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Heya! after installing the game via Steam(meaning it has the latest patch), i cant get any sounds from cutscenes, neither dialogue nor sound effects, but it does work in-game, like in the main menu i can hear the music play, but whenever i start a new game there's no sound!

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks btw

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Like the title says, could someone suggest me a good zombie/horror game? doesnt matter if it's more shooting or less zombie oriented, just want a nice creepy game to lose myself into for a couple of days(have the next week free and want to play something).

Was considering one of the Thief games, just dont want it to be RPG heavy, as lame as it sounds, dont wanna have to think too much, that leaves games like Amnesia or SystemShock out, by the way it doesnt matter if the graphics are somewhat outdated, would love a good creepy atmosphere.

Something like Killing Floor but with an actual plot follow, might as well mention i already own L4D.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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[QUOTE="likeabrick"]i said 1990-1996 not 1996-1999Witchsight
Oh, there werent any terrible pop bands before 1996, you are right.

WHAT?! man, the 90s-2000 era was a total disaster for music, Bieber's 10x times better than the music you'd hear on the radio/tv in those times.

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COD MW2 is a must for me, still undecided on Marvel UA2, Dragon Age and Borderlands, reviews will tell.

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I've been following the game since the first trailer came out, though it looks good, im gonna wait for a review and lots of gameplay videos, dont want to repeat what happened with Left4dead.

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Im thinking about buying another 360 soon, but want to avoid all the RROD issues, so i've been doing some research on google and forums, just want to make sure i got everything right, any xbox console made after august 2007 has the Falcon chip(or whatever it's called) that prevents the RROD problem?

Any other way to check if the console has the Falcon thingy? also read about Jasper which is supposedly similar to it, any advice is greatly appreciated, had a lot of bad experiences with my first 360, dont want to go through it again.

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Really enjoyed the game, played it for well over 40 hours i think, yes the save system was annoying on the first levels, but after hiting a decent level it shouldnt be a problem.

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Maybe The Maw? sounds a little similar to what you described.

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No, xbox 360 as I say its the best system on the gaming consoles, the most of the people who think the xbox 360 is bad are those ones who own a PS3 little children that prefer the wii.

I also was one of the first ones to obtain a 360 am very good with it, it hasnt too much errors (at leats mine) and even tough i bought it to play halo 3 I also play lots of another games just as halo wars, ace combat, banjo kazooie, forza, project gotham racing, and some other i cant remember of.

To those ones who think the 360 is bad, first buy it and then you can say if its bad or not, a friend of mine bought one and now he thinks it rules

The xbox 360 is the better thing that exists on the world surface then its me and then the METAL music.



The xbox 360 is better of what i am? WTF

BTW i dont have any rates of hardware problems but i can assure you that the xbox 360 has a lot more of problems than the PS3 especially for the overcharge or overheat problems (xbox 360 only has 2 fans while i remember the PS3 has 4 or 6)


If you DO mean what you're saying, then you definitely never played the PSX nor the SNES on their days of glory, none of the consoles these days compare to those 2.

Back on topic, i loved my time playing the 360, bought it in 2006 along with Oblivion and had a blast for nearly 2 years, except for 2 problems in february of 2007, the 360 for some reason ruined my Saints Row and Lost Planet discs, didnt scratch them, didnt break them, was just like POOF! "these discs shall never work again!!", tried with other 360s but stil gave me the "clean disc with a soft cloth" error, and i know it was my console that did it because im always careful with my games, dont move the console while its working, nothing.

Then gave me the red ring a day after chrismas, send it for repair, got it back 2 weeks later, lasted 2 or 3 months then again, red ring, send it back, when i received it i unpacked it right away, started playing Ninja Gaiden Black and noticed a weird sound coming from the console, like overheating, turned it off, 2 hours later decided to try again and BAM! red ring, the same day i received it, sent it back for the 3rd time, and when i got it back, it worked just fine for more than a year.

Until last month, received the E74 error or something like that, called Xbox customer service, all the process was going just fine, and suddenly the guy on the phone tells me that there was a violation of the guarantee on the last 360 i sent for repair, therefore they canceled my guarantee and practically asked me to **** myself.

I have to say that most of the fun i had with my 360 came from multiplatform games, Oblivion, CoD4, Saints Row, The Orange Box, although there were others, like GoW which i played for more than a year and a half, Halo 3, geometry wars and a lot of XBLA games, was it worth it for a system that would fail at the end? yes, though i'll definitely never get a Microsoft system ever again, the hardware itself is crap.

Saving up for a PS3 at the moment.