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...I am a failure.

You see... I have been unable to get on here... In over a month... :cry:

I finally figured out how to get on... *raises hand into the air*

...You dig? Ehh??? No...

By now, I'm guessing half of you have forgotten me... Forgotten Hack...


Oh yes, here is the new site for Filgaia, in order to play the game, [which cna be found in the download section] you need something to extract it... Like WinRAR...


Well... I hope I still have you all as my friends...

I'm thinking about creating a new GS account, to start out fresh, as it were.

Well... Hack is back.

Register at Filgaia Please.

Um... Yeah. I only know of one person here that joined the forum of the game I'm helping make Filgaia.

That was Lynness_21 Thanks!

Everyone else, please join up. We need more members and well I would love to see my friends there.

Go here to join!

I'm known as Yoroku here, and I'm an administrator... Hope you all join. :D

Well I guess this is the last you'll see of me in a while...

I've been constantly busy with the many things I'm doing which vary from making a game to running around everywhere doing stuff.


So... I guess this is a goodbye. For a bit, anyway. When I return, it'll be for good.

I'll try to stop in from time to time!

By in a while I mean a week or so... maybe less...

So don't forget me people... That's all I'm asking of you. My friends.

To see the game/play it [when the server goes up.] Go HERE!

I'm called Yoroku there.

So... Be sure tp register there.

So yeah... and who knows, if I get alot of good responses here then I just might be gone alot less then I was going to be gone for.

btw, I think it's my 1st year on GS recently.... Or soon. So yay. :D

See ya around.

.hack//GU Volume 2 Reminesence + Wrote another review.

Well I finally bet .hack//GU volume 2. It was a great game, and I really enjoyed the ending... I need to get volume 3 now... :lol:

Another thing I'd like to note is that Sakaki's voice IRL sounds like Near from Death note. ;)

I would write a volume 2 review but it turns out I already did. :lol:

One more thing... I did write a Naruto Path of Ninja review. Enjoy!

Wrote 2 reviews... + Maplestory

Well I wrote two reviews yesterday... One of DQM Joker the other of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Please read them and thumbs up them as well. :)

In gaming news.. I've been into Maplestory again. My character is named Zamaste and he is a level 17 rogue in Kradia.

That's basically it. Yesterday I didn't get to beat .hack//Gu volume 2 but I did levle up my main party in it... I just have to beat the last boss... Anyway... Have a good day, and don't forget the review's.

Final thought: Pm me if you want to talk...


Only 11 comments...

Then again vacations right?

So 11 out of 120 friends tracking me...


Well those who've posted recnetly in other blogs are safe but those who didn't... Well yeah.

I might be playing .hack//GU volume 2 today and finally beating it. Don't know yet though. Then I'll try and finish .hack//Infection.

Well my request last time was not done.. But you know, what else is new...

see ya.


It's... OVER 5000!!!!!! + Writing reviews + Cleaning out list

Hello people. :D

It's official I got 5000 posts as of today. :)

I'm happy, never thought I'd get here so fast. Anyhow... My question to you all is:

Should I write more review's? Because I can...

Also I'm cleaning my friend's list. I post in some people's blogs and they NEVER post in mine.

...You know who you are. :lol:

Now... I'd like to request an gif avy.

Balmung, Hitsugaya and Squall and then it says Hack-shinobi.

Thanks in advance!

One day before I'm back + I'm the leader of a union. :D

Well tomorrow I'll be posting normally again.. Hopefully. :)

So yeah just letting everyone know that.

So anything new going on I should know?

One you should all know is that:

DreigenUchiha has returned. :) Yeah my old friend is back so if you can talk to him and track him. ;)

One more thing: I'm leader of THe Twilight Kingdom now. Dreigen let me be leader and I'm really happy. So... I'd liek if my firends could join up! It's about anime and role plays that we set up. :)

Here's a link:


-pokes my friends-

Hey people things are going well..

Um... Yeah just 1 more week. Then I'll be back..

Oh and...


I bet I have like 10 firends who still remember me...

Oh well.

See ya in a week...


see ya later... :(


Probably made you think I was leaving Gs didn't it? xD

Well i'm not.

But I wont be around here much for 3 weeks at least. [if you ahvn't noticed I've barely been posting in blogs]

Please don't untrack me or hate me...

Well bye. See you in 3 weeks. Don't forget me. :)