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Top 10 Movies of 2012

Since I did a top 10 games I'll do a top 10 movies of 2012 as well. While there were quite a few great movies that came out here are my top ten.

First some honorable mentions:

  • Prometheus
  • The Cabin in the Woods
  • End of Watch
  • 21 Jump Street

10. Dredd


Yeah it might seem like an odd pick but I really enjoyed Dredd. I went in not expecting much and got a whole lot of great action and just a damn fun time. While there could've been more of a story this movie was some of the most fun I've had watching a movie this year and that's why it's in my top 10.

9. The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games was one of those movies that had a hype train a mile long behind it before it came out and while it didn't completely deliver it still was a great adaption. Jennifer Lawrence stole the show and overall the movie was very well shot even if it did over use the shaky cam a bit.

8. Lincoln


This was just one hell of a character piece that made passing an amendment exciting. Daniel Day Lewis completely owned this movie as Lincoln. Unlike with J. Edgar last year I actually felt like I was watching the real person and not some Hollywood actor playing a real person.

7. Argo


I think it's safe to say at this point that Ben Affleck is a gifted director. Argo was an intense movie made even more intense by the fact that it was a true story. The whole idea that this actually happened is pretty crazy and the way Affleck made this movie really made this story poignant.

6. Looper


Looper was one of those movies haunted by false advertising. The trailers made this movie look like an action movie when really it's far more of a drama. There is some action but overall this movie is very story driven and was helped a lot by the great acting. Nice to see Bruce Willis in a expanded role as well.

5. Django Unchained


Tarantino never seems to really disappoint and this movie delivered. It had Tarantino's signature dialogue, style and over course the over the top violence. The story moved along at a nice pace despite being a 2 hour 45 minute movie. The acting was also top notch across the board.

4. The Dark Knight Rises


Nolan's Batman trilogy really went out with a great bang with TDKR. This movie was grand in scale yet kept the great character study elements of the previous Batman movies in this series. Tom Hardy pretty much stole every scene he was in as the great villain Bane and Anne Hathaway was able to hold her own as Catwoman.

3. Skyfall


Skyfall had a lot riding on it after the stumble that was Quantum of Solace. But this movie delivered on pretty much every level. The writing and story was great and Daniel Craig continued to be excellent as Bond. The villain was also menacing in the weirdest creepiest way possible.

2. Silver Linings Playbook


To me this is the 50/50 of this year, I loved that movie last year for pretty much the same reasons I love this movie. The story and writing are fantastic and it blends comedy and drama seamlessly while dealing with a very serious topic. Bradley Cooper proved in this movie that he can be a leading man capable of giving Oscar worthy performances and Jennifer Lawrence was equally as good.

1. The Avengers


This movie could've failed miserably after the huge build up Marvel did with the previous movies but thankfully this movie exceeded all expectations. Joss Whedon was able to take all of these actors and characters and create a movie that was just one hell of a theater experience. The action was amazing and the way all the characters were actually made relevant was a feat in itself. Overall this movie is my number one just because it was the most fun I had watching a movie this year.

Top 10 Games of 2012

Well since I haven't posted a blog in a long time and don't know how many people will even read this I'm going to keep this list short and sweet.

10. Sleeping Dogs


This was one game I really had no interest in at first but once I played it I started to really like it. The setting of Hong Kong was extremely detailed and fun to run around in. The combat was smooth and fun and the characters all were interesting. This was just one fun sandbox game.

9. Lollipop Chainsaw


Lollipop Chainsaw is just one of those games that you have to shut off all rationality to play. The game is completely ridiculous in every way and way over the top. Still Suda51's style shines through and creates a fun action game that had a ton of re-playability.

8. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition


This was another game that took me a little while to get into like Sleeping Dogs. At first I wasn't so sure what to think but once I got past the first couple of hours this game really started to take hold of me. The combat is pretty fun and the story was very good.

7. Borderlands 2


I wasn't a big fan of the first Borderlands, it just got boring to me after a short while. Borderlands 2 on the other hand was and improvement on the first game and stepped up the fun factor a lot. The game has a great sense of humor and the combat was very well done.

