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1. I don't think so. Her current timeline makes her a kid in 1988, when her family was killed. Of course, this could be retconned, but I'm not counting on it.

2. Yeah, without a doubt. It'll be interesting to see how he interacts with Big Boss during the game - will BB even know that Eli is his "son"?

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Sort of.

I would like to see Kojima end things by bringing the series full circle. Remake MG1&2 into one game, called Metal Gear Solid 6. I think that ending things with Big Boss's defeat at the hands of Solid Snake would be pretty poetic.

Do I trust this, though? No. Kojima is great, but I have a feeling that he loves this series too much to let it go for good.

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Thanks for spoiling Ni no Kuni, asshole.

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I wouldn't use the word hate for the following, simply because if I hate something in a game I probably won't even continue playing it. Instead, I'll list what I felt were flaws:


1) Too much combat, not enough exploration. In my opinion, the best parts of the game were those with no combat, such as the opening, first finding Elizabeth, playing the guitar in the bar with Elizabeth singing, and the ending. That's not to say that the game should have been combat-free, but I would have liked to have some more scenes where I could explore Columbia more, learn about its history, spend time with its people, etc. That also brings me to another slight complaint: I wish that Booker would actually interact with the other people, rather than remaining silent when they talked to him.


2) More options within combat. It would have been nice to have some different routes to take. Not only less linearity in the levels, but also some more options. The Vox rebellion would have been perfect for this. You could have the opportunity to keep on the down low, sneaking through the streets/acting like one of the Vox, or you could go in guns blazing, or have your cover blown by trying to rescue bystanders, etc.


3) Upgrading system, specifically in regards to the need to sift through trash bins and people's purses. I didn't need barrels (or desks, or benches, etc.) at every corner of the room to encourage me to explore. Things like Voxophones are enough for that. Having to scrounge through this stuff kind of takes you out of the game, especially with the half-assed stealing mechanic. It made absolutely no sense when that popped up and when it didn't. It felt like a feature the developers meant to do more with, didn't have the time, but didn't want to go through the effort of scrapping it. I'm not sure what could replace scrounging through other people's stuff in order to get the necessary money to upgrade weapons (mini-games such as gambling would be far worse), but it's hardly ideal.


4) Enemies don't use Vigors...why? 

5) Could have used better exposition when it came to Slate. He felt kind of tacked on.  

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Has anyone tried the demo on both consoles? I'm planning on buying Rising for the PS3, but I'm a little wary considering how poorly Bayonetta performed on the PS3 compared to the 360.

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I'm on Chapter 6 and so far this game hasn't impressed me whatsoever. I have yet to find anything interesting; the characters aren't interesting, the story (what little there is) has yet to captivate me in any way, and I haven't seen enough to be impressed by the gameplay yet. Also, the camera is terrible, it's constantly getting stuck.

Also, Zael. Why do JRPG designers insist on making annoying, strange-looking men as their lead characters? Granted, Zael hasn't done too much whining yet, he seems more like an airheaded idiot, but there are some whiney undertones. This is a shame, considering the last JRPG I played (Xenoblade Chronicles) had an amazing protaginist (in fact, the entire cast was pretty good). To compare, Shulk didn't exactly look like a badass, but his character was wasn't whiney whatsoever. He's probably my favorite lead character in a JRPG, actually.

I'm going to keep on playing, since I hate to waste $40, but I really hope things pick up.

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We won't see a 60 fps Halo until next generation.

That said, it's a silky-smooth 30 fps. I have never experienced slowdown in campaign or multiplayer (I've run into 2 laggy games, though).

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Remember, Cortana has interfaced with not only Installation 04, but High Charity and the Gravemind (kinda...) as well. It's highly likely that she got this information from one of these places (not specifically about Requiem, but about Shield Worlds in general). 

Information on the Didact was likely gained from Cortana interfacing with different things on Requiem. It's how she learned about the Promethean Knights as well.

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That Captain really pissed me off. Then again, that was the intention. 


I'm glad he got what was coming to him. We didn't get much details other than the fact that Lasky replaced him, but I imagined Lord Hood or one of the either top brass on Earth threw that idiot in chains when he reported that he left Chief behind and didn't help him.

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I didn't find Heroic to be too difficult. I had to utilize cover a lot, but other than that there weren't many problems.

I do agree that some guns are underwhelming. Specifically, I found that the Storm Rifle and the Bolt Shot were completely useless. The Scattershot (I think that's what it's called) wasn't that great, but it worked for the parts that I needed it (it still works well against the Crawlers).

I found that sticking with a DMR/BR/Carbine/Light Rifle was the best way to go. 

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