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Hey guys, this is happening NOW on Xbox Live in UK, please add me (Dan Ashcroft) to Xbox Live to join in!
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Hey guys, this is starting NOW! Add me, Dan Ashcroft on Xbox Live, to start playing.
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Hey guys, just to confirm that Luke and I will be hosting seperate games for the UK people tonight. If you want to get involved, add me on Xbox Live -- I'm Dan Ashcroft. Please only add me if you are going to be playing at 7pm.
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Yeah, I think that the 80GB is the only one available in the UK now. It's the one I bought the other day.
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Hey guys, sorry for the intermittent posting on this topic--I've had a busy weekend, a lot of which was spent reviewing Lips.

Like I said before, the Killzone 2 Beta DOES NOT feature destructible environments. Crysis has destructible environments; Battlefield: Bad Company has destructible environments. The Killzone 2 Beta features cosmetic damage--in this case, a small number of objects that crumble under gunfire and explosions. While impressive, they make up such a tiny percentage of the overall environments that I didn't even notice them during my preview. I apologise for the mistake, but they add nothing to the gameplay, and the inconsistent nature of the damage model is actually incongruent to the overall look of the game.

Remember guys, this is just a hands-on of the beta build--this isn't the finished game, nor is it in any way GameSpot's definitive verdict. I've posted some videos to my YouTube that point out both the damage in the game and the lack thereof. I've enjoyed my time with the beta, and look forward to seeing what Guerilla accomplish in the finished game.

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Hey guys,

I know that some people have picked up on the destructability/vehicles comment from the preview, so I thought I would jump in here and clear things up.

I've played the beta extensively over the last week, and I haven't encountered destructibility or vehicles that you can drive. However, as someone rightly pointed out to me, these elements WILL be in the finished game. For that reason, I thought I should tweak the original text of the preview to be fair to the developers.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

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Now excuse me while I go work on my Brian-beard.