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So basicly, what i need to know is that if it's possible to play your save files on a different PS4 device?

My plan; purchase Bloodborne without owning PS4, but i'm able to borrow the device from multiple friends. Is that plausible in any way?

EDIT: i would be perfectly fine with the ability to have the savefile on USB stick too.

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PC is my guess, but i'm seriously jelly on that Bloodborne.

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my inner hermit just collapsed. i need a PS4, right now. this looks really good.

this seems to essentially play like Souls game, so why didn't they call it a Souls game? i'll tell you why; they wanted to try something new too. fans don't allow you to try new, so they needed to come up with a new IP.

"NO! not new and exciting! i want the exact same old shit!". fans... i hate stupid fans.

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the usual smacktalk. talk is cheap, AMD, as we've see before. wake me up when we see some real-world numbers. competition is always welcome, though.

oh, do you have a source for your claim that Intel is scared? no? i thought so.

and we are talking about 2016 here... we'll have flying cars already by then.

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are they DX12 cards?

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any news on their business model with this game? does it require money to stay competetive?

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too late imo

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yes. i approve that start menu. good job MS.

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no wait, PC.

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so, as the title says, do i need to format my hdd? i was planning to upgrade from 4670K to some i7 (hyperthreaded) model, but i'm reconsidering if need to do a fresh Windows install. i have soooo much designing software installed that it would be a hassle.

oh, and i'm using Win7 currently, if it makes any difference.