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MS Flight, one hour in

I played the game for about an hour tonight and I'm generally pleased. It's pretty easy to just get in a plane and fly around, which is obviously what this game was meant to do. Don't expect any kind of heavy simulation. The scenery is still pretty ugly, like most flying games, and the clouds don't look nearly as good as FSX. Multiplayer is pretty neat in a relaxing sort of way, kind of like Test Drive Unlimited.

Microsoft hasn't quite figured out what makes a good free-to-play game though. You get the main island for free, but not all of the activities on the main island(it doesn't seem like.) If you want all of the small islands too and the extra activities, you have to pay $20 for an expansion pack, which seems pretty reasonable to me. I've only played an hour, so some may unlock further down the line, but it seems like you only get 2 planes, and they have two more in the store that you can buy for $8 and $15 bucks. That's $23 bucks for two extra planes; ridiculous.

Still, what you get for free is kinda neat and worth checking out.