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I've come to terms with not needing to play all my Steam games

So, I'm a sucker.

Steam has been having these huge seasonal sales every few years and like a drug fiend, I jump on the deals. Sure, it's not a lot of money because most of the games that I bought were one to three bucks. There were a couple of publisher packs here and there and some Indie Bundles as well. How could I pass up a quality gem like Steel Storm when it's only a buck? -Hint, not a quality gem-

I've had the idea that I should play each game for at least a couple of hours to not feel like I completely burned my money, but that plan is burning me out. Some of them are just not fun at all to me. Until today, I thought that if I toughed it out, I might find some real gems that I might not have liked initially. No more.

It's not that I have a problem with low budget, indie, or quirky games. Quirky ones are mostly my favorites. It's simply that there are some games that are so clunky, that it feels more like work to play them than not. Aside from that, I've got some really good games that I want to go back and play again.

I've decided that I'm on a first impression basis with the games now, and I'm already feeling good about it. If the game doesn't make me think well of it within about five minutes, it's not worth playing any more; with some exceptions for those games with good word of mouth. I've cleared about five games out of my backlog tonight thanks to that tactic.

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