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Sonic's Latest Outing

SEGA has just announced a new 2-D Sonic title, currently codenamed Project Needlemouse. It simply states as of now that it is to be a new 2-D Sonic game, with rumors suggesting it may be Sonic the Hedgehog 4, as well as it being in H-D, meaning it will hit the home consoles, most likely the Xbox 360 and PS3 if it is promising HD graphics. Hopefully it will be a great Sonic outing this time around, with very little to no technical problems whatsoever.

My only complaint however, is that with the wait of SEGA every time to announce a new Sonic game, I always hope for it to finally be Sonic Adventure 3, only to be told it is once again something else. Only time will tell if Sonic Adventure 3 will hit the day of light, but as of now, my eyes are set on what they show of "Project Needlemouse".

My Sky Deck World Record Video is up!

Heres the link to it:


It isn't the most perfect run for the level, but it's pretty damn close to it. If you want, you can read the few tips I have written in the Description which may explain several of the parts where I slowed down. Enjoy the video, and if you can, please comment and rate!

Made A World Record in Sonic Adventure!

I was time attacking the level Sky Deck for Sonic, and ended up with the time 2:42:12. I looked online, and saw the fastest time available was something like 3:16. At the moment, I believe I have the fastest run for that level, and sometime in these few days, I'll post a run for Sky Deck. If anyone happens to know a faster time, or a time which was previously the world record for Sky Deck, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Thoughts on E3 2009: Nintendo

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting many of the things that I saw today at the Nintendo Conference, but here are my feelings towards the entire thing. Yes, I am FREAKING PSYCHED about the announcement of both Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M, and also interested in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Also the fact that they're both coming out in 2010, fastest time lapse between 2 3-D Mario games. I am pretty disappointed, though, at the lack of more Wii exclusives for the next 2 years, especially the lack of both a new Legend of Zelda for Wii and Pikmin 3. Hopefully, they'll surprise us at the end of the 3 day event with both of those, as well as some new exclusives, but until then, I'd give this conference a B-.

Some of the coolest things I found in my local

Before I continue, don't worry I haven't forgotten about the Top 10 Sonic lists I said I'd do before. It's just kind of hard to do when I don't actually own some of these anymore. But what I found in my local was both really awesome and could've helped with making the choices for my lists easier. In my local, they were selling both Sonic Adventure 1 AND 2 for Dreamcast for $15 each.Since i had bought a Dreamcast months prior in my other local, also for $15 :DI was eager to get the games. I was planning on buying them both tomorrow because my dad was free to go to the store with me tomorrow. I asked the people who worked there days prior if they could hold on to them because I assured them I'd buy them Friday, and they said they'd make sure that they're still there tomorrow. I came in today, and someone had bought Sonic Adventure 2 yesterday, leaving only Sonic Adventure 1. The guy who said that they'd be there said that he hid the games for me, but another employee must've dug it up to be sold.

Hopefully, Sonic Adventure 1 will still be there tomorrow. Also, the store sells MANY other classic things. In the store, they sell modern games and comics, but in the back is where nostalgia pretty much comes. They carry litterally hundreds of old games, ranging from NES to Playstation and Dreamcast. They even have some of the old systems, such as an SNES for $30. They also sell some 3rd party made consoles, such as the recently made Gen-X, which is made to work for modern HD tvs and runs for NES and Genesis titles. That runs for $50. If theres anything else you guys wanna know about the store, feel free to ask.

Top 10 Sonic Lists *UPDATE*

For the next couple of days, I will be posting several Top 10 Sonic lists. My first one may come either later today or tomorrow. Here are some of the ideas I'll be basing my lists upon. If you'd like, you can suggest which of these I could do first, or thik of an entirely new idea to base my Top 10 on.

Top 10 Sonic Games (Best and Worst)

Top 10 Sonic Music (Best; maybe worst too)

Top 10 Sonic Levels (2-D and 3-D seperately or together, still deciding) (Best and Worst)

There you have it. Now remember, you can suggest which I could do first or make an entirely new Top 10 list suggestion for Sonic.

*UPDATE* I also thought of Top 10 Sonic Boss Fights (2-D and 3-D seperately) I can't believe such an obvious idea almost slipped my mind. If anything, I may start with the Top 10 Sonic Music. It will combine both 2-D and 3-D game music together, because if there's one thing other than speed that Sonic is known for, it's great music. Who knows, such a good list may extend to Top 20 Sonic music.

Top (# TBA) VGM Ever

I've decided to make a top VGM list. The # of course, is still being thought o, being rounded close to how many I love. Feel free to give me some ideas and post some themes you think should make it onto the list. Remember, it's from and video game, whether it's 8-Bit or it's on the Xbox 360.

Sonic Unleashed Review

I have finally made my first review of 2009, and it's a good one I'm sure of. I was actually able to put my heart into the review giving almost every little detail about it. So if you can, either give it the thumbs up or thumbs down and enjoy the review.

Hey, I'm back!

Hey, it's been several months since the last time I blogged on to this site. I've just been busy with High School and all. New things happened though, many of which are both good and bad:

I go to Midwood High School

My games all got sold (supposedly; including systems) for not doing so well the 2nd quarter of school, so now I gotta step it up

I snuck some of the games from the place my parents hid my games before they got rid of them for good, so I am still able to play some of the good ones, like Sonic Unleashed for both PS2 and 360 as wekk as Gears 2.

Moving on, I wanted to give everyone a greeting since its been so long since I've talked to any of you. I went to my friend's house today and brought my Sonic Unleashed for the 360. I was able to record one video of me playing Apotos, but when his idiot older brother sat near the 360, the stupid thing scratched the disk, and now it has the prefect circle. So tomorrow, I'm gonna have to go to the Blockbuster near my house and ask for a free disk layering. So here's the video I had recorded and enjoy. Feel free to leave any comments here and on youtube about the video, and it's great to be back.