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New games

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I got myself a new and old game: Frontlines: Fuel of War and Star Trek: Legacy. So far I love the game play of Fuel of Wars campaign. But I'm not too fond of the vehicle controls: the vehicles get caught up on things too easily and there is not any real midrange speed. I hope that the online play is as good as what people have been telling me. Star Trek is not too bad, but the repeative space combat is getting annoying. Ah well... it will be good to take on some new games.


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I hate luminous wretches. In casual mode they were little more than over abundant target practice for my shotgun, but in hardcore mode I loath them. I walked out into the factory floor just like any other mode with my girl as Dom behind me for cover and the whole cinematic starts up with the wretch?s glass breaking screech? and when I get control again three wretches surround me. Even with my girl's firing the slaughtering of Marcus ensues. WTF!?! The shotgun barely phases them in this mode. I died eight times in the same spot. I did not even die that many times during my casual mode campaign.

X-Box Live

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I finally got myself on to Xbox Live. Playing match making on Halo 3 is pretty sweet. I'm a big fan of team slayer, territory battle, and big battle. By the second day of game play I was promoted to Sergeant. I like the fact that I can review my service record (# of matches, kill/death by weapons sats, # campaign mission, and # enemy combatants) on

Games and fitness

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A Wii Fit? come on now!?! Are we really getting that lazy and unfocused to need a video game with an anthropomorphic Wii board and a pasty mannequin trainer to get ourselves a little better physical condition?

I know some people do not feel comfortable being out in public places or find it a bore trying to get them fit. I am one of those people. I not too keen on going into a gym seeing sculpted men and women that put my frame to utter shame, but I still go. Granted there is a period of time when I feel really awkward with my low weights, reps and unsightly flab; yet I know that everyone in that place started in the same or close to the same position and most are willing to give you a hand or advice. A mannequin trainer is not going have the same effect as another flesh and blood person motivating you to get one more rep or put a little or weight on the bar.

Fitness should never be a video game for most ages. For the older crowd it may more beneficial than a child of nine or man / woman of 26. For all others fitness should be left in the in sanctity of the gym, running trails, playgrounds, sports fields and possibly home gyms if the person is dedicated.

End of the Fall Semester!

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Finally the end of the Fall semester; now I can log in some serious time in the games I have been wanting to play. I can finally finish up the last few chapters of Gears of War and move on to Mass Effect. I hope that Mass Effect is not going to be a let down. I have been waiting for a RP that wouldrivals the KOTOR I & II.

NYS Snowplows...

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God I love to hate snowplows.I was about to pull out during a decent snow storm, when a snowplow blasts past me burying the front end of my car. The guy id not even had the decency of moving out a bit, so he would not bury my car.:x

Ah well...