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i love how apple-hipsters said that OSX is so much better because it won't clutter itself over time like Windows, that would result in lower performance. absolute bullshit. i have first-hand experience of disasterously clutterered OSX's after few years of use.

Macs are awesome for Facebook


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with PC gaming, you will also find bigger online game communities (not to mention better online games), wich is nice. all the multiplatform games play consistently at 1080p 60fps (combined with antialiasing, wich you don't have on console 1080p) from my living room TV, and i can use a wireless X360 controller (yes, last gen controller, but all the new and upcoming games support it since it's practically the same as the new one) and play from the sofa.

i only have Bloodborne for my PS4. i'm not even expecting to buy anything else for it for a long time.

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this is good. they don't have to delay features just so they can stick them to the upcoming releases.

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Big Rigs

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voted for PC, even though i'm most excited about From Soft's stuff at the moment.

Nintendo has some absolute classics too, but i'm so sad about their hardware business these days that i couldn't give a vote.

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@MirkoS77 said:

The GCN was Nintendo's last machine that really felt core focused.

this. it was powerful and had a real controller.

then along came Wii, wich wasn't designed for hardcore gamers, but for their moms. fuck that. Wii U is somewhere between them, but still didn't appeal enough for me. has some nice games, though, despite the lackluster toy-hardware.

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new super cool game engine.

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this will just be another Postal. a curiosity for the sake of controvercy, but most likely a bad game.

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wtf man? so a great game would suddenly become a bad experience because it ends, compared to a game that will never even exist becoming suddenly less bad experience?

i'll play the great game that actually exists, thank you very much. i don't even.... i mean... wtf?

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i'd get 23" 1080p @ 60hz. i can max out games with a single GTX 970 then.

i don't think it's worth it if you go 1440p or 4K, because the screens are much more expensive, and you'd need to go SLI. all that extra money just to play on a bigger screen.

the pixel density is also pretty close; 23" @ 1080p = 95 PPI, 27" @ 1440p = 108 PPI. i'd personally choose better quality IPS panel instead of the minor improvement on PPI. it's cheaper too.