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My most anticipated game.

Almost bought the $150 beta to wet my appetite ...

Elite + oculus rift is equivalent to the invention of television!

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You are truly clueless if you don't like this game.

As in, dumb. If you even remotely liked Halo / BF / CoD then this game is mind blowing.

(if you like CoD you might be dumb as well)

PS2 is unrivaled.

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Truly one of the best games ever.

If not the best.

Massive, massive battles. Exactly what we all dream about a game being like. You MUST play this game someday, if you haven't.

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Consoles ... we tried to tell you.

But you aren't that bright, are you?

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@Telekill: indeed!

~300 Steam games, finished ~75

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Comically, PC is clearly the gaming choice for this generation.

(and it just started)

Imagine 3 years from now! Consoles are already aged overpriced hardware; in three years a $200 PC will obliterate PSbone

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PC, up.

Consoles, nope.

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CoD clone? No thanks.

If it gets good reviews and other PC gamers are raving, then sure.

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PS4: 720p 30fps

My PC: Ultra 1600p 60+fps

Great game though, unparalleled in certain areas.

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Next-gen consoles ancient technology confirmed?

Console gamers terrible consumers confirmed?