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I always like a good FPS. To me Destiny just seems like a new Halo game, but that is not a bad thing. I can't wait for the full game!!

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Get a PC if you know a bit about them. I think tinkering with PC's is half the fun of PC gaming. I do not regret buying my PS4 at all though. If I had to choose between the 2 I would go with PC.

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I think the new DMC is the best one!! Capcom has not pissed me off, but I usually don't keep track of what they are doing

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I was really on the fence about Destiny. Now That I played the Beta, I will be pre-ordering soon. The game is gonna be amazing!!!

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I love my Vita, I really do, but remote play sucks!! I will literally sit 4 feet from my router which is about 1 foot from my modem and about 2 feet form my PS4, it never works right. The main menu seems fine, but as soon as I start a game, forget it. It starts getting really blocky then gives me an error message and disconnects. I did get it to work a few times but these are consoles games not meant to be played on a handheld. I realize that in about 3 minutes, then I get the error, lol.

Maybe I need to open a port or something in my router because I know it ain't my internet speed. I got 50mbs, the fastest available in my area

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I don't think it was poorly reviewed, but it did get a lot of mixed ones. Bound by Flame, I really enjoyed that game. It has absolutely no replay value though, if you ask me.

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I don't see why people are making such a big deal about PC's being stronger than consoles this gen. Its always been that way, nothing has changed

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I do like some RPG's, but not like this one. There is to many menus for me to enjoy it

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Don't be mad because you can't afford 4K gaming. I'm not trolling, you are. I'm giving you the facts, you are just "-4/10 troll troll" lol umad.

Lets see some pics, or it didn't happen

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@jasean79: If you guys are really like this, why would you not want the actual disk so you can sell it when you done with it?