6. Assassin's Creed 3


This game was fantastic in most regard's but the to me it lacked a little in the narrative department. To me AC2 is still the best Assassin's Creed game but 3 was a good addition to the franchise. AC3 still had the great combat and fun kills of the previous games and is well worth playing.

5. Max Payne 3


I adore the first two Max Payne games, the original being my favorite game of all time. That being said I went into MP3 with lower expectations knowing it was not being made by Remedy or being written by Sam Lake. The setting was also completely different which also didn't help the cause. That being said Rockstar really did a good job with this game. While the story and characters are not up the first two games the combat is still really fun.

4. Halo 4


This is a game at the beginning of the year I never thought would be so high on my list. Halo 4 was a big surprise for me being that ever since Halo 3 was kind of a let down I haven't been all the excited about anything Halo. Fortunately Halo 4 changed that. This game to me had the best campaign out of any Halo game and the multiplayer is as fun as back in Halo 2 times.

3. Dishonored


Dishonored is a game that game out of left field for me. I knew about the game before it came out but was never really that into it, but I'm so glad I got it and played it. The combat felt like a mixture of Bioshock and Riddick: Butcher Bay and the story was also very well written. This was just a fun original game that was a nice little surprise.

2. Far Cry 3


After the huge disappointment that was Far Cry 2 I had pretty much written Far Cry off until I saw some gameplay of Far Cry 3. This game is such a massive improvement on 2 it's not even funny. The combat is very well done. The way you can choose how to play is always nice even if some missions are a little too straight forward. The characters are also very interesting, which is good because the story itself is a little weak. Still this is one of the more fun open world games to come out in a while.

1. Mass Effect 3


Don't think this pick would surprise people who know me. Mass Effect is by far my favorite series this generation and even the whole ending fiasco with this game didn't diminish my love of Mass Effect one bit. Yes, the ending was a little underwhelming but the game as a whole was fantastic. The combat was even improved from the second game and the story was, at least to me, as good. It was great to see all the old characters back from the first game as well as the ones from the second one last time. I don't know where the Mass Effect games are going to go after this, but it was one hell of a ride with Shepard.

2012 Movie Hype Blog

Well with 2012 right around the corner it's time to look forward to what's coming out next. This is a list of my most anticipated movies of 2012 as of right now. I'll also make a list in a few days of my most anticipated games.

The Dark Knight Rises

One of the most anticipated movies out there right now is The Dark Knight Rises. The hype for this movie is huge so hopefully it can live up to it. I've liked the trailers so far and Tom Hardy looks awesome as Bane so hopefully this is a great movie. Nolan rarely disappoints so I have faith this will be an epic end to his Batman trilogy.

Underworld: Awakening

The Underworld movies have never been award contenders so I'm not expecting much out of this. I just want a cool vampire movie in a world infested with Twilight. As long as I'm entertained and the action is cool and Beckinsale still looks damn good in leather I'll be happy.

The Avengers

Marvel has put a lot of effort into building up to this movie so hopefully it's good. I've enjoyed all the build up movies so I have faith that it'll be a great movie. I like all the characters and actors that are in it. I just hope that they can make all the characters relevant enough and it's not just the Tony Stark show like the trailer seemed to make it be.

The Hunger Games

I really don't know much about The Hunger Games but I just got the books for Christmas so I'll need to read those before this movie comes out. The reason I'm hyped for it is because the premise looks cool and the trailer got me interested. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be sappy.


While I hated Ridley Scott's last outing, Robin Hood, I'll more then happily see him return to sci-fi. While there isn't much out about what this movie is really about, it looks cool. The cast seems tight and from the looks of what I've seen it has the suspense vibe of Alien.


While Bond's last outing was pretty bad I'm still excited to see Skyfall. I love Daniel Craig as Bond and think he fits the role perfectly. If this movie can bring back some of the greatness of Casino Royale then it should be gold. But all in all it should be a fun time.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I really enjoyed the book AL: Vampire Hunter so I hope this movie can bring something to the table. The blending of history and fiction in the book is what made it so awesome so hopefully this movie can do that without being to stupid.

