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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Since the creation of this modern day FPS,Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfareback in 2007 the series has enjoyed staggering record sales numbers along with a huge fan base and unlimited resources. The overall idea was the perfect formula that grabbed hold of most gamers attention and has not let go since. This series has been and continues to be the FPS that gamers refuse to stop playing, the question is why?

After completing the campaign mode with the difficulty set on hardened in less than five hours, I have to say that Im not disappointed because its exactly what I expected. Though the storyline has changed picking up only moments afterMW2sstory ended, leaving a more than blurry explanation of what happened, the overall experience has not changed in the least.

Once again the player assumes various roles of characters and their perspectives throughout the storyline. This is beyond getting old. Ive been there and done that, how about something new or even something older at this point just to change it up. In my opinion, flying up to the aircraft to use the support weapons could be done better than that. it has been since the beginning. Though it is a very cool feature just getting there or the way its done could be better thought out.