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I'm Back

I moved and I just got back on the internet last week.I actually moved a few days after Christmas but it took me awhile to get everything situated so I could get back on the internet.

GT Old Games Are Free+I'm Going To Beat Sonic 3/Knuckles For The 1st Time There


Yesterday, I found out that will have its entire library ofold schoolgames be accessible to everyone for free until they get their new system or whatever up. Today and yesterday I tried to beat Streets Of Rage for the first time and failed miserably. So, I decided that I might as well go onto trying to beat Sonic 3&Knuckles for the first time. I played a little bit of Sonic & Knuckles before and I got to Sonic 3's Carnival Zone and gave up (I HATE that spinning cylinder!) so I'm going to use GameTap currently free thing to try to beat the combined version of the games later today. 'm going to need it since today is this year's 2nd Friday The 13th in a row.

Also, please recommend me some cla$sic games to play because so far I have mostly Sega games and just 1 non-Sega title downloaded so far (Sonic3 & Knuckles, Streets Of Rage, Streets Of Rage 2 (I wanted to beat the first then go to this sequel that everyone says is great), Vectorman, Phantasy Star (this is already my favorite turn-based RPG but I still need to beat it.), Shadow Dancer: Shinobi, Shinobi III and a Capcom giant robot beat em up I heard about, Armored Warriors)

gametap doesn't have any Mario, Metroid and I think Zelda games there so they are out of the question.

Plus, feel free to talk about the games you'll play there here.

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