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Metroid Prime For GC isn't THAT great....

I got Metroid Prme about 2 months ago.... and I just haven't gotten into this game.... I am at the part where u crash down on the planet after you're on the ship in the opening sequence of the game..... I mean, do I need to keep playing it to get into it? or what... it just really doesn't feel like a KILLER APP to me.....

1,000 Posts!!!!

I have just reached a milestone!! 1,000 posts!!! Yay!!! I still remember when I first started posting... it was only in April... lol

I don't like Charles Barkley

I don't know why, but for some reason I just hate this guy's personality. Plus, he was dissin on the city of Pittsburgh saying that we don't give the Penguins enough support. And now he's running for govenor!? OMG, he certanly wouldn't get my vote. And Didn't he say he was gonna woop someone's A**?

Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64......... in my opinion.... one of the greatest games of all time. Just the other day, I hooked up the ol' Nintendo 64 and started to play this game. And dang, do I still love it. This game has to have the Greatest replay value of all time. I mean, I went through this game about 5 times before I managed to pull myself away from this addicting masterpiece. ahh..... good times, good times...... oh and..... is Slippy a man or a woman?

My Unions Just Plain $uck

I guess there's no other way to put it, my unions $uck. The Greater Sport Union used to thrive, with great officers and recruits, but now my officers don't post and I have virtually no recruits posting. The Prey Union had a terrific concept for a union, but my officers never post there too and no recruits post there. Maybe I'm a poor leader? I don't know, but I can say this much, my unions $uck.

A List Of Wii Puns

Here is a list of Wii puns that we all know and hate!

Wii Wii Do You Have A Console For Me?

Wii Are The Champions

Wii Will Rock You

To Wii Or Not To Wii

Wii Will Win

Wii Mean Buisiness

Wii Rock

Wii Hate You

Why Wii

You And Wii

Wii And You

Wii Win

Wii Love You

Wii Are The Greatest

Wii Think You Stink

Wii Will Find A Way


Okay, That's all that I can think of, so what are your favorite (Or Your Least Favorite) Wii Puns?

Stop Making Driving Games For The DS!!

okay..... other than Mario Kart, name one good racing game. Okay name 2. Oh wait, you couldn't name 1! Here's some prime examples: Burnout sucked. NFS sucked. And wait, aren't those 2 of the best racing series currently out right now? Just goes to show you, I don't think that it could get much worse than that. So stop making them! Or wait..... aren't those both EA games?