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stupid wisdom teeth

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got my 4 wisdom teeth ripped from my mouth yesterday morning. hurts so bad and the drugs make me so tired. i feel so bad i dont even want to play my ps3, which really means something because i've never had anything that prevents me from gaming.

First Platinum Trophy

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So I finally earned my first platinum trophy about a week ago for burnout paradise. Honestly the trophies were pretty easy and straight forward but ill take it. I should have another platinum soon once i have enough time to complete the bladder of steel for rock band 2. i believe that will be a much more impressive and rewarding platinum. Lastly i just earned the criterion elite license for burnout as well. that was quite a feat and took quite a bit of time and patiance. thats all i have to say about that!

Gone for 4 Weeks!

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okay so im kinda new at this whole blogging thing so forgive me. i want to let everybody know i'll be pretty inactive the next 4 weeks. im at western caronlina university for 4 weeks for a camp called summer ventures. its basically a nerd camp for science and math people. my topic is chemistry. i've been here since sunday and its been pretty crazy. class is boring but dormlife rocks. tomorrow im goin white water rafting so that should be fun. i'll try and keep this blog updated to let people know what im up to. bye everybody!

Final Fantasy X

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This is a great RPG game that really tests you and chalenges your gaming skills. It has a great battle system, and a neat system of raising character levels. It has one of the best storylines I have ever seen. It also has sweet graphics. It is probably my favorite game of all time.

Rating: 10:D

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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This was one of the best games I have ever played. I spent hours of intense gaming without ever getting bored. While the story-line was a little over the top, the game content was incredible. There was so much that this game had to offer. It definitely lived up to the Grand Theft Auto title.

Rating: 9.8:D