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New games, new achievements and youtube famous!

Well as i said in my previous blog it has been a while, i recently got Skyrim and Mw3 so i hope you can understand :)

Anyway, whats new with me ? Well i still have not got a job, My best friend got a partnership on youtube, i have been achievement hunting like crazy and i've been playing all my old XBLA titles.

- The job hunt -

Not much to say really, i've been looking like crazy, one of my friends got a job in Sainsbury's so i'm trying not to be disheartened by his good fortune, which isn't to easy when i've been looking for months and he has only been looking for days, but oh well i'm sure i'll find one soon :)

- Youtube -

So yeah, my best friend got a partnership on youtube or something very similiar, he earns money so i just assume lol, he really deserved it as well, with 80+ video's and a true dedication to gaming he was so happy to learn he could earn money by doing what he loves, also i earn 30% as i am his official Scribe, you see he is Dyslexic so i do all his writing and reading for a chunk of his earnings, its a great deal for both of us :)

- Achievements -

As i said earlier i have been going insane trying to nab as many achievements as i can from Skyrim and Mw3, this is easier said than done as Mw3 boasts some of the most rage inducing achievements ever seen from an infinity ward title, Skyrim on the other hand is not so much difficult as more of a progressive kind of thing, i have put over 40 hours into Skyrim since i got it less than a week ago and i only have roughly 300 Gamerscore, but thats not to say i havn't been enjoying every single second of my time in Tamriel, it has quickly become my favourite game of all time.

- Old games -

In a break from my new retail titles i ventured forth unto The secret of Monkey island ( An Xbox Live Arcade title i bought over a year ago ), i had completely forgotten that it was in my game library, i played it for 6 hours straight and only got 25% into the storyline, and it made me think, i payed 800 Microsoft points for this game, and i have already had more enjoyment out of it than i have had with some retail games.

My best friends Youtube channel -
Please check him out, he really deserves your support :)

My Youtube channel -
Feel free to check out my channel as well if you are bored, i have a Skyrim Lets Play coming soon :P

Thank you very much for reading, i will be more active in the forthcoming weeks :)

Been a while...

Hey guys, basically, it has been a while since i have posted a blog or done anything on Gamespot. This is due to me trying really hard to level up on Gears 3 ( I managed to get to level 79 :D ) and have been doing rather well so i thought i'd take advantage of my winning streak :)

Anyway, as all of you know Mw3 is due for release tomorrow, i have already secured a copy with a pre-order ;) , i'm not too sure how it's going to turn out, a few of my friends think its gonna suck, however a bigger group of friends think (like me) that it's going to be awesome, but i guess we will all find out tomorrow :)

In other news, i still have not got a job :( it almost seems as if the moment i apply for one, someone else gets the job. It's starting to frustrate me how i have handed out enough cv's to drown a small land mammal and yet, none of them call back... I know my gcse's aren't amazing but hey, i have enough common sense to fill a boat, and i am also very enthusiastic, but i cant really put that on a cv so i guess i'll just keep trying...

I have also broadened my mind in the musical sense as i have started listening to an artist called Deadmau5, who i thought i wouldnt really like, but i guess the term "Dont judge a book by its cover" comes to mind. Deadmau5 has a really original type of music which reminds me of prog rock almost, his slow building beats & steady bass gradually transforms into a pounding journey through the mind of a guy with a Space Invaders tattoo on his neck (Deadmau5).

I have started reading again, i used to read 3-4 books a night when i was younger but since moving to my dad's house i stopped, but recently i looked through my dads book collection and found some awesome stuff, since last week i have read :

"The book of general ignorance"
"The second book of general ignorance"
"Happyslapped by a Jellyfish - Karl Pilkington"
"An idiot abroad, the travel diaries of Karl Pilkington"
"The world according to Clarkson volume 1 - Jeremy Clarkson"
"The world according to Clarkson volume 2 - Jeremy Clarkson"
"Stephen Fry - Paperweight"

As you can guess i am an extremely fast reader, and i have been from the moment i learnt to read.

Anyway, thats whats new with me, i hope you enjoyed reading this guys :)

Halloween blog of total awesomness and splendor from the epic Guffweed7!! JK

Hi guys, this is an apology for not bieng active for a few days and not posting any blogs, my reasoning for this is I was at MCM Expo on saturday and had stuff to do a few days prior to the event.

On another note, the MCM was awesome!! It was the first time ive ever gone to anything of the sort i have to say it was great :) I didn't get to play any games however, mainly due to the fact that the lines queues were collossal and being the impatient soul I am I could not be bothered to wait in line for an hour to play 5 mnutes of a game i couldn't really care less about, that said I still really enjoyed the day, it must of been the welcoming atmosphere that made it such a great day, either that or the wide selection of items for sale.

Bieng the age of sixteen i could only afford to take roughly £60, but i still am very contempt with what i purchased.

Stuff i bought

- 12 Comic books
- An epic ring
- A Super Mario Bros wallet
- A wooden replica of the blades of Athena (God of war)
- A selection of Japanese candy
- A free goody bag received on entry to the expo (Tons of free awesomeness)

Thats about it i think, i may be forgetting something but oh well :)

I decided not to cosplay as i have so many favourite characters from games and anime that i couldn't choose one, so instead i picked a neutral costume that looks both cool and funny, it's called a Morphsuit (see below).

A black Morphsuit

If anyone saw me on the day please comment and say hi, if your unsure if it was me in the suit then i can say i was with 2 people, one of which was dressed as L (Death Note) and the other as Mr Bean, we were together the whole time so we would have been hard to miss (lol).

