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Prince of Persia 4

Well i been a fan of Prince of Persia ever since Sands of Time and i've grown attached to that Prince. Well PoP 4 sounds exciting but there will not be no sands of time. That what made the POP games good in the first place. I played all three games and beat them and they were amaing. I just hope this game still has the same feeling as the previous POP game. Well i looking forward a good story and hope this game will be awesome.:D

Still Waiting

Its been a while since i wrote on here but i'm still waiting on news about Final Fantasy XIII. Well i guess there might be news about it on E3 but who knows. I've already pre- order for FInal Fantasy Tactics A2 but who know how long that would entertain me. PS3 dosen't really got a lot of RPGs out this year so i'm relying on my Nintendo DS for some awesome RPGs. Well i heard Dragon Quest IV remake is coming out September so i will be looking forward to it. As for FF13 I still got my high hopes for when it comes out.:)

Wow Level 11

I can't believe i'm on level 11 already i was just started 10 last week and now level 11. ALRIGHT:lol:

Xenosaga 3 Rocks

This game is totally cool. I just brought it and i can't wait to beat it. I have already played the first and seond one and now i can't wait till i finish the finally game.

RPG Fantaatic!!!!!!

I love rpg games so much i've collected most of the whole collection of Final Fantasy. I also love to play action, fighting, and racing games too. But when it comes to rpg I'm a master. Be prepare for the ulimate role- playng master.8):D