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back from suspension...again

well at this speed im never going to get to 21,so now ive just forgotten about it
well in case you were wondering here is why I got modded:
guy post thread:
"whats your opinion on emo people"
another guy post thread:
"whats your opinion on fat people"
Me,just trying to parody the fat people thread,and not trying to start some lame fad starts thread:
"whats your opinion on skinny people"

BAM.suspension.meh.dont really care anymore.let the mods chase members out of here.sooner or later,gamespot will be empty.

*edit*maybee i just need a break...

well,the title pretty much says it.too many reason to go.Its just way to contricting.
idk,im still complimating it
i think im just going to delete it soon.maybee a week or so.

i think im just getting to worked up over the recent constant marathon moding ive been getting lately.Im just going to limit my time on here so i dont get so worked up next time ithis happens.

thanks for your support :)
also,im sorry if it seems im backing out of a promise.Im not trying to seem "hardcore" or just agrivated

back from suspension...and ive got a lot to say(i was soooo close to 21!!!)

1st of all,modded for the phrase "touch yourself".I guess the mods took it offensively,when it originally had nothing to do with the act of well know.
2nd...they took points off...I WAS 1.76 POINTS AWAY FROM LEVEL 21!DAMNIT! the suspension was enough,ok mods?Ill deal with it.but then you take points away when it didnt even say that would be the action taken(they probably did that just to mess with me)

I was so close to level 21...I was just getting set up for a 21st level party on my blog too...then I suppose it got cancelled.

oh well,life gos on i reckon

also,apparently im a leader of a union...when did this happen?message me if you want it.

oh yah,and i almost xbox 360 got the 3 red lights of death.freakin came out of no where.

well,im pretty bumed about my 21 party being cancelled thanks to the mods.maybee ill do it anyways just to be crazy.

what more would you like to see OT

So,its pretty obvious that OT is going to hell.some blame it on un-interesting topics,some one fad threads,some on stupid catch phrases,some on generic religion threads..yada yada yada

Im not trying to argue here,im personally asking some of you what more you want to see at the OT.fad threads,ok i agree they are pretty dumb,but most of them are done on days when nothing is happening(nothing is ever happening anyways)
stupid catch phrases,again very dumb,but usually are 2-3 words long,and it doesnt hurt your finger to scroll down.i can understand how people might want an actual repsonse to their post,but when the topic is allready 3 pages long?
generic threads(all usually lead back to religion lol)are yes,pretty dumb,but it evokes alot of discusion,and it makes OT less boring when nothing is going on,and if they just arent your thing...just scroll down.
now,un-interesting topics seem to be everyones real problem with OT,and honestly there are to many obvious reasons why there are these topics
1-teens/early adults dont neccesarily have to many mindblowing things to talk about,or even know alot of things that are interesting,that arent allready being repeated on OT
2-not enough interesting things to talk about generally,really,are we supposed to make up things just for kicks?lurk on yahoo news for hours just to find some crap no one is going to post in?
3-no responses,as in sometimes someone posts something kind of cool but no one really understands what to do or say.what do you do when someone post a paragraph on quantum physics if you dont know anything about it?thats where those stupid catch phrases come from,when theres no other good response we can give.

another thing about the fad topics i dont really understand...if nothing is interesting why does it matter ifthey mess around?like for instance,there was about 10 topics about dumbledore being gay that one day,would it really be a big deal to post some fad threads and some religion threads to stop that non sense?of course,on a cool day with some really good posters coming up with some really interesting topics,fad topics and religion topics are annoying cause they get all the attention.idk,im just rambling and id like to hear some of your thoughts,considering you read my wall of text,what would you(or what could we)do to make OT really any better?

woah!what happend to OT while i was gone!

OK,so im gone for the weekend,i come back and i missed some fad topics,something called "this thread is devoted to..." does anyone have any still screens?i want to see what i missed?
also,saying barrel roll and touch her shoulder is now a banning offense...when did that happen?

also,how was everyones weekend?mine was epic,thursday was hallowen horror nights,then friday-today was parties,ive had about 5 hrs of sleep this whole weekend.

halloween horror nights

tomarrow is going to be a good day,me and some friends are going to go to halloween horror nights(universal studios in orlando florida)
and im bringing a date,a girl that i really like.shes hott :)

wish me luck ;)



[QUOTE="SilentFireX"]Pro-life. You shouldn't have sex if you're not ready to face all the possible outcomes. Rape victims as well as other mothers who don't want their childrencan turn their babies into various different places where they will be taken care of with plenty of love. There is no reason that someone should be lawfully allowed to abort a baby.verparanoidpers

what if the baby(if born)was going to end up killing the mom?who is "pro life" then?

you dont know that, and you have no empirical evidence on which to base that conclusion

yes,doctors can tell if the baby is going to cause complication and kill the mother

Oh, I thought you meant once it is born is it going to go psycho and murder the mother


not making fun of the poster,because i can understand how it could be easy to think thats what i meant,but its still hilarious.

OT is my home


well,i used to be housed at the xbox360 forums...basicly,the suburbia of the gamespot forums.but,its not exiting enough.same post everyday like "what game should i get" and "wow(instert 360 game)looks good"
so then,I packed up,and moved to system wars...where crap goes to die.system wars is like the trailer park of the gamespot cant find one post without stupid generalizations like "OMG 360 is teh failure rate" and "w0w the pos3 has like n00 games"
so,alas i packed up again,i had to get out of there.i stayed homeless for a while(gamefaqs game specific forums) but it was a hastle to pick up and move from place to place
i even stayed at general games discusion for a while...but that place was like a mormon community
well,i was passing through one day,wondering afoot,and discovered the OT forums,found some cool people,a nice mix of neighborhood(sorta like the "new york city" of the gamespot forums,lots of cool people,mixed with the ocasional idiot)ive made home here for a while,and am enjoying it so far

well thanks for reading this ramble of nothingness,its been fun :)

finaly!a banner!

ok,so I downloaded,and made a banner on my own,but still i cant get it right,the image doesnt cover the whole banner,and i really need someone to fix it for me.

anyways,how does it look besides that?

new likey?

new avatar,its from a scene in the the raddist movie evar,the boondock saints:

so how do you like it?does it look good?

btw,im trying to get someone to make a banner for me,the OT stickie-ers arent helping a bunch.anyone willing to make a banner for me,pm me please :)

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