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Playstation or Nintendo..

That is the question..

Right now I own a 3DS and I have to say I am quite disappointed in it's line up of games. This is not like Nintendo at all. But, it seems too be looking more and more like it's Virtual Boy console system. The only game so far that impresses me to keep it is Legend of Zelda OOT. However, that is only one game.. the system has been out since March.. So, you figure there is something wrong. I will hold out a little longer too see how Kid Icarus and Star Fox come out. But, Nintendo is really testing my patience on this one.

Playstation Vita on the other hand is looking more and more impressive every time I hear about it. Specifically how it plays it's Uncharted title. It looks amazing for a handheld and even though graphics aren't a major selling point too me, it's still quite intriguing. The touch screen interface seems to be very responsive as well. Needless to say, the Vita looks like it's gonna give Nintendo a run for it's money.

All in all, I am gonna hold on to my 3DS for a little longer because there are still key titles I want to play like Animal Crossing, Star Fox, and Kid Icarus. But, Nintendo has to regain it's competence with the handheld market or else I will be forced to join the Playstation bandwagon.