Django Unchained

I've enjoyed pretty much every movie Tarantino has made so hopefully this doesn't disappoint. The cast looks pretty awesome so I have faith it'll be good. I don't know much about it so far but if it has Tarantino's name on it, I'll probably see it.

Well there's my most anticipated movies. I'll make a blog for most anticipated games soon. :)

Top 10 Movies of 2011 #5-1

The end to my top 10 movies list.

5. The Tree of Life

This movie stirred up a lot of hate when it was released, some people just couldn't follow it I guess or just didn't understand the narrative. The story is told in a non-linear fashion which might annoy someone that is simple minded but if you can leave your brain on The Tree of Life is an amazing movie. The acting and story telling was all top notch. The cinematography was some of the best this year. This movie was a fantastic look at human life and beautifully well made.

4. Hugo

Hugo was just one of those magical movies. It's rare when a movie can be just so heart warming that you leave the theater feeling better about everything. This movie was was a real visual treat. The art styIe was amazing as well as the directing from Martin Scorsese. The acting was also great, Ben Kingsley, Sasha Baron Cohen, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Lee all gave great supporting performances but the real standout was the lead Asa Butterfield. Never heard of the kid before but he was truly awesome.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Harry Potter is a series I have loved since the very beginning, the books and the movies. Deathly Hallows Part 2 was the grand conclusion that the series deserved. The scope of the movie was so big but it still was able to nail down the characters that the series has come to be known for. The acting was all great, the visuals were top notch and the score as always really fit the mood. In the end this movie is probably the best in the series which is how a great franchise like this should go out.

2. 50/50

50/50 is one of the rare blends of comedy and drama that truly works. This movie weaves in between comedic moments and heart wrenching ones with such ease, it's scary. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really stole the show in this movie but Anna Kendrick also was right there with him. Seth Rogen also gave the best performance he's ever given. He just wasn't his usually loud mouth stupid self, he had real depth to him. Overall 50/50 is by far one of my favorite movies of this year just because of how well it told a great story of human triumph with such grace and passion.

1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

While some might call it just another Hollywood remake, I call it the better movie. I loved the book and also really enjoyed the Swedish movie but for me this movie trumped the Swedish version in just about every way. The direction by David Fincher was fantastic and the score by Reznor and Ross really fit the mood and added a whole lot to the movie. The supporting cast was fantastic but really the movie was Rooney Mara's. I had my doubts about her before this movie but after seeing it I can safely say she is a fantastic actress. She brought even more to the character of Lisbeth than I thought was possible. There wasn't much I didn't enjoy about this movie. It's not for everyone due to it's dark nature and subject matter, but if you can take a little darkness you will see that this movie truly shines.

Well there's my top 5 movies of the year.

Also, Merry Christmas to all and hope you all have a joyous holiday season and may you get all the presents you wanted. :) :P

Top 10 Movies of 2011 #10-6

On to my last list of the year, my top 10 movies.

10. Captain America: The First Avenger

While I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of this movie in the end I really enjoyed it. Chris Evans really did a great job as Steve Rodgers/Cpt America. He was convincing in the role and really brought the kindness/badass-ness that comes with that character. Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving and Tommy Lee Jones also did well in their parts. This was one of the better superhero movies that was brought out in year that was full of them.

9. Fast Five

The Fast and Furious movies are just loud entertainment. I didn't go into this movie expecting to think a lot and what I got was just a great action movie. From the crazy chase scenes to Vin Diesel and The Rock fighting each other, Fast Five was just a blast. The chase scene at the end is still one of the coolest scenes I have seen in years. This movie improved on everything that came before it in the series and in the end it's by far the best Fast and Furious movie out there.

8. Source Code

Source Code was a great thriller movie that came out earlier this year. While the movie did repeat over and over it did it so well that I was constantly entertained. The premise of the movie was cool and Jake Gyllenhaal actually was really good in his role. The movie kept the suspense up while also having a human factor that you actually cared about. Overall this was one of the best thriller movies that came out this year.

