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Thoughts on Gamespot's GOTY

I'm sure no one reads these, but hell, I do it anyway. Gamespot is the site I go to for GOTY, thus it is an exciting time for me. If someone happens to read this, please comment on what you thought of gamespots choices, and what your personal pick is.

The Last of Us: The super predictable combat aside, I believe this is a monumental entry in the seventh generation of games. The narrative is just perfect, with the best part being its exploration of a darker side of humanity. Ellie is a great character too, and it's nice watching her develop. The game perfectly blends gameplay and story into one perfect experience. You are doing yourself a disservice by not playing this.

Bioshock Infinite: The game's story is something I will never forget. It started with an interesting premise, and by the time the game was done, I was absolutely mesmerized, thus the game never drops in quality. That finale was so amazing that I was thinking about it the entire following day. The gameplay is adequate, but nothing too special. The story is what you come here for.

Super Mario 3D World: I played this for 4 hours at a friends house, and honestly I don't follow the acclaim that it's been receiving. I'm a huge Super Mario fan, but recently (post Galaxy 2) I feel that this franchise is leaning too far towards the 'safe' approach, afraid to experiment with its formula. It's a really good game in its own right, but personally, not enough to purchase a Wii U.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons: This is a very heart wrenching game, and I think is an exceptional story based game for this generation. It's a shame that it has such a short length. I can't say much more without spoiling it.

Path of Exile: Only game on this list I haven't played.

Dota 2: I never played the first Dota, but someone recommended this to me. It's not very accessible, but of what I played I enjoyed it. Still, I prefer games like Starcraft 2.

Gone Home: Again, like with Brothers or Stanley Parable, I can't say too much without spoiling it. But for what I can say, this game is excellent. The way you uncover the story is entirely in your control, so there's no contrived limitations in what you can do. Only bad thing I can say is that $20 is way too much for this game.

LoZ A Link Between Worlds: While it's not my GOTY, I can perfectly respect Gamespot's decision. I feel that many people who complain about this choice haven't played and dismiss just because it's a handheld. I have played this, and what I got was a superb game in every right. This reason why this game is great is because there's no annoying assistance. Don't know where to go? Figure it out. There's no annoying companion or quest arrow to point you in the right direction. My only gripes are the lack of creative items and its short length. Otherwise, this is a superb Zelda game.

AC4 Black Flag: It's safe to say that Assassin's Creed was on a declining path after the excellent AC2. But, AC4 is a huge surprise and I feel that it restores the series to full form. The story is interesting, but the world is no doubt the reason to play it. Revelations had an uninteresting setting, and AC3 was stuffed with things to do, but little of it was fun. AC4 comes off as a refined AC3. There's always a reason to go exploring and uncover treasure chests. AC4 is fantastic.

Grand Theft Auto V: After the hype died down, GTA 5 became the cool thing to hate. People think they're super unique by hating it, or they just hate it because their expectations were stupidly high. I was hyped as hell for this game, and it did not let me down at all. GTA 4 sucked, but GTA 5 is awesome. The missions are great, the world is huge, the attitude is funny, and the new activities just make this a juggernaut in this great year for games.

My GOTY is either TLOU or Stanley Parable. Also, Tomb Raider sucked!

New criteria for ratings

I've changed my criteria for game ratings to a more proper fashion. Ignore all my ratings from games that have come out in the year 2012, or earlier. Starting in 2013, things have become a little different. 8.5 no longer means an 'enjoyable' game. Now, it means that the game is completely awesome. 7 means that the game is worth a play and is solid. You get the idea. I posted this in response to a message I got about giving Tomb Raider an 7. To me, that means that I liked playing through the game, and would agree that it is worth a try. 

Gamespot GOTY 2012 thoughts....and yours?

Not into blogging, but GOTY is exciting. I'd just give my thoughts to gamespots choices, and I'd like to know yours?

Journey: Art. That's all that's to be said. While it's not my GOTY, it's something that every PS3 owner should play. There's nothing quite like it.

Spelunky: A 2D exploration game doesn't interest me. Sorry

Guild Wars 2: I enjoyed the first one, but I never got around to this.

Zero Escape: Never even heard of this. But then again, I'm not a big follower of the handheld market.

Mass Effect 3: You'll hate me for this, but I've never played Mass Effect. I'm interested in trying, but there's always another that gets my attention first.

Mark of the Ninja: I tried this at a friends house, and it's actually quite fun, though I haven't played it enough to give a good thought.

The Walking Dead: AMAZING. There's not many other games where I've been as emotionally invested as I was here.

XCOM: A bit of a letdown. Like many other good franchises, the developers dumbed it down.

Dishonered: This I want to play. The idea of going through an entire game without killing anyone in order to get a good ending is enough to draw me in.

Halo 4: Quite good. I don't know why everyone is drooling all over the graphics, because they're not that impressive, but the weapons and the story are pretty good, and I look forward to Halo 5.

My GOTY is Walking Dead. Also, where is Far Cry 3 on this list? That's one of the few shooters this generartion that doesn't restrict you in what you do.

game of the year 2011....thoughts and I want to know your thoughts.

If there's anyone actually reading this, then I'd like if you could stay read. I will post my thoughts on gamespots game of the year 2011 contenders and more so, I'M CURIOUS, what are your thoughts on Skryim winning and these other contenders? Please comment if you actually read. Thanks ^_^

Portal 2: Can't argue with this one. It is the most flawlessly designed game I've ever played, and co-op is SOOO much fun. The ending is awesome too.

The Witcher 2: I'm not a big RPG fan, but something about this game just captured my imagination before it was even released. It didn't let me down. Sure, it is a little glitchy, and the ending sucked in my opinion, but the environment and the moral of the story is unlike any I've seen in a while.

Gears of War 3: To me, the online competitive multiplayer sucks, but that's not the reason why I picked up this game. I wanted to see how the story ended, and I wanted to played the new beast mode. 12 waves only sucks, but everything else in this game is fantastic.

Dark Souls: Demon's Souls is one of my favorite games this generation, so naturally I was excited for Dark Souls. It's pretty much the same thing as Demon's Souls, but that's not a bad thing. Also, this game has THE BEST boss fights ever. Oh, and it's hard.

Ghost Trick: Have to admit, I've never heard of this game until now, but hey, I'm not a really big DS fan.

Xenoblade Chronicles: I'm not a Japanese RPG fan, so this game is a no go for me, but I'm pretty sure it's great for those who like the genre.

Batman Arkham City: Just like the first one, this game kicks a** from beginning to end. Great story, great setting, and above, awesome combat.

Skyrim: Like everyone else, the reason why I love this series so much is that there's countless hours of gameplay. Now, I don't like the environment as much. I like snow, but the scenery gets really redundant when just about ALL of it is snow. Apart from that, it's a really great game.

DiRT 3: Not a racing fan, sorry.

Total War Shogun 2: This game interested me, but for some reason I never picked it up. Maybe it's because I absolutely blow at RTS games.

That's just my thoughts guys. Like I said, if anyone is actually reading this, then please, write down your thoughts.

My Reviews...

Wow, just realized how much my reviews have evolved. Just look at my first awful review on Far Cry Vengeance and compare it to my reviews now. They're not the greatest, but they're at least 'reviews.'