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Whenever I play Diablo 2 LOD and try to go on to, it says my cd key has been disabled what do I do?

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Im sure its not carpal tunnel because i usually type with my index fingers and my hands in the air straight
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i dont think its a blood clot
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im not sure if its something thatll get worse and worse like a tumor but whatever it is i wish i didnt have it
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i remember i noticed it a month ago when i was playing baseball, I was pitching, the guy swung the bat, the ball came right at me, I caught it with my glove but when the force of the ball hit my hand and net the netting and an hour later i felt an aching in my wrist area in which im sure the ball bent my wrist back far as it can go.I didnt think it hurt enough for it to be fractured, dilocated, or broken and im sure it was there before i just may not have noticed.

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thanks guys
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its on my left wrist so thank god its not on my right(dominate hand).

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hey can like anyone help me out here cuz my wrist has like a bump which is just strait across of my index finger kinda in my carpals.Its doesnt really hurt when i bend it it just feels weird when I do also when a bend it you can see a bump about 3/4 inches across.It feel fairly soft.

Can anyone tell me whats wrong and help me out here?