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Hello everybody. This will be my last blog. I'm leaving. Just to busy. Don't worry, I will still play video games. haha.

Bye guys.


Well Fishn4zora (really odd saying his screen name, When I can't say his real name) Says that everyone is like, Where is grasshopperson?

So for you music lovers out there. DOes anyone like red? Wow, have they fallen down the pipes or what?I mean C'mon.

Switchfoot is coming out with a new CD The very last month of this year. (To long, I can't wait)

Jars of clay's newCD will come out in two months.

August Burns Red is working on a CD.

So anyway. I'm stuck on a very hard mission in Advance wars. AND!!!!!!!!! Kirby Canvas curse. You know... I buy games to get stuck half way through the games.

I love hard games, without a challenge games would be nothing. But games are getting to hard now days. I mean... Really.

Well there are two commercials for the nintendo wii rite now. "My sims" Sucky! And.... "Wii music" SUCKY!!!

Nintendo is falling down a hill that I think we all knew was going to happen.

Sony is doing alright. When they come out with a game it's usually really good.

I'm convinced that xbox, is the best game system to buy, Has allot of games..... and they are usually really good.

So there you have, grasshoppersons blorg!! Yes I said blorg.

Bye. Btw How about street fighter! I got the Street fighter two for the sega Genesis. Great game.

anyone 4 tennis. (I say that when I am bored)

Ahh, well so IT SNOWED TODAY!!!!! (I bet if you read Fishn4zora's blog it will be the same) I feel very alone. No one will post on my blog. (Execpt TissueShoe, thanks) Hey does anyone have myspace? (Just asking)

Btw GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Sports.... BUSY!!!!!!!

Well I don't know if you guys like sports. I had a basketball game today and I hurt my knee. Hurt pretty bad. And we lost. I just hope and Pray The Steelers win tomm!

Btw, I have been stuck on mission 14 in the new advance wars for 4 months. Last night I beat that mission, and two after that in the same night. (It was 2:00 when I went to bed)


Hello everybody, Merry Christmas! IHad a really nice christmas. My brother is in the army so he could not come, that realy sucked, but it was nice. So, I have been really busy with my band... wow. Anyway, tell me what you guys got for christmas. Got to go, Playing mario kart online.

i'm back, again!

Well, I have not been on gamespot in like, three days, sorry.

Anyway, I am at fishn4zora's house rite now. I am sleeping over tonight. It's his birthday party so be sure and write him alittle something. Well, for those of you who don't know. I have my own band, and we are recording some songs to do at some gigs. So, that is why have been gone for some time. I have been working on some stuff. So, Did anyone here about talk of the new legend of Zelda game? I heard they were talking, thats just about all they do sometimes though. Me and Fishn4zora are playing Super mario Galaxy rite now so I got to go. See'ya,.

I am back.

Well I'm back from Virginia, Get this, I saw a store in Virginia selling New DS's for $83. Some sale!

So, anything new?

Some rumors going around.

Well for some reason I could not get on my gamespot account yesterday. Very weird.

Well, I have heard some rumors going around about Microsoft in the process of making a portable game system. That's what I have been waiting for over 2 years. Think of how cool that would be... Cause think of this, When you think of portable game system, you will probably think of the PSP and DS. Microsoft needed to start making a Portable game systym.

Second rumor, I have heard they are going to start to think about making a new Conkers Bad Fur Day. I don't really care..... but just to say. But the people that made the first one made didy kong racing 64. But they were sold to microsoft. So it would be on the 360.

Third rumor: Don't know much, but I think there is a new Actraiser being made for wii and DS. Thats all.

I am going to Virginia, So I will not be back until Sunday. Oh for My last blog, I am not trying to count my chickens before they hatch. But Nintendo just needs to drop that DS think. The first one was good yeah, second, heck yeah, But now..... OLD!!! Alright, peace.

New DS

Wow, it's really cool that the new DS is going to have a camera. But it's only 1.3 mega pixels. My phone is better than that. And no GBA slot, I mean... I would not even buy that, because I have the DS Lite that I would have to use for GBA for. I think nintendo needed to take some time and and make something that does involve the letters, "DS" come up with something new.