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fingers crossed for a Persona 5 game. I wouldnt mind if they only reuse Teddy in the sequel. But I wouldnt want to have all the characters return.

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I dont know if I really want to play along with this thread

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Contra, Zelda 2, Castlevania are still some of the hardest games I have ever played

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Nintendo will be fine. Nuff said

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Destiny, Infamous and Watch Dogs. Those games just look so fantastic.

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I am actually really anticipating this game. I really like 3D Land. Soo I think I will enjoy this game as well. A personal AAA

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Lol review scores. Its all about what is written about the game. Not the final score.

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I would say a name change. A guy I work with actually thought the Wii U was just an add on for his Wii. That or maybe an aggressive marketing campaign to clarify to the casuals that the Wii U is something new.

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Could never get into Half Life myself. So Deus Ex for me

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This is exciting too me. Hopefully they will put some games I missed out on.