7. Drive

While Drive has been called an "art house" movie that really doesn't matter to me. I really enjoyed this movie because of the great performances that were in it. Ryan Gosling gave a fantastic performance even though he rarely spoke. His character was mysterious and distant and I really liked that aspect. Carey Mulligan also gave a great performance. Overall Drive worked because of it's great styIe, performances and directing.

6. X-Men: First CIass

What really made this X-Men work was James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. That being said this was also my favorite X-Men movie that has come out. Mathew Vaughn really did a great job with directing this. From the story to it's styIe, this movie was just fun to watch. Some of the performances were a little weak but McAvoy and Fassbender were just so good in their roles it didn't really matter. This was by far the best superhero movie to come out this year.

Well there's my first 5, be back soon with 5-1. Hope you enjoyed. :)

Top 10 Games of 2011 #5-1

The final 5 in my top 10 games list of 2011.

5. Batman: Arkham City

Another sequel that really stepped it up this year. While Batman Arkham Asylum was good, City was so much better. The open world was fun to explore, and while it wasn't that big it was just so atmospheric. The use of Batman villains and characters is what also made this game so good. From villains like Joker and Hugo Strange that had big roles to ones with cameos like Bane there was no short of characters to go around. Also, the addition of Catwoman as a playable character was awesome. She had her own feel and didn't just feel forced. Overall this was a fantastic action/adventure game.

4. Gears of War 3

While the first two Gears games were fun, 3 was by far the most polished. Epic finally made it so the Unreal 3 engine had no real pop-ins and everything else about the graphics was smooth. The story was also by far the best, there was a real sense of desperation the whole time that really came through. Also, the revamped Horde Mode was a whole lot of fun. This Gears game was by far the best in the series and Epic really ended this trilogy with a bang.

3. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Uncharted is just one huge cinematic series. The way Naughty Dog creates crazy scenes like falling out of a crashing cargo plane to running around a sinking cruise ship is just awesome. Uncharted 3 continues the story of Nathan Drake on another adventure. The characters in these games are also great with some truly great voice acting. Overall Uncharted 3 works due to it's amazing level design and huge cinematic scope. These games are like playing a big budget action movies sometimes.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Oblivion was one of my favorite RPG's and Skyrim just improved on basically everything. The menus were much easier to use, the weapons and spells were cooler. Just the whole game was polished and improved. Skyrim is just so huge you could play the game for hours on end and never even touch the main quest. The dragons are also really cool to fight as well as gaining the shouts that you can use. Skyrim is just one epic RPG that you can pick up and play for hours upon hours. You truly get your money's worth with this game.

1. Saints Row: The Third

While this is probably not many people's GOTY it is to me. I truly loved this game from start to finish, it's by far the most fun I've had with a game in a long time. SR3 knows that it's not a serious game and it does over the top oh so well. It's also the first game I've 100% completed in a long time. There are so many points in this game when you'll be laughing your ass off or scratching your head saying "did that really just happen?" From the crazy weapons and cars to the bombastic characters and story, Saints Row 3 is just one hell of a ride from start to finish.

Well there's my top 5 games of 2011. Hope you enjoyed. :) I'll be back soon with my top 10 movies of 2011.

Top 10 Games of 2011 #10-6

Gonna do a list of my top 10 games of 2011. This list will be 10-6, in a couple days I'll do 5-1.

10. Catherine

Catherine was....different. It basically is a puzzle game but is much more than that. What made Catherine so cool was the characters and the crazy level design. Scaling the giant mountains of boxes was fun and at the same time really damn irritating. I was at the point of giving up multiple times playing this game. It is pretty difficult but if you keep with it, Catherine is a very rewarding game.

9. Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm wasn't a game I was expecting to be very good. But as it turned out, I loved it. The gameplay is what made this game as good as what it was. The arcade styIe of scoring points for trick shots made the game a lot of fun. It was gruesome and violent and that just added to it. The characters and story were pretty forgettable but overall Bulletstorm was a damn fun game and worth checking out.

8. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

There aren't that many games that blend shooting action and RPG elements together well, Deus Ex: HR is one that did it right. The game was just full of great action and great characters. What really drives the story forward is the characters you meet that add on well to it's great story. The action was also a blast. The guns were fun to use and the gadgets were cool as well. Overall Deus Ex: HR is a great game

7. Dead Space 2

The original Dead Space was fun but DS2 took everything up a notch. The action was bigger and just the whole scope of the game blew up. The additional guns and suits made everything just that much better. Also the fact that Isaac now spoke made the game and story flow better. A few levels in the game were scary as hell too which is always nice. Dead Space 2 is a great action game. Don't expect much survival horror out of it unless you're playing on a very hard difficulty though.

6. Portal 2

The original Portal was fun but two was much, much better. The puzzles were better and the characters were better. The additional characters and voice actors did a fantastic job. Wheatley and Cave Johnson were both fantastic additions as well as the return of Glados. Portal 2 is just one of the best puzzle games out there and is a complete blast to play. While it's not overly difficult and may be too easy for some, the characters and beautiful nature of it are enough to make you want to give it a shot.

Well there's my first 5 games of the year. I'll be back soon with #5-1. :)

Top 10 Albums of 2011 #5-1

Time for my top 5 albums. Next will be my top 10 games and then movies.

5. Born This Way - Lady GaGa

Yeah she gets a lot of hate from people but I personally really like GaGa. Her music is just so damn catchy it's hard not to start humming to it. :P The music is great and the lyrics are always catchy as well. While Born This Way isn't as good as The Fame Monster by any standpoint it still is a very solid album. I enjoyed most of the songs on the album and loved quite a number of them.

4. Unto The Locust - Machine Head

Machine Head are just a great metal band all around. From the powerful music to the great lyrics they are a powerhouse. Unto The Locust showcases their heavy tracks and then shows a lighter side with songs like "Darkness Within" which I truly love. Overall Unto The Locust is not Machine Head's best outing but it sure is great. This is a must listen for anyone that is into metal.

3. The Unforgiving - Within Temptation

Within Temptation are a band I've only recently come to like and The Unforgiving really made me fall for them. The album is just full of powerful music from beginning to end. The instrumentation is huge and the singing is fantastic. The album is a concept album but it also works just fine listening to just one or two songs. This album is fantastic for any symphonic metal or metal fan.

2. American Capitalist - Five Finger Death Punch

I've really liked 5FDP since their first album and American Capitalist is no different. While the band has always been pent up on testosterone there's always songs on every album that show a softer side. On American Capitalist, the band once again moves effortlessly between high energy in your face tracks to slower songs. There's not much I did not enjoy while listening through this album.

1. The Hymn of a Broken Man - Times of Grace

This album kinda came out of nowhere for me. It's written and recorded by Adam D of Killswitch Engage. He wrote all of the music and most of the lyrics, he also recorded everything. Jesse Leach (former KSE singer) provides the lead vocals on the album. The album, while it sounds similar to KSE is just full of fantastic lyrics and music. I really enjoyed the heartfelt and pained lyrics that are on a lot of the songs. Adam D really made this a personal album and it shows. Overall this album stands out to me for it's great music and fantastic lyrics. Really love this album.

Well there's my top 5 albums. Be back in a couple days with my top 10 games of the year. :)

Top 10 Albums of 2011 #10-6

Previously I did my top 10 least favorite games, movies and albums. Now it's time for my favorite albums of 2011.

10. Goblin - Tyler, The Creator

While I really did not like Tyler, The Creator when I first heard him he's really started to grow on me. His music is full of offensive and profane lyrics as well as angst but hey, it's well put together. He's the kind of rapper that doesn't care about getting songs on the radio and that's nice to hear. While Tyler might not be for everyone he's a damn good rapper and Goblin is a very good album. The beats are fantastic too.

