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Sam and Max Season 3

I haven't done a blog in a while and I just finished the Sam and Max Season 3 series so I decided to do a quick review of the series as a whole.

Going into this the only game from the series I had played was Abe Licoln must Die for free off steam, so I missed some of the references to previous episodes such as Sybil Marrying Abraham Lincoln, C.O.P.S. and some other scenes. However this did not make the experience any less enjoyable since there are many Pop Culture references, in the frist minute Max references planet of the apes and a few minutes later Sam quotes Tony Montana from Scarface. There are plenty of quotes and imagery like this throught every episode that make for some pretty funny moments.

Sam and Max as most know is in an episodic format, unlike the last 2 seasons where there is a different storyline for each episode with an overarching storyline that ties it all together this season has one solid storyline with different events all following the Dog and Rabbit duo. This time around Sam and Max are in possession of one of several artifacts called the toys of power, these items grant the user some awesome powers (e.g. see into the future, transform into a 3 dimentional object from any picture, ect.), as you can no doubt guess many people want these items for their own gain. The first episode begins with Sam and Max imprisoned on the Flag ship of Intergalaxy War Criminal General Skun'Ka'Pe (or Skunk Ape to the freelance police) and after escaping they find out it was all a vision of the future created by a pair of glasses Max found (one of the toys of power), directly afterward the same Flagship lands and the Skunk Ape steps out. After some puzzles and tracking down another Toy of Power they are captured in the scene from the begining of the game but eventually trap the Gorilla inside the Penal Zone (many sexual oriented references are made about this) and the world seems safe, but in the course of capturing the Ape they discover a pair of skeletons baring a striking resembalance to the two along with a Projector and 4 films, setting into motion the events of the second episode. THe second Episode takes the form of an adventure Serial as the grand Parents of Sam and Max discover the Devils Toy box (chest containign the toys of power) for the first time, the game takes a non linear approach, there are 4 film reels that all play out in one story but you can jump to whatever one you wish and items and infomation you learn from other stages are kept to be used in any other part of the game. To avoid spoilers I will put the rest in spoiler brackets [spoiler] At the end of Epsiode 2 the Grand Parents defeat an evil Necromancer who wants to summon a Cthulhu like god to this dimension before being hit by accident with a spell, the film ends and during a quick outing by Sam we find that Max's brain is stolen, Sam will stop at nothing to get it back. This episode begins in a Film Noir sense with Sam constanly reminissing about things he learned. You later find that Skunk Ape and The Necromancer are fighting for control of the Devils Toy Box, to get help Sam puts the brain of a dead Pharoh inside Max's body and This Pharoh can use the toys in the same way Max can. After recovering Max the Pharoh uses the toys to take over the world in an alternate reality. After resetting the order of the world Sam and Max are attacked by Clones of Sam, setting in motion episode 4. The next Two epsidoes have some major plot points and I seriously recommend playign the series to find these out for yourself. [/spoiler]

The Gameplay focusses less on item collecting and more on using the toys of power to complete puzzles, these puzzles can be simple or complex to make the game feel varied. There are many Toys of Power that are found through the game, such as the two mentioned above, aswell as a Ventriliquist doll that can project your voice into anything, a phone that lets you jump to any phone number and Mind reading Cards. These can all be used in conjuntion with several environmental factors to solve the many challenges the pair will face on their trip. Each episode ahs some different gameplay elements wheather it be a completly new feature or another toy of power.

Visually the game is nothing revolutionary but characters look the way they should, that's all that really matters.

In all, Season 3 is a fun filled, action packed and hillarious ride, the characters are interesting, the plot is well writen and the finale almost brought a tear to my eye. The only problem with the game is that each episode is really short if you fly through it, around 3 hours long. I seriously recommend this game to anyone that likes adventure games.


It's good to be back.

Hello people of gamespot.

As you may know I was banned for a account a friend made who at one point used the same Computer as me, So I recently requested that my account be reinstated since it was a mistake. Long story short I am back.

Level 22, New PC Online and School camp

Level 22, another step up the ladder, and I have been a long time without a moderation. Next up, with a little help, I managed to find a compatable driver for windows 7 so I'm able to use my new PC for Gamespot, which is good. Also I will be going on a school camp in a few weeks for 5 days so I wonn't be around for a few days.

My new Computer.

Today I finally picked up the PC I ordered a while ago after a string of push backs and 3 sets of 45 minute drives to Bendigo and back.

Let me start off with a few of the basics, it has a Intel Core 2 quad, 4 gig DDR3 ram, a 1 gig DDR3 graphics card and an Asus DDR3 Motherboard, it came in a nice looking thermaltake Soprano case and has a Logitech Bluetooth mouse.

Now, lets start at the beginning as most stories do, I went into Bendigo Centrecom with a list of parts and asked them to build me a computer, they said that in 4-5 days it will be ready. 6 days later we went down there to collect it but they couldn't get the motherboard in on time but they would have it by Tuesday (Melbourne cup) and to come back then. This time I called them to make sure that it was in but bad news struck again when it turned out they were missing a Hard drive, the Ram and the Operating system (The new windows 7) so it would take a little longer to arive. So sick of waiting, today (Thursday) I skipped school and headed for Bendigo to collect my new machine, all the parts were in and I even picked up a wireless adapter with it, I got home, plugged it in, installed a few things but when it got around to the Wireless adaptor I had a little problem, it was not compatable with Windows 7. I am currently writing this on the Old computer due to the fact I can't afford or be bothered running a 15 metre cable from Modem to the new computer at the other end of the house. I will try a few things and see if it works but until then I may no be posting as much.

Until Next blog.


Level 21 and a few more things.

First off, I got to level 21. Not too big a deal but anyway.

Now the rest. I looks like Cactus Matt won't be back, He will be missed.

Also My brother had his operation and came out alright.

I have decided to get Uncharted 2 and Fallout 3 Game of the year edition.

Finally I have purchased southpark seasons 10 and 12, there are some laugh out loud moments in it and recommend it to anyone who likes southpark.

That about sums up everything. Until my next blog.


Blog #51 *UPDATED*

There are 2 reasons for this post, number 1, I just ticked over 51 Blogs, and that has got to be worth some recognition.

Second, my brother WAS surposed to be having a spine operation in 7 days but the hospital threw back his date to sometime mid October.

Until the next post.



A short post.

A ot of people in my town have been listening to a band called Bring Me The Horizon.
Now Fankly I can't stand to listen to them, Neither can a few of my friends.

Also I picked up Dexter season 3 which I think is great and finally I have started likeing Divine Heresy.

So until next time, bye.

Level 20

After several moderations, I have finally made it to level 20, not an amazing achievement but an achievement non the less.

In other news I am still to find a job, the place I applied at didn't take me and I passed by it the other day and it had an 'Employee wanted' Sign in the window, Bastards.

I just joined Twitter.

I never thought I would do that but I signed up to twitter after some of the GSAU crowd started talking about it, I figured it could be fun, If you want to follow or want me to follow you go Here.

6 short, uninteresting stories.

Because I felt like it, and the fact I haven't done one in the past month.

First off, my math teacher is a real pain in the arse. She gave out homework day one of term.

Number 2, I am yet to get a part time job.

3rd of all, I have been meaning to get either: A, an upgrade on my graphics card. B, a new PC.

4th note, I was considering pre ordering Modern warfare 2 but decided not to.

Part 5, I got a High definition TV, not that big news but it matters when it comes to gaming, the cables we got for it were 300 skins (Slang for cash).

6th sentance, I had a ringing in my ear that turned out to be linked to a sinus infection.