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yes, Im still alive despite my absence

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I don't really visit here that often anymore, down to 1-2 visits a month. Ive now jumped over to Whiskey Media's set of sites. its quite similar to the ones here, cept a bit more personal. but hey, Im still around, just not as much.

Ubisoft Press Confernece '10 Thoughts.

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came in late, and it started with a Blox style symphony. impressive.

then came assassin's creed bloodlines. the cinematic was rather ridiculous, but shows scope to the massive antihero antics of the main character. the gameplay was shown, which was solid as usual and the demo seemed set on a cliffhanger. although i dont know if it just me, but the latence started dropping at that point :evil:, but I did get this, you can play as a Templar a well as an assassin.

then came the skateboarding. Shawn White Skateboarding. that's right, SHAWN WHITE.aannd it seems he's gonna liberate the gray city with color and life. also, you can grind in air, going with the explore, DIY theme a lot of devs are going with this year. seems promising, just hope there's plenty missions. and its in 3D!

then there was battletag. it looks like a throwback to Lazer Tag days with my cousins, but it is basically a FPS you play outside. seems a bit complicated, tho.

then there was innergy, which is a Kinect game, which seems more of a novel exercise game than a true one, but ya...

Motionsports was announced for Kinect, but looks like a HD version of Wii Sports.

aannndd... it wouldnt be ubisoft without those that scream DDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!. Rabbids are going back in time.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier came on, looking its impressive self. using realistic future weapons, the demo shows a new level of stealth and CQC not seen before, and looks like a solid title for the future. now with destroyable cover and borrowing GOW's chest high walls! and in Co-op and 3D!

Driver:San Francisco looks like a high paced action drving thriller based on the original movie, with a big gripe between Jherico and Tanner put in full force, in Tanner's mind deep in a coma, giving him a shift ability, alowing him to change cars at will. looks sweet.

Project Dust, which looks like an elemental RPG was announced, which looks like it has potential.


Mainia planet was announced, which seems to be a central Ubisoft server for FPS, Racing and RPGs.

and it ended with "Beat it" blaring and a Michael Jackson game announced. do the Moonwalk!

EA Press Conference '10 thoughts.

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after quelling thoughts of boycotting EA, after their september dante's inferno fiasco, they started with a bang. 10 games.

NFS Hot pursut! finally sometihng impressive! a throwback to the old NFS on PSX with cop chases and all, plus, you can decide to BE the long arm of the law.

Dead Space 2.. well, ive never actually played it, but it sounds as thrilling and bone-chilling as before, with gore a plenty. albeit the demo was on the messy side, and having the Door Loading times is not a good sign. but it looks great.

Medal of Honor, running under the 24 player Demo, seems to take a big leaf from MW2 with its EXP system, but is solid.
unfortunately, I cant say anything about the gunclub or the BF2 expansion, since my laptop unplugged, and has no battery.

im not much of an MMA fan, and the EA Live that needs to pay to use im not happy about, but the content, and the promise of Real-World prizes from EA Sports MMA is a good value for money.

EA Sports Active Sports 2.... meh, same fodder in the fitness genre, but multiplatform and on Kinect, so its solid.

Madden '11. well, it is solid and has more, and gives more drama, I guess, but since Im not American, im not that big a fan. Joe Montana showed his face, tho respect for that..

Sims 3 was same old. now on console.

Crysis 2. not as graphically strong as the original, but now on all consoles. now with nanosuits! it looks good, with the concept of a DIY method of getting through levels, and 3D, for those with holes in their pockets.

Bulletstorm new concept..so they say, sounds overly macho to the extent where its laughable. the gameplay looks solid, though personally im not too keen on the psycho sty1e of executions you are forced to make. then again, it looks like it wants to copy Gears of War a lot.

Star wars KOTOR was a short film, but enjoyable. you get your own ship, which seems to be a big thing here. you can choose light or dark side of the force. otherwise, not much revealed.

overall, much better than the Microsoft one, but wasnt groundbreakingly epic.

Microsoft Press Conference '10 thoughts.

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Im not a microsoft fan. i personally think that the 360 is not as good value for money as the PS3, although it does have the bigger gaming market.
ive watched the conference both this year and last year, and this will be successful on a buisness perspective, with the casual market, as it now is the casual version of the SNES/Genesis wars now coming. HOWEVER, that doesnt mean the games are any good. this has been, the most uninteresting MS conference to date, with the big games showing up in the forst 20 minutes and disappearing afterwards.
expanding XBLA to throughout the world is a good move, although sony has 1 year on them over it.

MGS Rising seems very interesting, albeit gory.

Gears 3 is same as usual with co-op, and same shooting slashing fun.

Halo Reach is... well, halo. good gameplay, not much story, but still basically a Halo 4.

Codename Kingdoms... well, no one can really say, but it looks like it wants to go the route either of God of War or Age of Empires.

Fable 3.. didnt watch much of it, but seems the usual fable fodder, you guys will have to fill me in on the deets.

although... Star Wars is.. not well implemented. standing in one place swing and force blasting sucks. i need to MOVE!

Foroza Motosport Kinect is disappioning to the piont where it almost made me sob. driving past cars that re purposely slow is NOT RACING! although the car view thing seems cool.

aannnd... the unveiling of the new 360 was nice. and i really wish I was there. I WOULDVE GOT A FREE XBOX!
after a horrible conference, a nice compensation move. touche, microsoft.


bad days...

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have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to be going right? ive had a couple very recently.

yesterday, i wanted to get up about 8:00 in the morning so i can study.. i reach out me bed at 2 in the afternoon.

weve been having a bad drought where we live for the past few months, so much that the water in the resevirs are low and are prone to bacterial contamination.. so i find that out the hard way, having me vomiting from my only source of water :S I couldnt eat for a good while (im better now, tho)

i have a TV. an it comes with a remote. but i lost the battery cover of the remote. so i go to the bahroom to do my buisness while watching tv, and the remote slips. i grab it, and it causes one of the batteries to fall in the bowl :S:S:S so i had to get a bag to throuw it out (Thank God i flushe before it fell in)...

and to top it all off, my right shoulder starts acting up, and still is hurting >

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