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Dragon Age II vs. critcs

Dragon Age II, who's playing it? After a very bumpy release, and some scathing review scores, I was very fearful for the game. "Has Bioware finally released a dud!?" was the only question running through my mind. But, my manager had 1 copy of the Bioware Signature Editon left, and because of the rarity alone, I picked it up. After playing maybe an hour, I knew that the critics were being overly harsh.

Okay, and while I hate making this observation, look at Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. The guns had actual ammunition, the leveling system was simplified drastically, the gameplay felt faster paced, while retaining the fundimentals of the original. Yet, despite the changes, The critics ate ME2 up, and was a critical success. Now the same song and dance is being done with Dragon Age II. The combat is faster, the leveling system is simplified, yet whereas Mass Effect 2 took a step back in how to differentiate your character, DAII gives you a bit more if you think about it. Every ****has atleast 5 sub****s that have about 10 skills to learn in each sub**** Thats about 50% more abilities, both passive and active, to tinker with. And the combat, and all my friends agree, feels like ME2, substituting the guns for swords, bows, and shields. Granted, DAII tends to be a bit button-mashy, but is that really a bad thing in a game like Dragon Age, where you have to swing a sword(s) or nock and release an arrow? Also, much has been said about the tacticle nature of the game being too simple. Well, the tacticle, stop-and-start nature is still there, and still has its benefits. Like having you input a mage to curse an enemy, your rogue to do a backstab, and your warrior to do a shield bash, all with you controlling the battle.

As for the story, this is where I agree for the most part with the critics. Now while the story isn't bad, it's not what most critics are complaining of. This is, as the first trophy/achievement of the game is, "A tale within a tale". Think of it as an episodic story, or a weekly tv show. Yes, it is different from Bioware's previous work, but since when is being different a bad or a negative strike for a company? Especially from a company as reputable as Bioware, who makes hit after hit.

So my question to my friends/gamers. What do you think of Bioware's change of pace?

Stroke of great MW2 early!

Okay so I have a friend, and he had an extra copy of MW2:HE, and he said I could get it, so I quickly jumped on it. I am about to play it now, so we'll se how it goes. For proof, go here:

I've been tagged! Prepare for madness!

Okay, I found this out yesterday that I was tagged by Yuna7780 last week. Sorry Yuna7780 for breaking the fun. I'm making it up to you now. :) For everyone else, enjoy all these random interesting facts:

1) My favorite game series of all time are the Metal Gear games
2) In addition to the above, I have beaten Metal Gear Solid (PS1) exactly 101 times all the way through (i was obsessed)
3) My favorite color is green
4) My favorite book is Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter
5) Bleach and Gunsliner Girl are my two favorite animes...EVER
6) My favorite tv show of all time is Firefly
7) My 360 was my love until I got my PS3 (can't argue with blu-ray, built in wireless, and free-online!!!)
8 ) I have a big dvd collection, about 400 in all.
9) I have around 75 blu-ray movies
10) I spend A LOT of time surfing the internet on mostly the same sites (GS, IGN, N4G, IMDB, NG, and Metacritic)
11) I have only cried during two movies: The Green Mile and Ladder 49. Okay, okay...and Braveheart
12) I am a case you haven't noticed :P
13) Wolverine is my favorite comic book hero
14) My favorite fighting game series is Tekken. In total I have put over 150 hrs into them. Don't know how many will be put into Tekken 6.
15) I am great in English coarses
16) Bad, but not horrible, in Math
17) I graduated high school in 07
18 ) Never been on a plane
19) Would love to go skydiving
20) I play a bunch of games, but never finish them all first. Move onto another, before going back to what I started.
21) Yuna7780 knows that last one well ;)
22) I am a very laid back, and easy going person, but I can have a twisted sense of humor...occasionally.
23) My favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti (typical, right)
24) I am 25% Japanese, 95% American
25) However, I only know English
26) My favorite movie of all time is Aliens
27) My favorite band is Green Day
28 ) Have only beaten one Final Fantasy (FF8 ). However, I own FF7-FFXII
29) My hands are starting to get tired from all these facts
30) You are also probabily wanting to get back to doing whatever it was you were before reading this.

Tekken 6 is here

Can't believe its finally out. Been waiting since Tekken 5 in 2005, for a sequel. Not because Tekken 5 was bad, it was that Namco had found their groove, and could only improve over it. Now I have spent more than 100 hrs in Tekken 5 between single player and matches with my friends, though not as many as I would have liked. Now that online is added into this release, Tekken 6 can really get on the right path now.

