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(Pay no attention to this blog if you are sick of "add him" "add her" blogs, messages, etc etc etc)


Everyone i'd like you to add An-Archist to your Gamespot friends list please lol:D

I know I shouldn't ask but...add him:P

Chow, Ciao.

PS. Today has been a blogtastic day lol:D

NEW NEW NEW (caps)

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G'day Everone,

Take a took at my new Banner,User Icon and Profile Image.

ALL MADE BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chow, Ciao.

Buying Power 5/12/07

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G'day Everyone,

Today I brought:

Enchanted Arms on the 360.

...And Justice For All by Metallica CD.

Holy Man DVD.

Chow, Ciao.

Today In Azeroth 4/12/07

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Greeting's Fellow Adventurer's

Server: BlackRock

Character: AnarchyDudee

Alt/Main: Alt

Current Lvl: 12

Today I ventured around Azuremyst Isle, The Exodar and Bloodmyst Isle. The quests in these regions are some of the funnest that I have encountered during my whole entire WOW experiance! Some of them involve searching for StillPine Totems, others have me killing foe FurBolg's whatever the quest is there seems to be that little bit extra compared to Eastern Kingdom quests??? I dunno there is just something there???

Earlier on today I was asked by a NightElf Fisherman to find the remains of his wife and children, i did so with haste and heart. I found them in the corpse of a foe Wildkin and then i returned them to the mourning Husband. Such a grand series of quests:)

Icurrently have a One handed mace(McWeaksauce's Meat Tenderizer)and a shield(StillPine Defender)equipped, the mace has crushed the skull of many WildKin and the shield has blocked the swipes of many Wildkin. When I reach Lvl 15 i will be entering the BattleGrounds to slay some Horde scum!!!

Anywho I will return to questing and i will answer any comments you leave:P

Chow, Ciao

Come One Come All!!!

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G'day Everyone,

Today I brought,

Guitar Hero 3 Game Bundle.

Midian by Cradle Of Filth.

Hellbilly Deluxe by Rob Zombie.


Kiss This by The Sex Pistols.

ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!!Have only listened to one song off each of the albums, my impressions of GH3 coming soon!

Tony Hawk Games And Me

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G'day Everyone,

The Tony Hawk series is one of my favourites and personally I can't wait to get Proving Ground BUT there is a big problem with the series now day's and that is "It doesn't have the vibe that it used to have", mainly the older games had so much flair and such because of the awesome "punk" music, the games weren't all about some wannabe poser kid trying to skate much like real life BUT it was all about what skate boarding was back then!

And that was a "punkish" kinda thing, hell I used to skate and I was really good at it BUT!!! I quit because Bam made it the popular thing to do and then everyone started to do it, I mean half the skaters I know don't skate because they like it but they skate because they want to be Bam!!!

It annoys the hell outta me, anyways back to Tony Hawk games, the first 4 games had extremely good music! I mean what's so hard about creating an in game playlist thats like the first 4 games, I don't mean the same songs but songs by the same band and's really a good idea it really is:D

They need to create one that has the level's of Tony Hawk 4(free roaming but there are levels!!!), the gameplay of lets say...Tony Hawk Underground 2 and the music of the first 4 games! BANG you have just created a Game that everyone will be proud to play!!!

Chow, Ciao

New 360 Game(And An Album And 10m Ethernet Cable)

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G'day Everyone,

Stuff I brought today,

1. International Superhits by Green Day.

2. 10m Ethernet Cable(so I can finally have xbox live in my room)


3. NBA Live 06

I'll keep you up to date, so check out my new blog which will be posted soon enough:P

Chow, Ciao

SLC Punk!

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G'day Everyone!

Watch it, the movie is a masterpiece!

just search it up on Youtube and watch it!

Chow, Ciao

If Elected PM Kevin Rudd Will Destroy Australia's Future!!!

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G'day Everyone

Not very often do I delve into the fine art of Politics on Gamespot, but i'm afraid this time is different! Enough is enough!

Kevin Rudd has stated that he will be pulling out of the War in Iraq! Can you believe that? Iguarantee that the USA and England will offically hate us if that happens, goodbye allies, goodbye Australia's pride and honor!

Kevin Rudd if by some odd chance you are reading this"Go move to Iraq yourself and see how you like it maybe it will convince you enough to stay in the war you stupid twerpy *beep*"

Jeez, The Labor party gets a bigger douche for each election!