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Today is a bad day

Today Alex Navarro is leaving gamespot he kinda kept gamespot alive and gamespot looks like its dieng here is the story:

Long time video game reviewer Alex Navarro, a frequent contributor to GameSpot's podcast The HotSpot and go-to video review narrator, will be leaving the site, according to the site's Editorial Director Ricardo Torres. We learned in a phone call with Torres earlier today that Navarro, who many will remember from his infamous (and hilarious) video review of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, had given his notice yesterday, with the rest of staff told his last day of GameSpot editorial duties would occur on January 24th.

We haven't been in touch with Navarro yet to learn more about his decision to leave GameSpot or if the termination of Jeff Gerstmann played a role in his departure. Navarro has made appearances on Jeff Gerstmann's personal blog and Points! webcast over the past month, so it's possible the two may work together in some capacity in the future.

Following Gerstmann's removal and the decision of reviews freelancer Frank Provo to end his relationship with Gamespot, the review stable at the site appears to be woefully understaffed. When I asked Torres about the holes in the reviewer line up, he told me "We're going to be realistic about our output" and that the outlet would be looking to fill open positions as quickly as possible.

Asked about the general mood of the remaining editorial staffers at GameSpot, Torres said that "We know we lost fans, but we're still getting e-mails of support from folks who say 'We still love the site and won't give up on it'." He reiterated multiple times that GameSpot is trying to "move forward", stressing "We owe it to the site and our readers who support it."


So basically his leaving has to do with jeff's why gamespot whyyyyyyyyyy??????

You will be missed

gamespot is biased

Jeff G FIRED for giving Kane & Lynch a bad review after Eidos bought half of the site to put up ads and banners

Alright, unless im completely nuts or missing something entirely, check this out: gamespot reviewed gears of war for the 360 with a 9.6 when it came out. they praised it pretty much all around. but now, the PC version comes out, and in the review, they talk about how much better it is; better graphics, tighter aiming, a level editing tool, and several new levels, that while being kind of disjointed really do ADD to the value.
So, unless im nuts, after specifically mentioning that the pc version is better in the text, shouldn't it get a BETTER score? Well, i guess not, because the PC version got a 9.0. that is significantly less if u ask me, at the very VERY least it should have been equal.

Than it comes to the ps3 gamespot gave ratchet and clank 7.5 but what did the users and critics give it??? a 8.9. Than we move onto Uncharted drake's fortune gamespot gave it 8.0 critics and users a 9.0. So every site in the word is wrong and every human does not know how to review a game?????? I feel like killing somebody right now.

VGA (Video Game Awards) on spike T.V

This is the only dam event to be excited about in the next few week its in 12 or 15 hors after this post every celebrity (mostly rappers :( ) will be there although i dont understand why are they mixing celebrities with GAMING ??? I think i saw greg kasawin's name with the judges so he might be there  anyways it will be exciting as hell DO NOT MISS IT if u already did then well man that stinks for u or download it from somewhere so later ppl

Smackdown vs raw 2007!!!


This game is largely underrated by gamespot i mean 8.1 WTF?
This acording to my opinion is one of the best game this danm
year a 9.0 FOR SURE!


Borat is one heck of a movie. I saw it on its release day and its one of the funniest movie ever. in my opinion this is the funniest movie this year! A must see
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