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a new adventure starting.......

A new adventure starting,

Filled with sun,sea and sand,

I'd like to wish you luck,

As your horizons now expand,

Its time to say Adios,

Although I'd really rather say,

Ver usted de nuevo

Cos we'll meet again someday

Sorry you're leaving,

your loss will be greatly felt,

but I won't over-exaggerate

and say my heart will melt!

It's really hard to say goodbye,

to such a friend and pal,

with tears in eyes and lump in throat,

Adios! Au revoir! Farewell!

comments...No?yes for some

those who practice telepathy

No for people who are greedy,

selflike, acts like a bully.

goodbye bloggers....goodbye my page......


last blog deleted so lets try this again ........................

i really should sign out when i finish , stupid the blog is deleted after i got 3 comments , thanxx by the way , well good thing i had a copy for it so for those who didnt read it ............ hey its me , lately , iwas really into movies , i made some movie threads on GS and they really wanted me to watch kick-ass and also they recomnded me metacritic , i went there and i saw what are the top 10 movies from the start of making movies , i needed some animated movie so i found one in the top 10 list , i was so shocked , its called spirited away , i made a thread about this movies , and looks like no one hates it , imagine !!!! movies most of the time got haters and lovers , but this one is different , so im planning on watching it and i will , soon , i think maybe tomorrow or after ............ they also asked me to watch the director's all movies , they highly recomnded HOWL's moving castle or something like that , i've seen the scores on metacritic and this director's movies are always on top score , i couldnt imagine i never heard of them. i bought both prince of persia and shutter island , and planning on getting dispicable me and inception , and then after all that watching i'll be able to change my top 10 list , oh and i also watched toy story 3 , really greaat but never cried . so i'll se will spirited away surpass my number one movie sherlock holmes ?? we'll we will sure find out , bye now :D:D

im back from B DAY , and with a review.

pfft as i wrote my last blog about my BDAY , the internet machine on the roof was dead , so we needed to change it , it took like 5 days to change since the military couldnt allow anyone on the roof because of something , who knows..

anyway i promised you with a review of blue dragon awakened shadow and here it is ... well i dont write much so:

story 9/10 , the story is great but what pissed me off is that they made NENE a really good guy , for those who played the first one , they would know how NENE is an evil dude , but really its like blue dragon 2 i donno why they didnt make one on 360 .

gameplay 8.5/10 , its the RPG i like , and with a great way to use the touch screen , but its so hard , i mean your HP is oike 400 and a single atack deals a 100 damage , so you need to master dodging first ..

graphics 10/10 , didnt expect this for a DS game but the graphics is actually great .....

music 6/10 , didnt like most of it , but enjoyed the desert cube one most ..

what else do they put in a review , however total is 8/10 ..

thats it see you later. :):D

back with no pics:(

urgh the cam is great but the connection i need hours to upload a picture , oh well guys no pics for today when i finish uploading them i'll tell you , and also , after 2 days , mean in 7/31 is a very special day for me , i promised you to make a review after this blog , but that day cant wait !!

whatever ...............

i'll be returning , maybe, to my village on friday , staying there all weekend , may i return on monday , but this time i'll return with pics , just to show how beautiful my village is oh well , anyway to those who still watch anime , my sister insisted on me to watch a show called one piece with her , and wow that show drove me fast , its hilariouse (yeah spelled it wrong :roll:) plus the story is thrilling , it made a huge smile on my face , and now after i reurn , the first blog will be a pics one , second is BD awakened shadow review , oh great game , needs time , wastes time .

and before i go , i am having one of my worst days of my life , my shoulder iis not in its place , and i walk on the street with a mask on my face , and see how people are looking , good thing the mask keeps my identity , oh well good night everyone :D:D:D:D:D:D

well that wasnt long......

hey guys its me , and i am soooo freshed , the village is great , next time i'll be getting pics of it , but the one that dies had his pics all over the village , but i found the cure , something called blue dragon:awakened shadow , i gave everything a 10 in it , great game , and here i return with a :) on my face , well guys i'll be updating later about this great game and plus dragon quest ix which appeares to be > than ff , oh well see ya later :D

arn't you tired from these blogs ??

imean yes , they didnt leave me with time to write a real blog , im going agian , like 5 days , but this time im going to the village , and as im there i'll be trying to :

1. try to overcome my depressed mood.

2.try to stop talking to myself in the blog titles.

i love you guys and hate going , i'll be going tomorrow noon , bye now :(:(:(

you're back ? and not in the mood ??

thats right , not in the mood , during these days i was at the camp (were i had a great fun) come to find 2 very dear people i love dead , and one of them is beloved b all the my people . anyway yeah not oin the mood to right much so here goes

blog ends....................

what ? you're going ?

oh but its true i am , on the first day of the next month , im going to a camp how much ??they told me 10 days , but you will know im back when you see "im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" thread .

oh well as im here i am planning on finishing some gmaes i installed lately : trine , bad company 2 , bioshock 2(hard game) , and will play cs source , Bianka DK recomended it and she was right .

i installed bad company way when it was released so i want to ask you a question , when i play a large black box appearse in the center , and when i move around it covers 3/4 of the screen , what shoudl i do ?? anybody can help ??

oh well good night guys :D:D:D:D:D:D:D