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saw 3 is awesome

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 my big brother took me to see it a few days back and it is my favorite movie ever! its gorey, creepy, and smart at the same friggin time! it just makes you think about life and **** its also a great movie to end the trilogy. and of course, theres a surprise at the end. (dont read on if you havent seen the movie!!!!) there a  part where a chick cuts of the dudes skin on his head, and then saws of his skull and you see his brain.....yeah, its gorey. well it was a good day because i also ate taco bell (woo!), and its my favorite movie of all time now.

saddam sentenced to he hung for war crimes....

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 saddam hussein was sentenced to death for killing 148 shiites in 1982. finaly he gets what he deserves. i was waiting a long time for him to be put to death and now it finaly will happen. what are your thoughts? should he be hung? or she he get life in a pennitentiary? i think life in prison is a lot more worse than death, because you have to spend the rest of your life in prison, and you know what they do in those things. he also has cancer, so if he was put in prison he would have to suffer from cancer, and the other thing is since he is a arab, he ants to die so he can visit allah. i would give him life since he wants to die.

miami won against chicago................wow............

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 how in the ~~~~ does miami beat chicago? i mean in all honesty, who can really say they thought the dolphins would win? maybe this was just one of those games, where a really bad team has all the luck against a great team. like when st. louis rams beat the broncos. the dolphins won 31-14, they pretty much wooped the bears.

 my team plays the steelers today. right now theyre up 14-0. the broncos scored 2 TDs in 21 seconds:D. i hope they pull through because they need a win after losing last week to te colts, that was a great game by the way. broncos are 5-2 i beleive, they will get in the playofss but i dont know about them winnen the big salami.


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can some1 please tell me where to make extremely cool banners where theres game charecters and stuff, i cant figure it out!

denver broncos 5-1

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 so afr theyre having a good season, but next week they play the colts. i know they can beat good teams because theyve ebaten the patriots, and the ravens. i honestly think theylll pull through in the game against the colts with the score denver-17 indianapolis-14

will the cardinals win the world series?

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 i dont know, i think it might be a good year. most of the people i ask say the tigers will walk all over the cardinals, but those people also the mets would beat the cardinals in game 7, they were wrong =). if your kool tell me who you think will win.