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It would be heartbreaking if any Castlevania/metroidvania fan would miss this, so here's a heads-up. It's still couple of days, but the hour-counter has now started.

Go throw some money, if this style is your cup of tea. It's well beyond the goal, but this is the only chance where you can get those limited editions if you want them.

For newbies; this is directed by Igarashi himself, responsible for the classic Symphony Of The Night.

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maybe GTA 1. it looked so bad, but played so good.

ahhh the days when gaming magazines had demo discs with them. those were the times.

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it was cool, but i kinda want base-building, resource management and massive scale from my RTS fix. CoH did action-focused RTS a bit better imo. it retained more RTS elements.

i went for Battlefield for action, and CoH or SupCom for RTS, and WiC was sitting somewhere in between. it didn't fully satisfy my needs, but i still liked it.

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i'm lifting this up, because i can haz opinionz!

a lot of talk around lately about how these old pieces of crap should be left rot in piece, and they will only be crappy revivals of boring gameplay from the old days, and i mostly agree with it. only exception being Bloodstained. metroidvania was born from Castlevania SotN, and died with that title right after. that game defined how great a 2D game can be, and it's downright baffling that it hasn't been used properly after it. sure, some handheld titles were made, but i don't play on handhelds, so i was left cold and bitter. now, almost 20 years later, STILL no ambitious metroidvanias have emerged. few half-assed indie attempts, and one semi-great one (it was really short) in the form of Shadow Complex, but that's about it.

we are only getting crap-loads of simple and straight-forward action/puzzle side-scrollers, indies or remakes of the originals, but who the f*** wants them? we played them more than enough back in the days. if you do 2D games in this day and age, please for the love of goddammnhellshit, DO IT BY THE HIGHEST COMMON DENOMINATOR, WICH WAS SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT!

and FINALLY, mr. Igarashi himself has stepped in to punch all indie-hipster-devs into the face and show how 2D games (2,5D, but i mean gameplay-wise) are supposed to be made! about goddamn time!

end of rant. good day, dear fellow nostalgy junkies.

edit: honorable mention to Ori and the Blind Forest. it had some actual substance. i enjoy a lot of modern indie titles' visuals, but i always end up thinking "looks nice, but... i wish the gameplay would be as ambitious. like good ol' sotn... *hrrh*"

TLDR: i have really fond memories of many, many 2D titles, but only Castlevania SotN is the one relevant enough even today, that i'm dying to get back into it.

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as far as i know, it's the MMO part that caused all the fuzz in the firstplace... so, that.

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i love how apple-hipsters said that OSX is so much better because it won't clutter itself over time like Windows, that would result in lower performance. absolute bullshit. i have first-hand experience of disasterously clutterered OSX's after few years of use.

Macs are awesome for Facebook


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with PC gaming, you will also find bigger online game communities (not to mention better online games), wich is nice. all the multiplatform games play consistently at 1080p 60fps (combined with antialiasing, wich you don't have on console 1080p) from my living room TV, and i can use a wireless X360 controller (yes, last gen controller, but all the new and upcoming games support it since it's practically the same as the new one) and play from the sofa.

i only have Bloodborne for my PS4. i'm not even expecting to buy anything else for it for a long time.

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this is good. they don't have to delay features just so they can stick them to the upcoming releases.

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Big Rigs

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voted for PC, even though i'm most excited about From Soft's stuff at the moment.

Nintendo has some absolute classics too, but i'm so sad about their hardware business these days that i couldn't give a vote.