On another note.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! :twisted:

Sad times...

I went down my mothers house today to help her prepare for a big move to another house nearer me, i also have a dog, i found out that today was the last time i will see him because my mum has to send him to a rescue centre because the new house does not allow dogs...

One of the more depressing moments of my life...

Game soundtracks.

Hello, i know no-one reads my blogs but i enjoy writing so i shall continue doing them :) This blog involves my thoughts on how a great soundtrack can have an effect on games. Many games are recognized for their great story or the awesome multiplayer etc, but i never see much recognition about the soundtracks, i think maybe we underestimate how a beautiful soundtrack can completely change our gaming experience and invoke emotions we never knew we had for characters, events or surroundings. Take Portal 2 for instance, this game received many reviews about how complex the puzzles were and how shockingly loveable GLaDOS' narration was, but no reviewer took into account how the beautiful soundtrack affected a gamers view on the world of aperture science, within the game were many secret areas in which you could find a radio, or some singing turrets which made you think about what you were encountering along the game, i'm going to mention a particular song which touched my heart : The National - Exile Villify, this song is as beautiful as it is thought provoking, it is found in one of the ratman dens hidden in a test chamber, look it up, it tells the story of how the ratman lost his mind due to being trapped in the aperture science facility and how he has helped chell along the journey with paintings and arrows, it made me think about however funny and confusing Portal 2 may seem, it has been an emotional trip, and i had experienced a lot of events with chell. Secondly Alan Wake's soundtrack. As a survival-Horror you would expect Alan Wake to have a rather dull soundtrack, but this is not the case, every song is bursting with life. After every chapter you are awarded with a song relating to the last chapter in some way, the list of songs is too big for me to remember but all i know is that not only does the soundtrack have well known songs, but it also has a few original songs which are from a band called : Poets of the fall. And two songs from the in game band : Old gods of asgard. Each song has its own charm and emotionally ties you to Alans plight in the town of Bright Falls. In conclusion, i believe, not only does a games soundtrack have an effect on a gamer but it is a crucial addition to the gamers personal experience, without a touching soundtrack a game is just that, a game, but we need something more, we need an EXPERIENCE. Thank you for reading, i know not a lot of people will have read it but i appreciate the people who did, thanks guys.

Do sleeping patterns affect skill in games?

Hey guys, this will be my second blog post :D I'm going to be talking about how an unnatural sleeping pattern can affect how you play. Well to begin i'm gonna point out that my sleeping pattern is terrible, i left school in July and am currently unemployed so my days usually consist of playing Xbox or going on the pc, this means that i often stay up to roughly 5:00 Am before i start to get tired, i normally wake up around 2-4 Pm and go straight on the xbox. I've recently noticed that this unusual sleeping habit is having a big impact on my gaming, for example: I woke up at 4:00 Pm today and went straight on to gears 3 multiplayer, i found myself going terribly negative on the kills/death front, this surprised me as i often get an extremely positive K/D in every game. I guess my lack of skill after a bad nights sleep is due to a lack of energy and focus, I am also wondering how many people are suffering from this vicious circle?? It's very important that i fix this habit sooner rather than later as I intend to enter full time employment rather soon and am actively looking for a job. On nights where i have slept rather soundly i seem to be a god at all things game so obviously there is a correlation between the two, also it is having an effect on my general enthusiasm as i just don't want to go on xbox sometimes after waking up, sometimes my routine goes like this : Wake up, go for a smoke, have a drink (Non-alchoholic lol), get back in bed, watch dvd's all day. I mean that's quite pathetic is it not ? I try to fix my pattern but i just cant sleep when i'm not tired so i have no idea how i am going to help myself... If anyone has any ideas then please comment and HELP ME!!! Thanks for reading everyone, have a good night :)

Gears of war franchise.

Well hello people, i am relatively new to "Blogging" so i may be doing this wrong but oh well. I'm going to write my thoughts and opinions on the Gears of war franchise. Gears of war has been one of the "Bigs" in retail games ever since the launch of Gears 1, it stands along with Halo and Call of duty in the all time greats scale, but is it going downhill? I played Gears of war 2 a great deal and enjoyed it for the most part, in fact i spent almost 2 years playing it, but i was constantly getting frustrated about the amount of bugs and bull**** happening to me (Overpowered shotguns, incredible lag & insanely good players being matched up with me etc..) i thought maybe by Gears 3 they would have eradicated at least some of these problems?? Alas no, the only thing that is noticeably "fixed" is the lag issue. Most games i get in has some issue which ruins the entire match for me, i mean i am reasonably good at the game ( Level 68 ) so i can fend for myself in the online world, but its irritating when i put tons of effort in with the Gnasher to get a kill, then some trigger happy son of a ***** walks in, taps RT with the sawed-off and not only steals my kill, but kills me in the process as well!! It just seems like they had a perfectly good game and then they thought "You know what? I'm gonna put in some truly terrible features into the multiplayer, you know, to mix things up a bit". And when i'm not being killed by the sawed-off or mowed down by 3+ people at once, i'm being subjected to noobs who go straight for the power weapons at the start of every game!! But don't get me wrong, i still love the game... Its just frustrating that its ever so slightly broken. The campaign was brilliant, horde is a mediocre past time, beast mode is a welcome addition and the multiplayer is still amazingly fun.. Sometimes... Anyway, thanks for reading people, i know not a lot of people will as i am new but i wanted to post my thoughts anyway.