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Tons of Steam Games to trade for Batman: Arkham Origins or Saints Row 4

All of these except for Counterstrike Source, Rome Total War, and Nuclear Dawn are unredeemed Steam Keys. Those three are inside my Steam inventory.

I gain nothing by holding onto them forever, so if you want to trade me one of those games, I'll give you all of them. I can guarantee that I haven't redeemed any of them or given them to anyone else. They were all purchased by me. If anything's written twice, don't count on there being two copies. I might have accidentally just put it twice. If you have trouble redeeming anything, I'll try to work it out with the store I bought from for you, but won't personally guarantee anything.

If you have either Batman Arkham Origins or Saints Row 4 and want to trade, message me.

The games are:

Toy Soldiers


Broken Sword Director Cut

Tiny and Big

Intrusion 2

Oil Rush


Hotline Miami

Avadon the black fortress

Beat Hazard Ultra

Dynamite Jack


Solar 2

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Toy Soldiers

Titan Quest Gold

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II Retribution: Last Stand Alone DLC Complete

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 2 Retribution

Majesty Gold HD


Darksiders 2 Abyssal Forge DLC

The Binding of Isaac + DLC

East India Company Collection

Victoria 2

Worms Reloaded


Space Rangers

Reign: Conflict of Nations

Theatre of War 2 Africa 1943

Puzzle Agent

Geneforge Saga

Supreme Commander 2

Lara Croft & Guardian of light

Just Cause 2

Majesty 2 Collection

Rome Total War

Counterstrike Source

Nuclear Dawn

Indie Game the Movie


Gratuitous Space Battles

Crusader Kings 2

Naval War Arctic Circle

Two Worlds 2

Greed Corp

Ticket to Ride

The Bard's Tale

Worms Reloaded

Broken Sword Director's Cut

Organ Trail

Game DRM Database Redesign

I've done a good bit of work on redesigning DRMDatabase.netand the database behind it. I believe it's much easier to use and read than ever before so if you had trouble with it or haven't seen it before, please check it out.

I put a lot of work into it and I think it's a pretty useful thing.

So Windows 8 will be cutting features, no DVD video support.

I thought some people might be interested in this. Seems MS is cutting native DVD video support and Windows Media Center from Win 8 and will instead be sold as an update in their store. Since I use my pc as a PVR, I can't imagine anything they might be adding will make me get Windows 8.,2817,2403983,00.asp

The Blur Factor - Depth of Field

I'm sure any of you who are up to date on the PC gaming community have seen a lot of the graphics mods on Skyrim and some games' default engines are including a feature called Depth of Field. If you don't know what that is, Google it. I'm curious why people think this feature, even if it's not too overdone, is a good thing.

Clearly, artistic value is a subjective thing, which would not be worth me getting into. What one person thinks looks good versus what another person thinks doesn't really matter and that argument couldn't be settled. What I'm more poking a hole in is the argument that it looks more realistic or that that's what we see in real life.

Look at the monitor in front of you. Depending on how big and how close to you it is, you probably have a really clear view of a small circle of the monitor and outside of that circle all the rest of your vision has what seems like the same amount of blur. For instance, when looking at the bottom right corner of my screen, I feel like the top left corner, and the bookshelf to my right side, and the door to my left all look just as blurry. This is just the natural way things work with vision. They can get blurrier the farther away they are, but mostly you see blurry images outside of your focal point.

In a game, the image on the screen is a flat 2D image. You may play in 3D, but that won't make any difference to the general point I'm making. When you are playing, your eyes jump across the screen as you focus your attention at different places. When you focus in on a point, your eyes naturally adjust to make the image clear. Your eyes will always be the point where blur and focus matters. When Depth of Field is introduced into the game, not only do your eyes have to focus on a point, but the camera in the game has to as well. To say that this is a realistic effect is akin to saying that when you walk down the street, your eyes float in the air a few feet behind you and they have a controller that turns your head towards whatever they are looking at.

Again, if you just think blur and depth of field make a game look better, fine; that's your opinion. Just don't say it's realistic. I have enough blur outside of my focal point to suit me fine.

MS Flight, one hour in

I played the game for about an hour tonight and I'm generally pleased. It's pretty easy to just get in a plane and fly around, which is obviously what this game was meant to do. Don't expect any kind of heavy simulation. The scenery is still pretty ugly, like most flying games, and the clouds don't look nearly as good as FSX. Multiplayer is pretty neat in a relaxing sort of way, kind of like Test Drive Unlimited.

Microsoft hasn't quite figured out what makes a good free-to-play game though. You get the main island for free, but not all of the activities on the main island(it doesn't seem like.) If you want all of the small islands too and the extra activities, you have to pay $20 for an expansion pack, which seems pretty reasonable to me. I've only played an hour, so some may unlock further down the line, but it seems like you only get 2 planes, and they have two more in the store that you can buy for $8 and $15 bucks. That's $23 bucks for two extra planes; ridiculous.

Still, what you get for free is kinda neat and worth checking out.

I'm not sure the Baldur's Gates are for me

After spending a good five hours or so in BG1 and more than that in BG2, I've come to the conclusion that this series is probably not for me.

I missed out on playing a lot of these RPGs and any game involving demons or the various magics as a kid because my parents were very religious and didn't allow it. There was a very real fear in my church and family of people getting possessed by demons by just picking up a D&D book, game, or even thinking about them too much. Because of that, I only got to experience the D&D possession when I was much older and gaming had generally gotten much more polished.

I knew all along that I probably wouldn't finish BG1 because everything I've ever read said that it wasn't that great compared to the sequel, and it was mostly about exploring the world. Exploring without any direct path is just fine with me, but the ancient interface and general antiquities would make exploring in BG1 more of a chore than an adventure. On to the second game...

Baldur's Gate 2 is the big one. This is one of those games that everyone mentions when discussing the RPGs of old, or decries their modern progeny. I feel like I gave it a good effort, getting into the city, past the slums. I aced the circus "dungeon" and was on my way to earn a ton of money needed to progress the main story when I decided that I was having no fun. The combat system is incredibly archaic. The story seems like any other RPG story these days. Sure, this was one of the grandfathers of computer RPGs, but that doesn't mean the past ten years never happened.

I'm certainly willing to concede that maybe I'm just not in the right mindset for the game right now. I doubt that's the case because I have no problem playing similar games and even older ones; Planescape Torment is spectacular. Heck, I just finished replaying Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception late last year and I feel like it was more intuitive and connected me more to the characters than BG2, and the main character in it was a swatch of about 8 pixels.

I'm also willing to concede that it might just be what I'm nostalgic about and that I missed the boat on Baldur's Gate. I hope not, because I'm not sure that I like what that says about myself.

There will be some day this year when I just have nothing else to do and I load up BG2 again. Keep your finger's crossed.

I've come to terms with not needing to play all my Steam games

So, I'm a sucker.

Steam has been having these huge seasonal sales every few years and like a drug fiend, I jump on the deals. Sure, it's not a lot of money because most of the games that I bought were one to three bucks. There were a couple of publisher packs here and there and some Indie Bundles as well. How could I pass up a quality gem like Steel Storm when it's only a buck? -Hint, not a quality gem-

I've had the idea that I should play each game for at least a couple of hours to not feel like I completely burned my money, but that plan is burning me out. Some of them are just not fun at all to me. Until today, I thought that if I toughed it out, I might find some real gems that I might not have liked initially. No more.

It's not that I have a problem with low budget, indie, or quirky games. Quirky ones are mostly my favorites. It's simply that there are some games that are so clunky, that it feels more like work to play them than not. Aside from that, I've got some really good games that I want to go back and play again.

I've decided that I'm on a first impression basis with the games now, and I'm already feeling good about it. If the game doesn't make me think well of it within about five minutes, it's not worth playing any more; with some exceptions for those games with good word of mouth. I've cleared about five games out of my backlog tonight thanks to that tactic.

First world problems are the worst.