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Red Dead Redemption, UFC 2010, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2...

Those are just some of the games I have been playing recently haha. :P

I got MW2 when it came out and beat it very quickly. I decided to go back to playing it again on veteran difficulty. It's hard as hell for me lolz. I know some people had no problem with this but, to those people piss off. I also started playing online multiplayer more and more. I am hooked on it :P If you wanna play with me or against me send an invite to my gamertag which is on the side of my profile.

I also just beat Red Dead Redemption and I must say this for that game. OMFG! Such a good game. I originally though Mass Effect 2 was gonna get my vote for game of the year but, this game is making my decision hard to make. The story telling is excellent and the gameplay is spot on terrific. I love riding around on my horse. I easily spent all day and night going from town to town looking for side quests and bounties to claim. I highly recommend this game :)

On to the newest game I got which is UFC Undisputed 2010. I haven't done too much so far with this game but, I must say I love beating the **** out of Kimbo Slice with Brock Lesnar haha :P I think I am going to give a review of the game when I get more into it later on.

Thats all for now. Have fun friends :)