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Back from the dead

Hey every one, Ive been busy reading Girl Genius and playing mass effect, awesome comic and game by the way, now Ive moved on to Oblivion which is not a let down and Ive been playing for hours and havent even started the main quest yet. Just go my U-verse which is alot better than cable or satelite. Working on creating a fan club for Girl Genius so if your a fan let me know. Ill try to be on more now so dont be to shy to say hi.

The release of Radio Killer

Now that we have some content in our wiki I have decided to officially release Radio Killer, a social networking site where you can discuss your favorite TV show as well as look up the info on your show in our wiki or if you cant find what your looking for you can make submissions to the wiki. We also feature a video player which you can upload and share your own videos, a slide show player which you can upload and share your own photos, and a music player which you can upload and share your music. There is a gadgets section which is a list of widgets that you can automatically add to your page. There is also a forum in which you can discuss your favorite shows or anything else you would like to start a discussion about. There is an events section where you can set up an event with dates location and time and invite your friends or the public. There is also an instant messenger which you can use to im other members when they are online without having to download or install a thing and there are chat rooms only available to members and you can set up your own room or pick from a list of rooms. With the quick add pull down menu you can add blog posts, discussions, events, music, photos, videos, and invite friends. The quick add also has a section for you to share the page you are viewing on MySpace, Twitter,, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg or send to a friends email along with a message. The videos you have seen in my posts all come from my site Radio Killer.

Here is a preview of the site:

Radio Killer

Thailand Bands GTA

Recently Thailand band GTA, after a 19 year old adult stole a taxi and knifed the driver then gave the police the excuse that he saw it on GTA and wanted to see if it was really that easy.

Well I say then we need to get rid of Super Mario too, heres why:

Excuses given that relate back to Mario Bros:

"honest officer I ate those shrooms because I wanted to get big like mario"
"but officer, mario broke into that girls house, killed her family, kidnapped her, and THEY lived happily ever after"
"but officer, I saw all that money in the bank and thought it was a room full of free coins I had to get to and get the free money, and those people, well I thought they were like koopas so I bashed there heads like mario."
"but officer mario stole luigis money and everthing was ok, why isnt my brother getting back up after I jumped on his head"

So, do we blame the games, or do we put the blame on the person, especially an adult.

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