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i'm down with having standard edition and a season pass edition. anything past that is bullshit. the season pass edition then TRULY must include everything they release after the initial release.

then again, i was never interested in Evolve anyway. i love online shooters, but that 4vs1 just doesn't interest me. it should've been 4vs4 with less powerful monsters imo. it does look innovative though, but i'm gonna have to pass this one.

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i'm really sorry guys i didn't participate even though i counted myself in. i've been buried with work and really haven't got time to play...

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we needz specz! congrats anyway!

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I think i'll finally upgrade from Win7. Especially for DX12.

BUT... i have so much audio editing software that i'm afraid some of it could be incompatible, or not working properly with it. so i don't know if i'll upgrade day 1.

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take the Asus. better for gaming. TN is not bad with colors, but it's not as good as IPS.

that LG IPS has too bad response time (14ms). not good for gaming. you'll want 5-8ms. some IPS sceens that claim to have 5ms response time are actually lot higher, so you'll want to read some actual tests. Dell U2414H is a good affordable IPS screen for gaming. then there are some gaming IPS screens with even smaller response times, but they cost a lot more.

i would personally choose richer colors of IPS with a little bit higher response time, than TN with lower response time. i'm using TN atm, and it's not bad with colors, but it could be better.

e: that LG has actually even worse response time according to tests. 20,5ms GtG. you would definetly see ghosting when playing shooters.

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freedom > story

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wtf Far Cry 4 worked fine for me. not that it was a great game to begin with, but it was ok.

$1000 barely gets you a decent gaming dekstop. you are not getting a decent gaming laptop with that money.

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You don't need an i7 for gaming.

Here's a build that can run games on High settings with 4GB if VRAM.

you'd expect more games to be optimized for i7 these days. BF4 gets nice fps gains from it already. then there is Witcher 3 listing i7 as recommended.

i mean these new consoles have 8 threads too, so it would be kind of logical to expect PC versions to be more optimized for 8 threads too this gen.

Edit: I tried to look up the benchmarks about BF4, but seems like i was wrong. I don't remember what game it was then, but i remember some game benefitting from i7 significantly.

Consoles CPUs are too weak to even compare to an i5.

There are a few games that would gain from i7 like Crysis 3.

Other then that i5 is what you want for gaming.

All these "new games" requirements with i7 is BS.

How can they even say i7-3770 or FX-8350..? These CPUs are on a completely different level.

Probably because they're referring to the 8 threads in both cpu's

Giving people the idea that they don't optimize for four cores, or maybe they don't have to optimize, who knows

The fact is it works on i5 and it works perfectly

maybe Intel is sponsoring them free hardware in hope for better sales :P

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Goddammit. I knew i should've just gone for i7 instead of i5... oh well, time to upgrade. Then again, i'm really happy to see devs utilizing the hyperthreading more.

Highly doubt the difference between same gen i5 vs i7 will be large enough to worry about. Fact that they state Phenom 2 X4 and FX 8350 means that any 2nd gen or later i5 will perform as well or better then the AMD recommended.

damn right, that i7 recommendation is bs, you better invest in a better gpu.

well i guess i'm safe with my current build then. it is indeed weird that new i5 wouldn't be enough if those AMDs are supposed to be fine.

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it's coming along nicely. there's just not much to play in it yet. can't wait for Persistent Universe to go beta...