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Buy Scribblenauts! Also, traded in some games and more...

I recently decided to trade alot of my games in after I got out of class. They have been sitting on my shelf for a long time and they were collecting dust. So I decided to show mercy to those games by trading them in. With those trade in I decided to WoW: Cataclysm for next year :D. However, the guy behind the counter said some derogatory comments about WoW and I had no choice but to defend my honor >:(. But, other than that I also preordered CoD: Modern Warfare 2. And with the remaining balance I decided to buy Scribblenauts!

Scribblenauts was a complete shock to me because it was sooo original and so fun. It is a puzzle game where you make up words to solve the puzzles. Say for example: in the puzzle I need to climb up a hill to deliver some water or something. I decided to try a horse to get it up the hill. After I saw that wasn't working I decided to say F* that and I put in monster truck. And behold a monster truck appeared! There are also some other things you can try and there are restrictions on things you can use. Like you can't call forth Jesus to come down and save you or use Super Mario to help you. But, other than that the game is one of the most original games I have ever played :D Go out and try it! You wont be dissapointed!scrtibblenauts

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a terrific start but....

I am not too happy about having to download all of the episodes. Its like the Homestar Runner games on Wiiware. I already breezed through both episodes of the game and now I have to wait however long to play the next episode. I am not happy bout that. However I am very pleased with the story. It has twists in it that I had no clue to expect. I will not spoil it but its epic to say the least.(At least it is for me...) I also love the nostalgic graphics which are more Final Fantasy VI than IV but hey, I really dont care about graphics. All in all I love the story and the untouched gameplay but I want the episodes or chapters or whatever they are called to come out faster. Please hurry Square! I need more!! Ceodore

Purchased A Nintendo DSi...

Ok I just purchased my brand spankin new Nintendo DSi and I got to say Its not doing a whole lot for me. I bought it under the impression I would be wowed by the DSiware shop but sadly I am not. But I will look forward to the future of this product as it just came out. I personally see potential like I see with Wiiware. But other than that I personally have no need for the camera or MP3 player since I have an Iphone. Oh and the internet is slower than a cement mixing truck. So unless the DSiware shop gets better I see no need for anyone to trade in there Lite Ds for this one. Nitendo DSi

Thank You Newgrounds!

With the power of Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin I was able to break the horrible hold that Warcraft had put on me! The game known as Castle Crashers is indeed amazing in every way. I highly recommend downloading it. Also, I don't have a Newgrounds account or anything but I highly recommend going to their website and checking out all the content and seeing what is has to offer. It has alot of great things to watch or play.

Made a new sig..

As some may know (or not) I make my own sigs and banners and etc. with the power of Photoshop. My latest creation was new sig and I kinda like it. I don't really put alot of effort into making these things. I make them on my spare time with nothing else to do. I actually used to major in Graphic Arts and Computer Animation lol. But, my work then was alot better than what I show here if you can believe it. Well, here it is:

I know nothing special but whatever..

I Wanted to Share Some Pics of my Current Video Game Collection..

I recently got bored and decided to take some pictures of my collection.

Here they are:

This is my current Xbox360 collection.

This isn't exactly up to date but it is still my Wii collection.

My DS collection..I love my DS!

I took some other pictures also but I just wanted to show my collection thus far for this generation of games.

Edit: I just added the missing Wii games and here they are:

These are my newest games for the Wii

Alot of Impulse Buying Lately

So, out of boredom and the fact I want to play something else rather than Smash Bros. I decided to go out and buy some RPG games since they seem to hold my attention longer than any other genre of gaming.

Anyways, I go to Gamestop yesterday to see what was new and cool and nothing seemed to catch my eye. Than I ask the guy what kind of games do u recommend for me wanting to play something different and will hold my attention for longer than a week or so. He asked what kind of games i am into and I told him it has been a while since I played a good RPG and that I love Final Fantasy style of games. He runs down a list of games and nothing seemed interesting enough for me. To make a long story short I browsed through some of the games and found some that I wanted to try.

Among those games I picked up:

Lost Odyssey (360)

Blue Dragon (360)

Crack Down (360)

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (DS)

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (DS)

and Devil May Cry 4 (360)

Most of those were RPGs and some were not. Needless to say I don't think I will need another game for a while. (Or at least I hope so)

Xbox 360 problems..ugh..

So I buy the 360 when it came out back in November of 2005 and I fell in love with it...

I would play so many games with it and enjoy games like Saint's Row and Dead or Alive 4 and Perfect Dark Zero.

Now I have a major problems with it. At first there was a problem with the video and I replaced that 360 cause I was naiive and did not buy the warranty. Than I purchased a new Core system cause I already had a hard drive.

Everything was running smoothly. I was playing Gears of War and Halo 3 at peace at mind. There were some minor problems when playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 but those were controller problems not system problem.

1 year later after buying a new 360... the new 360 breaks and I did get a 1 year replacement plan with it. SO, I bring it back to Toys R Us and they didnt have another one to give me. So I took the refund and bought an Elite.

So hopefully now I can play games on my 360 at ease with my elite.

Has anyone else had some of these problems with this system?

Goin DS Crazy!!

I dont know how to put it but I have been playing alot of Nintendo DS lately. It is all due to one game and that game is Phoenix Wright. Since Christmas I've played the entire trilogy and now I'm antsy about Apollo Justice (Phoenix's replacement). Since Super Smash Bros was delayed yet again I have decided to play original games out there for the DS. If anyone can recommend some games that would be cool. Right now I've started playing Zelda again and also I'm gonna get Trauma Center.

I'm currently thinking about buying Hotel Dusk Room 215 because of the rave reviews I'm seeing for that game.

I love my DS like many people out there do. I'm really starting to like some of these very original kinds of games out for it. I gotta thank my brother for buying me Phoenix Wright for christmas to open my eyes to the great games out there for the DS.

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