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Virtua Fighter 5 R-evolution/-evamped/-eitterate/-einfiltrate?

Virtua Fighter 5 R (which is to VF5 what Evo was to VF4) is slated to release in arcades sometime soon, but no word on whether it will come to consoles (which would be dumb for it to not). It's really cool, it gives us the Sumo character from VF3tb from Dreamcast who was taken out of 4 because they couldn't make him work gameplay-wise with the new VF system. My guess is they needed someone to compete with Ganryu from Tekken, blahahahahaha...also a brand new character and a few new stages, also probably some gameplay and visual tweaks and some new additions to the character's item lists (hopefully)! Whatever, anyway, the point is, we'll obviously have to pay for it, and most likely it will release as a seperate physical medium for people who missed out on the original to have a reason to buy it. What I think would be dumb for Sega/AM2 to do would be to NOT allow it to be bought for a cheaper price as a downloadable patch for people whom already own VF5...especially people who own the PS3 version of VF5....who didn't get online play....because apparently we're not important enough to get online play, huh SEGA?!!!!! On that note, it would be dumb of them to not include online play for the PS3 version.

There is a trailor for it (which shows all the charcters in customized outfits and shows some old stages with a slightly new look and probably some new stages, but I didn't pay attention) but it doesn't explain what the R stands for. The first word that pops up is Revolution, which makes sense since VF5R is basically the next-gen equivilent to VF4 Evolution. But, it also goes to show the words Rival, Reality, Reinforce and Returns (right after which it confirms the return of Taka-Arashi) in that order. It most likely stands for Revolution, but could be all of those other words and probably includes Revampppped, Reitterated, Reinfiltrate, Recover, Reconvey, Reinvest, Rescue, Redrum, Reeee!, Reformed, Recurvation, Reunion and Real Estate.


If anyone remembers or even knows about Ikaruga, then I know you're exited about it coming to XBLA!

However, if you are a PS3 owner who isn't planning on getting a 360, like I, then we'll just keep hoping that Microsoft didn't pay a bunch of money to Treasure to keep it exclusive to 360....once's to hoping!

Years of Four...4....IV!!!!

It looks like 2008 and 2009 are the years of the 4 games and every single one is on my wish list!

Devil May Cry 4 already released last month.

Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and SoulCalibur IV will all release later this year!

Gothic IV, Time Splitters 4, God Of War III ?, Prince of Persia 4, Jak and Daxter 4, Star Ocean IV and STREET FIGHTER IV could all release in 2009! Why God Of War III? Because, even though it's III and story line-wise it's only the second sequel...It's the 4th game in the series being produced :D

And, for all the Shin Megami Tensei fans out there; Persona 4 is rumored to come out for the PS3. Although no release date, or any information at all for that matter has been released about the game, I won't be surprised if Atlus finished it in time for a 2009 least that's what I hope's to hoping! On an even more exiting note, Atlus officially announced that Persona 3: FES will release on 22nd of next month for PS2 in the States! I've got my copy reserved and payed off!

Mortal Kombat Armageddon!!!

This game is as exciting to me as the thought of a SFAlpha Collection.  So I'm expecting it to deliver better than Deception and even Shaolin Monks.  C'mon! Up to 60 characters from MK1 all the way to Deception, Kreate-a-Kombatant mode, completely revamped Konquest mode that plays like MKSM with real-time in-mode fighting system and fatalities.  Not to mention the Kustom Fatalities, plus God know how many character fatalities, hopefully tons of stages, new directional throw system used in MKSM, and MVC style airial kombat.  ARMAGEDDON - The scene of the final battle of the war between Evil and Good prophesied to mark the end of the world! Who will prevail?!

Cancelled my reservation at Gamestop and bought it at Wal-Mart because that's the only place that has Sonya/Kano box cover.  Played it.  Read my reviews of PS2 and XBox.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology!

Capcom is on a Collection Rampage, releasing SF Anniversary Collection, The Mega Man and Mega Man X Collection's, Vampire: Dark Stalkers Collection (Japan only, but you never know), and now SF Alpha Anthology, I can't wait.  Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2, 2 Gold, and 3, plus Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix(to tell you the truth, I'd rather have Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo), and it's comming to PS2 in June!!! I'm so reserving it!!!!

Reserved it! Brought it home! Played it! Everything I expected and more! A World Tour Mode would have been a nice touch to SFA3 Arranged, but it's okay, they had Hyper SFA, and it's alright! Also, a little bit in the way of an extra gallery mode or something would have been a welcome addition!  Altogether, great game, worth evey penny, and fans will get a kick out of it!