9. Self Titled - Evanescence

Evanescence returned after a five year absence and it was great. Powered by the opening song "What You Want" this album is very tight from beginning to end. While some songs feel a little lackluster most are very good. Amy Lee's vocals are as powerful as ever and the instrumentation is some of the best they have done. The song "Lost In Paradise" is one of my favorites. It is a great ballad song mixed in among the harder songs.

8. Leveler - August Burns Red

August Burns Red is just one solid metalcore group. While they never stray to far from their one styIe that styIe is so good that it doesn't really matter much to me. This album has typical heavy songs on it that ABR is known for but also has songs that have softer sides like "Carpe Diem" which is one of my favorite songs ABR has ever done. Overall Leveler is a great album. If you are a metalcore fan it is a must listen.

7. Going Out In StyIe - Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys are just a band that never seem to disappoint me. Their music is fun and the lyrics can be very profound and deep some of the time. The band knows what they are and they stick to it. While this album isn't as good as their last album, The Meanest of Times, to me. It still is a very solid outing for a great band. I hope that they can keep it up and keep playing great music. Dropkick Murphys are a whole lot more than "Shipping Up To Boston".

6. Hats Off To The Bull - Chevelle

Hats Off to the Bull is Chevelle's sixth album and while it's not my favorite it's still solid. The album blends a little of Chevelle's last two albums together for a great package. They have always had a sound that seems to blend progressive rock with hard rock and it really works. The lyrics are great and the instrumentation is fluid. All in all Hats Off to the Bull is a great album that any prog or hard rock fan would enjoy.

Well there's my first five albums in my top ten. I'll be back soon with my top 5 albums of 2011. Hope you enjoyed. :)

2011 Razzie Awards #5-1

Did 10-6 last time so now it's time for the top 5 worst things of this year.

5. Your Highness

A stoner movie set in medieval times, what could go wrong?.....well a whole damn lot. Your Highness is a movie that really has no purpose and never knows what it wants to do besides be really dumb. Most of the dialogue in the movie was improvised and it showed. Danny McBride was the only one that ever said anything funny and most of the time his jokes fell flat. James Franco and Natalie Portman were just sleepwalking through the movie and I don't even know why Zooey Deschanel was in it. This movie was just terrible.

4. Gold Cobra - Limp Bizkit

Oh Limp Bizkit you should've stayed in the 90's. Believe it or not I actually do enjoy some old Limp Bizkit so I went into this album thinking it could be all right, bad mistake. This album is a POS all the way around. The music is just repetitive with no real effort in it but the main travesty is Fred Durst's lyrics. While he never had much to say now that he's like 40 years old he's still shouting out at the "ladies with the hot t***s". Nice one man.

3. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Oh Micheal Bay you just don't care do you? But why should you when you can make a movie with no real logical script or point and still make millions upon millions. I didn't really like the first Transformers and this one sure as hell didn't turn me into a fan. The stupid little attempts at humor didn't work. Shia LaBeouf was still as pointless as ever as was his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend. What would make these movies watchable is if it was just robots fighting for a hour and a half. Screw the human element.

2. Bodycount

Bodycount is an absolutely terrible FPS that came out this year. I couldn't even tell you what the story was because I never understood it. You were just plopped in places around the world and you blew **** up. While that can sound fun in this game it wasn't. The gameplay was terrible and the graphics almost made me vomit. There was zero point to this game and in the end it was just one of the biggest piles of trash to come out this year.

1. Duke Nukem Forever

Remember the king baby. Oh lord I actually had hope for this game and well, that was stupid. Duke Nukem Forever was in development hell for years and when it finally came out this year it should've just stayed there. This game had bad voice acting, bad graphics, bad gameplay and well basically bad everything else. What was worse is that it was hyped for so long and then came out as a piece of junk. There really isn't anything good that I can say about Duke Nukem Forever. It is just a terrible game that should've never seen the light of day. Sorry Duke, they screwed you over.

Well there's my top 5 for my Razzie awards. Hope you enjoyed. :) I'll be back soon with my top 10 albums of the year and then I'll get to games and movies.