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it's not a "trusty system" if it fails you after only a couple of years. speakers are not supposed to break that fast. if it's getting crackly you have listened to them too loud (or there's not enough headroom to begin with), wich basicly means you DON'T want to get a system with similiar wattage; you obviously need more wattage. your old system had only a 56W subwoofer, wich is weak as hell. low frequencies need more juice if you want deeper sound, and you obviously do want it if you are looking for 5.1 system.

the system that FelipeInsidie recommended is atleast an improvement. you might want to consider it. 150W subwoofer would be solid for desktop use.

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So basicly, what i need to know is that if it's possible to play your save files on a different PS4 device?

My plan; purchase Bloodborne without owning PS4, but i'm able to borrow the device from multiple friends. Is that plausible in any way?

EDIT: i would be perfectly fine with the ability to have the savefile on USB stick too.

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PC is my guess, but i'm seriously jelly on that Bloodborne.

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my inner hermit just collapsed. i need a PS4, right now. this looks really good.

this seems to essentially play like Souls game, so why didn't they call it a Souls game? i'll tell you why; they wanted to try something new too. fans don't allow you to try new, so they needed to come up with a new IP.

"NO! not new and exciting! i want the exact same old shit!". fans... i hate stupid fans.

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the usual smacktalk. talk is cheap, AMD, as we've see before. wake me up when we see some real-world numbers. competition is always welcome, though.

oh, do you have a source for your claim that Intel is scared? no? i thought so.

and we are talking about 2016 here... we'll have flying cars already by then.

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are they DX12 cards?

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any news on their business model with this game? does it require money to stay competetive?

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too late imo

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yes. i approve that start menu. good job MS.

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no wait, PC.