Looking for more anime suggestions

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Yup, I'm not good at finding them on my own. I always end up stumbling upon really bad stuff. :P Not to say I can't find good anime on my own, but I usually would like confirmation from someone with similar tastes.

Here's my list as a reference:


As always, suggestions are very appreciated.

So, how's everyone been? Between school, clubs and anime I've been pretty busy lately. I tried out for Mock Trial, and apparently I'm being considered for varsity as a witness even though this is my first time doing Mock Trial, so that's got me pretty pumped.

So, I made me an Anime List

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Yup. I figured I might as well give it a shot. I don't have a picture or a detailed profile or anything yet, but here it is.


Also, does anyone know where I can watch K-ON! ? I can't find it on youtube or hulu, and I don't trust animefreak.tv or whatever it's called because it opened up one of those virus pages where if you try to leave it opens a pop-up where if you say you want to leave, you get viruses and if you don't leave you get viruses.

Need some new anime

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Hey everyone, haga here. So, I've been watching a lot of anime, and I'd like to hear some recommendations. I'm more into light-hearted anime like Lucky Star, Negima!, etc. than Bleach, or Full-Metal-Alchemist, to give a few examples.

Thanks! :3

Random Blog

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Hey everyone, haga here. So, I know what the all three of you who give a carp are thinking: "Where's Haga Weekly?"

Yeah, well, I can't be bothered. First off, like I just said, hardly anyone payed that blog any attention anyway. It makes sense (I've since realized that my life isn't nearly as interesting as I thought it was, and only a handful of you bother with any of my blogs at all) and I just don't feel like updating it weekly. "Haga Every-now-and-again" doesn't sound nearly as good. So yeah, so much for that. I still have some things I feel like talking about, though.

First, I've realized that Klonoa 2 is the best 2D platformer ever (yes, it's technically 2.5D, but it's still mostly 2D and Klonoa games are the only 2.5D games I have any recollection of ever playing anyway) and I've been playing that a lot. I didn't play it much when I first bought it, because it was part of my collection of 3 PS1 and PS2 games, and I never felt like swapping between my PS2 and Wii, but now that I've realized how little of a hassle that is (and I have way more PS2 and PS1 games) I don't care as much, and I play this game quite a bit. I'm actually kinda close to beating it (unless the doll shelf is misleading, I think I only have 3 levels left, give-or-take a few bosses) and I'm sad that this game is so short. Yes, there's that one chamber level (and probably another for getting all the dolls) that I haven't done yet, but that's still only 1 or 2 more levels. But yeah, loving this game.

In similar news, I only have two more people to find in Klonoa Wii (both of which are in Vision 5-2, a vision that I hate) and then I'm off to fight Nahatomb. I've heard that there are unlockable costumes for beating the game, and I want to see what they are. I'm a bit disappointed in how short this game is, even compared to the sequel, but it was still fun. Hopefully there's more stuff to do after you beat the game, because otherwise the costumes are really just a novelty. I think I heard somewhere that there's a reverse mode with some harder rooms?

I've been reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and it's pretty good. Somewhat confusing, but still good. To be fair, I'm not that far into it yet, but still.

School's back in. I don't see what the big deal about honors cla$$es is. Sure, it's only the second week of school (although I don't have school today), but still. It feels like people overestimate how challenging these cla$$es are. Of course, now that I've said that I'll probably eat my words when I get three hours of homework a night. :P

There are sooooo many games I want to get right now, it's ridiculous. Ivy the Kiwi?, Metroid: Other M (when it comes out), some of the great PS, PS2 and GC games I missed out on, games that will be coming out this semester, etc. Not to mention the 3DS, which will probably empty my pockets faster than a black hole. It's a good thing I don't have any real financial responsibilities, or I'd be SOL.

By the way, I'm going to be pissed if I get that stupid "unclosed tags" BS when I try to upload this blog.

Haga Weekly #1: Because Everything is Better with Salt

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Hey everyone, haga here. So, I've decided that once a week, starting today, I'm going to upload this blog, Haga Weekly. Basically, I'll talk about certain subjects, from my life to games, from this website to music, to anything else that's on my mind. So, let's get this started.


I've noticed lately that I've been listening to a lot of videogame music on YouTube. Is this weird, or does anyone else do this? It's just that there's really some phenomenal game music out there.

Still waiting for Guster to release a new album. Oh well.


Umm...I'm level 31. That's about it. :P

Also, there's that villains contest thing, but I'm not bothering with the brackets. I've barely even heard of a quarter of the villains, so who am I to say who the best villain is?


I've been playing a lot of Ratchet & Clank recently. I'll probably try to get the second and third ones relatively soon. Is Size Matters any good?

