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Who'd have thought..

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Just reading through rags happy birthday to me post and I look at my profile and I turned 1 gamespot years old yesterday! I've been stuck on level 20 for about 4 months now haha and been moderated twice while on it.

In other news i'm finishing Year 12 in a few weeks and I haven't been happier in ages, looks like it's going to be an awesome summer!


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So i'm pretty much just bored on holidays, and on level the all dreaded level 20 now, wish me luck! Also this news about Fallout 3... Not happy! I've been looking forward to this game more than GTA4 to be honest, and if it gets toned down at all, it will lose the badass feel to the game that it I look forward to.

Stupid Australia... Doesn't let us have guns nor games.. sheesh.

Not as it seems.

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Hello fellow GS'ers.

Just abit of an update on what's been going on lately.

I've started putting a lot of effort into getting fit and strong, and started eating really healthily but also trying to gain a lot of weight, which is proving to be hard for a kind of skinny guy like me! I'm having a lot of fun doing it though, I feel it's really good to have my goals set and acheive them. Has anyone seen this movie?

I came home from work the other day and it was randomnly on Prime, i'd never seen it before but it's actually turned out to be one of my favourite movies, awesome!

I also got asked to do a little bit of work for this guys blog, might be a bit for rags only :P : http://byfn.blogspot.com

In other news i'm buying an iPod touch soon, still not really trying at school and most of all getting pwned in the HnH competition :P


Inspired by my good pal Rags

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Now before you crucify me i'm doing this for the same reason (I think) that rags is; to show some good modern music!

So first off:

August Burns Red: Yeah yeah you probably know them, but they are awesome and definately worth a checking out. Some good melodic metalcore with very good vocals, and very high production recording on their cymbals :P Makes their breakdowns sound incredibly sexy. Sexiest drums ever. Composure.

Beneath the Massacre: This is my limits basically, i'm not even really sure if I like them haha, maybe just a tad too heavy for me at the moment very technical grindcore stuff, very heavy but good when you're in the mood. (no, not THAT mood...) Societys Disposable son.

Belay My Last: Kinda generic but fun nonetheless, an amazing vocalist quite similar to Johnny Davy of JFAC. One More Foot in The Grave.

Born of Osiris: Now, I've already shared this masterpiece with Rags but they're my favourite band at the moment. Odd timings, excellent recording, great vocals, skillful instruments and awesome keyboards make this band really unique and all round great. Amazing breakdowns also. Open arms to Damnation.

Ion Dissonance: Really not for everyone, odd timing, tempraments and tunings; quite heavy but I love it. The drummer is insane and the breakdowns are off time so you know they're catchy! Kneel

Misery Signals: Amazing melodic hardcore with a lot of odd timings and sweet soft parts. Nice breakdowns and an emotional vocalist, these guys hit hard for me. The Failsafe.

Necrophagist: Once again pushing my limits but good guitars to listen to. German death metal with some more odd timings and insane solo's that are probably the best part. Stabwound

Symphony in Peril: You've probably heard the all famous breakdown in youtube video's such as "Drive by hardcore dancing" and what not, but they are a great band and a big shame that they broke up. (Only video I could find that showed the song) Stiletto.

The Faceless: An all time favourite of mine, another technical band with great keyboards and breakdowns. Not much more to say than that but they pwn! Leica

Blog'd It

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So. 5 days to go, and I still haven't made a blog about GTA4.

I gotta say, I feel the same way as you, Darth. I feel wierd about my 'excitedness' mainly because I haven't been feeling very happy at all lately due to the rediculous amount of homework I have. Off the top of my head I can think of; Medieval history essay, Medieval history oral, Modern history essay, Modern history Oral, Read Northern Lights for English, Do a creative response on the hobbit, Write a story, compose a song, lot's of little excerpts of music to be put into movies and more I can't even think of. Geez.

But the main point is that I feel so stressed I can't really get excited enough about GTA4! Plus i'm so good at procrastinating. But that's enough of my complaining... It's gunna be a great game and I can't wait. I start school at 12 every tuesday, so i'll be popping into town quite early, picking it up, going to school until 4, then coming home and playing it all afternoon. Should be great fun! Hope you all enjoy it thoroughly, and keep the "it'll be better on my console" stuff away! SHUN!

Beyond the Ocean

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Hello fellow GS'ers.
Today I had the sudden urge to record some stuff, so I chose one thing and got to it. It turned out quite well so I made a myspace for it and put it up. Hopefully more will go up soon! The recording stuff I used wasn't perfect at all so that sucks but I did my best with what I have, please check it out and tell me what you think!


You may notice my inspiration from MJ on the photos here :P Sorry dude.

And that's just a picture of the myspace thingy, plus a kitten. Cause kittens are awesome.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

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So I bought Crisis Core off eBay the other day, as it doesn't come out in australia for months, and it arrived today.


I'm completely stoked on this game. It works so well and combines the greatness of Kingdom Hearts combat with everything else from Final Fantasy. To me it's one of those games that you can get nice and comfortably immersed in, and to me that is amazing for a portable game. So yeah, i'm happy with that.


A few other things i've picked up recently is City and Colour: Bring me your love CD which is absolutely beautiful and a highly recommend a purchase for anyfan of nice acoustic songs. I originally purchased this because the singer Dallas Green is an amazing person and I felt like I needed to buy his new one, and I didn't buy his first, you should all at least check it out.


Eternal Lords newy, Blessed be this Nightmare; which, although argued by many a scene kid and metal noob, was rediculously overrated and just allround bad. Every song sounded the same to me and what didn't sound the same sounded like a rip off of another band called Misery Signals.

So that's me for now, I've started blogging abit and hope to keep it up, still have a load of homework to get to, even though I have holidays in a weeks time, that doesn't mean a break for me!