made the Zapper and the Wheel for upcoming games. The biggest buzz in their show was Wii Fit. I really like the idea. Being able to excercise and play video games at the same time. I was happy to hear about Super Mario: Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3. But i really wanted to see a new F-Zero game and i didn't hear anything about that, which just dissapointed me. Nintendo's conference was appealing in most aspects. Overall they made a positive influence to the gaming community and i'm predicting that Microsoft and Sony will tag along with their idea later on.


Sony: Sony's conference was iffy. They announced a new PSP with nothing much interesting about it, rather than being thinner, lighter, and improved battery life. Everyone including me were expecting a second thumbstick, but, we didn't see it. When everyone was thinking about "The PS3 is doomed because, their are no good exclusive games" well, Sony had a trick up their sleeves. Because, Halo 3 was such a hit everybody forgot about Killzone 2, the equivilant of Halo for the PS3. The game looked amazing and to some repect blew Halo out of my mind and made me want this game even more. The graphics and all the action was amaazing and seemed a lot more fun the Halo. And of course the main game for Sony, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot. The combat scene with Raiden fighting Vamp was just purly amazing. With their $100 price cut(slight problem) and two exclusice games Sony may rise back up to the competition. Of course i forgot to mention Unreal 3. The game will be appearing on the PC as well but no other console. I might actually buy a Playstation 3 now. Three great games, a cheaper price, and a blue-ray player; why wouldn't you want one? Plus Sony really bombed the gaming industry with exclusive only games and i think a lot of people changed their minds about the once "doomed company". Sony did a great job this year. (This is based on their conference only.)


First Place: Nintendo

Second Place: Sony

Third Place: Microsoft

And a great week it was!

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Last week i picked up a Wii with Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. I was interested to see what the hype was all about. Yesterday i just picked up a Wii card and currently i bought the Internet channel which is just amazing to see on a big screen T.V.

On Friday i went to a VGL performance (Video Games LIVE!). I shook hands with Tommy Tallarico, Jack Wall, Martin Leung (best pianist i have ever seen), Mike (one of the composers for Halo music), Shawn King (worked with MoH). They performed music from games like MGS, Halo, MoH, Civilization, Final Fantasy, and old-school games as well. They gave out some really cool prizes like a $2500 laptop, and $1000 in cash and bags filled with games, raffles to win a copy of Guitar Hero and a load of other stuff.

For us at least this was their first time coming to Detroits DSO orchestra hall so the place was packed. It was really a great experience for every gamer to meet some of the people that work behind video games today. If it's coming to your area you should defiantly go it was really worth my time.