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I just hope we can play it @ our own pace, & hopefully 50% of the game isn't cutscenes. if I wanted to watch a movie, I would do so. if I want to play a game, I want to play a game. also, if we don't feel like doing the next major objective (say you want to do some treasure hunting, exploring, or just generally go around & kill things) we don't have to. will this have new game plus? everything else about it screams arkham city to me. except there's multiplayer, which is apparently getting terrible reviews.
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who's really naïve in this scenario? all they have to do is watch the 6:30 evening news. death, mayhem, & chaos can all be found right on their televisions. then they wonder why other people mimic this behavior.
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hokuto shinken type characters can cause bodies to explode yes. the first game, I believe theres a demo on xbl, PSN, idk. this looks to be very similar, with more playable characters & the addition of online coop & vs. gameplay modes. if you ever played dynasty warriors, its very much that kind of gameplay. the NA version just launched last month.
#5 Posted by green_abobo (1287 posts) - this seems completely opposite of the gamespot review. which makes me wonder, who's right? im not big on shooters but this was definitely one of my favorite movies growing up normally I couldn't give two **** about reviews, but I'm on a tiiiight budget & there are several games I'm interested in, basically its going to come down to a decision. I've heard everything from its just terrible with awful AI & its too easy, to fan-boys may find some redeeming qualities. the apparent price drop (just outside of a month since release) already indicates its not selling well. how long do the average owners of this game play it, before they put it down & never pick it up again? does it have any replay value? is it the case of it should either be single player, or MP, meaning all the development went into one vs. the other? is it fun or does it just suck? I saw some gameplay footage & the environments look pretty well done. how often do you find yourself using the motion tracker? does it not even matter because the xenos are too easy to not kill? can you start the game on the highest difficulty? does the xeno's acid blood burn your character? how does this compare to similar games, like say left for dead? I'll most likely end up buying it. I just get the feeling its not a good decision however. really wish there would have been a demo. I see redbox has it in my area. its not exactly cheap though. (2$ a day + tax) wondering if it'd just be more economical to buy it. @ that point..?. thanks.
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sword of vermillion river city ransom rygar bad dudes blood omen critical depth fear effect nitemare creatures etc.
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this game is timeless. the 2nd game i ever bought for the 360. its always on my list of games i go back to when i get saddened by the direction gaming has taken a turn for. it holds up to games made today. a shame no companies are exploring new titles in this series. an HD collection would be prime. especially considering the o.g. xbox game isnt backwards compatible.
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you even play air guitar when you defeat a stage! omfg amazing! its actually slightly better than the original, if thats even possible. not the crappy NES remix either. check it out dudes, the OST mp3s for download, name your price! not quite as nostalgic as a mixed tape, but whatever...this is totally radical! favs include "training wheels" & "spin kick" mix tape mp3s. mr. jake kaufman is a genius. guarenteed to be better than half the crap on itunes! get it...NOW!!!! edit= some food for thought. after limping through normal difficulty solo, i noticed a few things 1. my guess is the problems they are having, translating the game to online bro op, deals with both players ability to switch mixed tapes on the fly. i know for a fact that i switch mixies alot, depending on the level/ types of enemies im currently fighting, therefore the synching of both players ability to do this is most likely leading to the issues. 2. it is possible to get even more mythril than you would normally get by defating the bosses. the sokutsetso (or whatever its called) ability "song steal" allows you to steal individual pieces of mythril, from the bosses during the battle. as of right now, my song steal is @ lvl 10, & i can steal 1 piece of mythril per boss battle, besides the lump sum of them attained through defating the bosses normally. i would assume that higher leveled up versions of song steal would allow for even more mythril than the above method, although as of right now i cannot confirm this. check it out!
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they wouldnt know a good game if it jumped out in front of them and ate their faces off.
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yeah its kind of a drag. that & you cant install the game direct to the HD & be able to play dooms 1 & 2.