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The feeling of driving in The Crew is terrible. Everything slides around like your car is driving on jello. If you've played the Test Drive Unlimited games, then expect that level of driving quality. I never played long enough to get into the modding very much.

I haven't played any of Driveclub. The smart bet would be to wait for them to release and see what people say then.

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Google for retail pegboard shelf with hinged glass doors and look in images for what you think is most similar. You probably won't find it for a price you'd want to pay unless you do as that person did and buy from a store closeout. You can find PlayStation signs on Ebay.

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It looks like it came from a store's electronics department.

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You haven't been looking around if you think there have been no complaints, but besides that, they were advertising this game as if it were an MMO and you have to be online to play an MMO.

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Reviews are good for showing what the reviewer felt was wrong. Look at the recent Gamespot review of Sims 4. He tells how there isn't enough variety, that the world feels more lifeless, and that the game is very limited in allowing the creativity from the earlier games. How is it not valuable for me to know that? He may not have pointed out absolutely everything wrong with the game, but that's the reason for sites like Metacritic. You can read bits of several reviews and piece together what you feel is important.

I could learn that from watching game videos sure, but that would take much longer to figure out than reading a few quick reviews. Watching an hour long game video might not express to me how limited the customization options and building options are.

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I prefer the 360 thumbstick layout when compared to the DS3. The DS4 seems to have resolved the problems I had though. The angle to thumbstick doesn't seem to be as wide.

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Im also asking how do you actually move around with a controller i mean I find myself just being 'stuck' and just feling cramped with 3rd person games where they are supposed to be the best according to others.

ie what are the ideal control mappings for a 3rd person game? I dont even know because most games i play are mapped to an xbox but since my pad is not a xbox controller the buttons are always off somehow due to different setup.

What is the general setup? If i cant both strafe and do wasd simultaneously then its really slowing me down imo and i havent figured how to do that with controller.

The left stick is the strafe/move stick. You can still strafe and move forward by pressing up+left on the left stick. You can do that while turning your view/camera around with the right stick. It can move in all the same ways as a mouse and keyboard, just maybe not as fast. If your gamepad can't do that, you should probably buy a better one if you actually want to play with one.

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People don't generally like controllers better because they are quicker or more precise, but because you can use them anywhere. You could be rolling around on the floor and play with a controller, not so with a M&K.

I only like using a controller if the game was designed around it, like the Batman Arkham games.

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I mean, that's pretty cool that he built it himself, but do people really want to play this way in any significant way?

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It's funny to me that people are arguing for artistic freedom and unbiased writing and yet instead of just ignoring the type of writing they dislike, the very definition of artistic freedom, they want to change and/or silence it.

The notyourshield thing is pretty neat, the gamersgate thing is not.