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mine is X greatestali X i mostly pkay sc4 these days
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one word online
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lol OwNeD!!!!!!!!!111111111111
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[QUOTE="Agamespotingboy"]wow, im guessing none of u guys that posted above me own both 360 and ps3 cause u guys sound like fanboys....
devs said it.
and the framerate issues on 360 huh? Well they havnt even shown the ps3 version, which means it was probably worse. I mean there isint any reason why they would show a version with framerate problems if the ps3 version was better?
face it, ps3 caused the delay, and i for one am pissed because of it.
and ya MS paid them, whats ur point? its called buisness, if sony were smart they woulda done the same for exclusivity and it would be a major blow for lemmings...
at the end the games will be the same or not noticibly difference, but that doesent take away from the fact that they probably struggled with the ps3 dev kit (at first)
but w.e. as long as it comes out now a iguess its ok newfg311

Who cares why it was delayed? Its a videogame. So it was delayed for 5 months, big deal. Play something else in the meantime. I highly doubt it was delayed JUST because of the PS3 and no argument you can produce will change my view on that. One dev's view on the situation isn't going to change that (especially when he said the PS3 was a conrtibuting factor, not the MAIN factor).

Yeah seriously man there ARE other games out there Burnout paradise just came out its awsome X10000
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God Of War
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same the 1000 heartless
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level 28 to 2 whyyyyyy
#8 Posted by greatestali (665 posts) -
finally somone notices i was level 28 its probably a glitch cuz it has happened to many hihg levels so dont worry
#9 Posted by greatestali (665 posts) -
smack dat i mean BUMP
#10 Posted by greatestali (665 posts) -
I love exenosaga but anyways u should check out shadow hearts
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