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Back at Uni,

Well, just about to finish my second week back at RMIT for 2007 and i have to say, I really love holidays! Unfortunately, they're over for another year. You really get used to not having a routine. I suppose it could be worse...I could be going back to school!


Wow! Channel 7 "in '07" almost had a killer lineup for the first half of the year! Almost! Imagine:

8:30 - Desparate Housewives
9:30 - Brothers and Sisters

8:30 - 24

8:30 - Heroes
9:30 - Prison Break

8:30 - Lost

But no.

Next week we get Dancesport Championships 2006 for 2 hours on Tuesday, and 24 relocated to the death timeslot at 10:30pm Wednesday.

So close!

~This is another rant from Justin~

Going away!

Well, we (me and some mates) are off to Ocean Grove for the next week which should be fun. Plenty of beach (the weather's going to be good this week) and good times. Happy New Year everyone (almost)!

New Sig Pic

I made a new picture for my signature. This time, it's 24-themed. I didnt go to much effort but i like it!

They call it "Prison Break", and it's a bloody good show!

One of Channel 7's biggest hits of 2005 was the drama/thriller, "Prison Break". The first season followed the adventures of structual engineer Michael Scofield who gets himself thrown into one of his company's prisons to save his innocent brother Lincoln scheduled to be executed for the murder of the Vice-President's brother. With plans to the prison and other helpful images tattoed onto his torso, Michael plans to break out of the Fox River prison, using several inmates and prison employees to assist him (some without their knowledge). Anyone who is a fan of 24 or other thriller type show with a shock or suprise at every act break will love this show, despite how far fetched it is. It's great entertainment! I just finished watching episode 13 of season 2 and I have to say, the second season is just as good as the first, if not better!

The second season will air here in Australia after the Australian Open finishes on Channel 7 (so early February). This is one show not to be missed!

This week's obsession: NCIS!

The thing is, with me and TV shows we go through certain periods of obsession, such as when the show starts a new season on TV, or I get some DVDs for the show. A few weeks back it was Alias, since I downloaded all the Season 5 episodes because it doesn't look like Channel 7 will be showing them this year.

This week, I was in JB HIFI and saw the Season 1 DVD of NCIS for half price, and since I had been looking to buy it for a while, I thought "why not!". So I put the first disc into my trusty DVD player and remembered just how great the show is.

"NCIS? Is that anything like CSI?"
"Only if you're dyslexic!"

For anyone uninitiated to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, they are just that, Special Agents who investigate crimes that somehow involve the US Navy. So, for anyone who has watched CSI, it is similar. They do forensics and they catch the bad guys. But they aren't all just lab rats. They are gun carrying Special Agents as well, so the stories aren't just confined to the forensics lab. How it differs from other shows, in my opinion, is that the characters are fantastic and very well defined. There is just no other show (I watch) that had such brilliant, quirky and interesting characters. These are the main cast in Season 1. We have the boss, former Marine, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who is a determined leader, and a skilled interrogator. His number two man, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, recruited as a detective from Baltimore, is a ladies man who loves a joke (and a movie), but is also a very capable investigator. He often butts heads with his partner, Special Agent Kate Todd, who as a former Secret Service Agent (protecting the President) knows what she is doing agent-wise, but needed a bit of instruction forensic-wise. She and Tony tease each other like a brother and sister but ultimately get the job done. Forensic Expert Abby Sciuto, best known for her totally gothic style of dress, with at least nine tattoos on her neck, arms, back and other places which are only hinted at. She has a happy-go-lucky attitude and has a sweet personality. She does all the forensic work in the NCIS lab. Dr. "Ducky" Mallard is the NCIS medical examiner, performing the autopsies on the bodies delivered by Gibbs and his team. He often goes off on long stories about his adventures around the globe, which the other members of the team try and cut as short as possible. Finally, introduced in Season 1 and becoming a regular in Season 2 is Agent Tim McGee, a computers expert who assisted the team on a number of cases. DiNozzo regularly tricks him and also makes well known his superior status as an agent.

Well there you have it! NCIS, 9:30PM Wednesday on Channel 10 in Australia, currently showing reruns of Season 3 or 8:00PM Tuesday on CBS in America, showing new Seaosn 4 epsiodes. Enjoy!

2 down, 2 to go...

Well, two exams done; Commerical Law and Financial Markets. And just two to go, Marketing tomorrow and Economics on Friday. Then 4 months off! OK, I'd better get back to my study...

Basketball tonight!

Our team has the third game of the season, at King Club tonight. We're 2 wins 0 losses so far, and hopefully we can keep our winning streak going!

We have an 8:40PM game, which is a bit later than what we're used to, and we're playing on Court 1 for the first time in a few years. It's the court where the Melbourne Tigers (NBL team) train, for any trivia buffs out there.