Little Big Planet PSP pre order bonus

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About a week ago they announced the new LBP bonus for pre orders, wich can be gotten from (.ca) or gamestop/ebgames, the bonus will include: 2 costumes for 3 different games wich are:

Uncharted: Drake and Chloe

Motorstorm: Lucky Jack Fly and Candy costumes

Killzone 2:Helghan officer costume and tank costume

A pretty good pre order offer (seeing as how its free, sort of, at gamestop and ebgames)

And it comes out Nov. 17 about a month from now, and will be released alongside assassins creed bloodlins and lego indianna jones 2

Soul Calibur IV future downloadable content

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As many people have already read/heard Darth Vader and Yoda will be making their way onto the Ps3 (Yoda) and Xbox 360 (Darth Vader) consoles pretty soon, many people have been waiting for these characters may find that their priesare a bit over the ends and I will be discussing the positives and negatives about that here,

Coming in at 400 micrsoft points for xbox 360 players and 5 $ for Ps3 players, many people have said they think it is to much to ask for just one character, yet others argably say it may be worth it to have yoda or Darth Vader on their consoles, I believe however that even though they are both semi-good players they are nt worth the buy for Xboxers as Darth Vader is not really that great, Yoda on the other hand will be even then a decent buy for Ps3ers as his size makes it near impossible to be hit by Vertical attacks,

In the end, I believe that even though many Xboxers will not listen to this, buy Darth vader when the download becomes available, then be dissapointedat buying a character that costed them some points, and isnt better then the secret Apprentice or Yoda, bt the buy might be good for Ps3 owners.