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I don't think it's immediately going to be a transition to that, but there's tons of other educational uses that could make it an appliance in every home. Beyond that though it's too awesome to ignore. As long as I could afford it, I'd buy a Holodeck from Star Trek even if it only ever had one environment.

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The newer WD Green drives are fine for that. You might have to disable the feature that parks the heads frequently, but that's the most space for the buck that's also a reliable drive. Seagate has big cheap drives, but the quality of that company is pretty bad.

The WD Black drives would work too, but that's way overkill for the kind of use you were asking about. I set up a HTPC for my parents with a Green drive to record to, and then it will copy to a larger server a week later. It's easily able to record several HD quality tv shows at the same time with no troubles keeping up.

For my part, I've had three different Seagate, and one Hitachi drives fail over the past ten years or so and never had a WD drive fail. They have lasted me long enough that I just had to throw them away because the space they provided was too small.

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Eh, could be interesting if they have enough weird weapons. As for the's just a game.

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It's been updated as needed for a long time. A new video card here, and new PSU there, new Memory, extra hard drives, etc. I'd say with monitor and all probably $1800

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You won't save much by buying it used right away. If you are willing to wait a few months and then buy it used you will save some. If you want to play it now, you might as well find which shop has the bonus you want and pre-order it.

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It wouldn't unless some application was watching for it and picked it up. I've never had that happen. Drag and drop should just use Windows Explorer or something like Teracopy if you use that. Unless you dragged it into a program like Media Player that is.

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It's probably whatever you are using to "import" is automatically converting it. Since you can browse the files directly, just copy and paste them from the folders.

Since you said "move operation" though, it seems like this might have been what you did.

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@Qwikstreet: I would choose Napolean Total War, Alien Isolation, and Sleeping Dogs from that list. You might decide to substitute Alien Isolation for Tomb Raider, Just Cause 2, or Saints Row since it isn't out yet and we are unsure of it's quality. Those would be my choices from that list, having played most of those games.

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Yea, feel free to add me if you want someone else to populate your leaderboard. I've got it preordered from Amazon.

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Overclocking CPU has only once been worth the effort and frustration caused by the system stability problems for me. Overclocking GPU is pretty quick and easy now so it can be worth it. 3.3 is plenty fast enough for all current games. I have a 3570K which runs at 3.4 on stock speeds and I never have problems. The only time I would benefit from having it faster is when recording gameplay in FRAPS, which I rarely do anyways.