Borderlands thoughts

Okay, I bought Brutal Legend along with Uncharted 2. Why? I have no clue. But I ended up returning it (never even opened it), and swapped it out for Borderlands. Well, I can say this: it will probably be the sleeper hit of the year, ironically, along with Brutal Legend. The timing is horrible for these two. Right between two of the years biggest games, and that of coarse is Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2. But, for those who play it are in for a treat.

I've only spent about 5 hrs with it, but these 5 hrs were well worth it, so far. Granted, this is no Uncharted 2 or Batman: Arkham Asylum, but Borderlands is a must have for FPS/RPG enthusiasts. Now, I can't vouch for the "bazillions" of guns in the game, since I'm only a few hours in, but I have seen about 30 weapons so far. Sweet! The offline 2 player co-op, 4 player online, and the promise of hundreds of thousands of guns, make this a game that I can reccommend to anyone remotely interested in the things I just described. If anyone wants to play, add me, and we'll tackle the wasteland.

Okay, this was a rather forced buy

P3 FES cover

I'll start out by saying Yuna7780, if I don't like this game for any reason, I'LL COME AFTER YOU! Now, speaking of Yuna7780, she is the reason why I went out and got this game, and right after the release of Batman Arkham Asylum. She practically held me up at wordpoint and told me to get it. Okay, it wasn't that serious, but it was a strong recommendation on her part. Fortunately, I have heard and read awesome things about this one, and getting it new for $15, I "shouldn't" have any major disputes. But be on the lookout Yuna, just in case I snap! XD

Bad week turned into a very good one

So, this week has been bad. Work has been a pain, more so than it has been in the past few weeks, and outside of work, things are rather boring. I finished Cowboy Bebop finally, and it was amazing, if very depressing. I'm 1/4 of the way trough Outlaw Star, andI put Madlax and Love Hina on hold. The reason, and this is why my week became very good, was because of this:

gg2 cover

This wasn't supposed to come out until Tuesday (8/18 ), but I just happened to go into Best Buy, and they had 2 copies on the shelf. YAY!!! I have never swooped up something so fast in my life. On top of that, and while I was at it, I picked up:

NGE cover

escaflowne collection

Ordered this on ebay for $35, shipping included. Not a bad deal. Now,my anime splurge is almost complete. The only ones I want to buy that are high priority are: Berserk Collection, GungraveCollection,and the Love Hina Movie Collection. However, finding the Love Hina Movie Collection is going to be a pain in the major @$$, especially without spending a great amount of $$$!

Oww, too much anime

madlax cover love hina covercowboy bebop cover outlaw star cover

Okay, I recently finished Black Lagoon (awsome) and Gunslinger Girl (great, but a tear jerker moment happensat the end). So, now, I went out and bought a couple of series I watched back in the day, which are Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star. If anyone remembers Toonami, that is where I remembering seeing OS, but I thought it was really cool, but due to homework and what not, I didn't get to watch many episodes, but I liked what I saw. As for Cowboy Bebop, I watched a few episodes at a friends house, but that was it. Madlax, well this was an impulse buy. Didn't ever hear a thing about it, but it sounded interesting because its about a femalemercenary who meets up with this girl to stop bad things from happening. It kinda reminded me of Gunslinger Girl, and girls + guns + mercenary title = win! Although, Ionly watched two episodes, and it's not GG, its still fun, full of action, and has its own charm. Love Hina, well, I love it. I never use the words cute, adorable,and sweet, especially alongside funny, but that is exactly what this show is. And did I mention it was funny?

Putting down gaming a bit due to some anime

bleach MoN Black Lagoon S1 black lagoon s2

Luckily, upselling at my job gets me a nifty bonus. Anyway, just coming up on the finally of Bleach S3. So I went ahead and picked up movie #1, Memories of Nobody. I saw a few things on Black Lagoon, and hearing people comparing it to Cowboy Bebop, I was instantly sold. I watched the preview 1st episode online, and it was great, and it really did feel like a new version of CB. The only thing is, it doesn't hold anything back, and is pretty graphic, in terms of violence, language, and content. Oh well, I have more than a week of good material to watch. Now, if only my copy of Gunslinger Girl S1 would hurry up an come in the mail, I'll be good to go.