Jak & Daxter is kinda falling behind. I think it's a mixture of the unforgiving difficulty (Ratchet & Clank may have evil checkpoints, but at least I don't die 10 times in a row during the first ****ing third of the game!) and just how much better Ratchet & Clank is in general. I'll get around to finishing it someday I suppose. Still, I'm not disappointed. The game is relatively fun.

So, I've been considering getting a PS3. It would mainly be for Ratchet & Clank and Little Big Planet, but does anyone know of any other worthwhile reasons to get a PS3? I'm not into FPSes, nor most JRPGs. Also, I heard somewhere that they announced an actual Rayman game at E3. Is this true?

Maybe I should wait until next gen, though. Not only will PS3 games go down in price, but the PS3 itself will go down. Of course, I may want to play the next generation's Ratchet games, so maybe I should wait even longer and just get a PS4 about a year after its release, or at least once it goes down a bit.


School starts on Wednesday. Normally I'd be pretty upset about that, but to be perfectly honest, I need something to do. Free time is always nice, but I'm getting too dependent on the internet again. The thing I'm looking forward to the least is getting up at ~6:00 A.M.

Well, that about wraps it up for this edition of Haga Weekly.

About this whole villains contest thing

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Right, I just kinda felt like ranting about this, no real reason.

First off, Bowser's inclusion. Why is Bowser even in the contest? He's no bad guy, he's a hero. Seriously, he's trying to rid the rest of the world of the most annoying thing in all of videogame history, Princess Peach. What nobler cause is there?

Darth Vader also confuses me. Sure, he's an incredible villain, but how is he a videogame villain? Sure, there have been Star Wars videogames, but he doesn't hail from the realm of videogames. He's a movie villain.

Waka should be in the list. I hate that pretty boy. He's so full of himself. I don't care if he's not an actual bad guy, I still hate him.

Also, I kinda wish I hadn't looked yet. Way to spoil Ratchet & Clank for me, GameSpot. :lol:

Freakin' angry at Gamestop

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Hey everyone, haga here. Right, so today I went to the local mall, and while I was there I went to Gamestop and picked up Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, both of which were used and are the first game in their respective series. Or, I thought I did. I get home, open up the Jak & Daxter case, and what do I see? Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier.

They gave me the wrong freakin' game! Seriously, how can you make that mistake? The cases are empty, and the clerk puts the disc in manually, a time at which they can easily see the disc. How the **** do you mistake "The Lost Frontier" for "The Precursor Legacy"!? Luckily, I still have the receipt for the game, and I'll be going back tomorrow to get the games exchanged, but still! This kind of thing shouldn't happen. What if I get back tomorrow, and they've sold the actual copy? What the **** do I do then, huh!? I got it for only $2.49 (they were having a sale) so if I have to get a refund, but I can't find an acceptable copy for that little, I am going to be seriously pissed at Gamestop. Damnit, why'd the GameCrazy across town have to close?! I went there for years, and nothing like this ever happened! Now, at maybe my fourth time buying anything from this Gamestop, they **** up like this!

Look, I realize that I'm probably overreacting, and I'll get there tomorrow and be able to get my game, and people make mistakes, and yaddah yaddah yaddah, but that still doesn't mean this isn't ridiculous, and I have every right to be angry, and this is a run-on sentence. Ah, well. At least Ratchet & Clank is good so far. :|

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

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I found this article about Sonic 4 earlier while trying to see if there was an official release date yet.


The author brings up many good points, namely that almost all of the criticism towards the game is entirely baseless. From complaining about his character model, to thinking the game will be like the Sonic Rush games (which are actually pretty good in my opinion), there are so many ridiculous claims against this game it almost isn't funny. Heck, I even saw a comment on YouTube where someone complained that the addition of the homing attack will make the game too easy. Even though that's essentially what the fire shield was. Riiiiiight.

Well, whatever. Let the haters hate, they're going to buy the game anyway, just like they did when Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed came out. I personally am very excited for the game, although I'm a bit more interested in Sonic Colors at the moment.


Namco Museum: GC or PS2?

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Hey everyone, haga here. So, I've decided that I want to get my hands on either the GC or PS2 version of Namco Museum. I looked at a list of what each installment in the Namco Muceum series has to offer, and these two versions, which have the same lineup, interest me the most. Now, since these are arcade games and I haven't played most of them before, does anyone have an idea as to whether a d-pad or analog stick is more convenient for arcade games?

Oh yeah, to those questioning my sanity since I just got a bunch of games: I wouldn't buy it now, it would just be a reference for the future. :P

Thanks to any and all advice!

Games I got for my birthday

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So... yeah... I keep trying to post this blog, but GameSpot tells me my HTML is not well-formed three times in a row. There's not much I can do about it. I had comments, but I'll just list the games I got. Mario Kart Wii, NSMBW, S&SASR, Okami, The Legendary Starfy, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Picross 3D, Katamari Damacy, and Viewtiful Joe.