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Woohoo! Dark Souls 1000G!

Praise The Sun!!!! i finally got all of the achievements!!! :D, it took me about 70+ hours and 3 full playthroughs to get all of the achievements

that is all... now get out or i will absorb your Humanity with my Dark Hand! :x

I am a Space Marine

I am a Space Marine. For two hundred years I have battled the darkness that threatens to consume the Imperium of Man. I've seen my Battle Brothers die. Witnessed untold destruction. Our enemies will never give up and neither will I. I do not fight for Victory. I fight for the survival of Mankind. I am a Space Marine.


[spoiler] For The Emperor! [/spoiler]

I finally did it

I almost got all FF XIII achievement! except the Treasure Hunter achievement, god that achievement is very time-consuming but i'm gonna try to get it anyway, i want Serah Gamer Picture :oops: