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Hahaha, back when I had 100 friends I felt proud, as well as I should of don't get me wrong. But that day I said that my next goal would be 150 friends and today that goal was reached!


This is great having 153 friends really means alot to me. :) :D

Halo 3

Hey guys, guess what! I'm proud to say I just pre-owned a copy of "Halo 3" for my xbox 370!


The Collectors-addition for those of you who wanted to know. :)

How's It Going Guys?

Hi guys :). It's been a while since I've made a blog post so I thought I should make one so here we are. I just wanted to see how you lifes have been going :). Also I just wanted to heir about what you guys have to say about this up coming "super bowl" and what two teams will be playing in the 2007 "super bowl."

I think It's going to be "Pathers vs. Colts" and the Pathers win it. 


P.S. whats a food that you HAVE to have? In other words you favorite food.

I LOVE chicken, ANY KIND. :) :D

100 Friends! (wOOt)

 I knew I would make it! I would like to thank all my friends that all my friends that told me that I would make...... Well I guess my next goal will be........... 150!!!

Chicken is good......... No madder what you say!


I got a NEW 360 game! It's "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" 

New 360 OWNER!!!!

I just got a xbox 360 and let me tell it's soooooooo cool! I love it! Can't wait tell Halo 3 comes out! Are there any games that you guy's think I MUST GET?

I love chicken!


LET'S GO 360!!!! 

I Love Video Games.

^^^^^^ Especially RE4. It's a perfect game which is why I gave it a 10-10. Halo is also a fun game I gave it a 9.5. I have no clue why I'm telling you all this......... Maybe It's because I want you to recommend my reviews. Yeah thats it I want you to recommend me reviews. So please recommend them. So who here likes chicken?  


Don't drink and drive.You might spill your beer. And we all know how much that would sucks. :(