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gracideadude012 Blog

I'm back to GameSpot.

I'm back from my Birth by Sleep break:P I've been absent for 1 month since I got KH BbS and Spiderman Shattered Dimesions.

I have finished all 3 scenarios 100% complete in BbS, so now I have time to be on GS again. =)

I hope everyone's doing fine and no one has left GS while I was gone, and I hope I can be here almost every day.

I also created a Twitter account, so if you have one as well, plz follow me: CarlosGarcia014

cya here

CG/graci =)

We're still waiting for their Birth by Sleep.

I can't believe that in 3 more days KH is finally released, after 3 years of being announced and teased, it's finally time that it wakes from its sleep, right?:P

Another thing is, GS officially does not give good reviews and ratings to the great games that deserve it, I mean:

7.5 for KH BbS, WTF! at least it deserves an 8.5 or 9.0. As it's really worth it!!

Check out GS's review of BbS in the homepage and be sure to know that review is a total lie! (just "the bad things" section) although Terra's voice is indeed terrible, I wonder if they were in a hurry and they gave the part to Jason Dohring because they didn't have any money left after hiring Haley Joel Osment for Vanitas or Dohring could have made a lot more effort in his role.

Lets face it, the 1st time we heard Aqua's voice our reaction was: WTF! with that horrible voice they gave her, but now I hear her voice as being great with the character, it just needed time to figure the character's real english voice, Willa Holland did managed to do it right.

But I'm afraid Terra's voice is history, lets hope his terrible voice doesn't ruin the story's elements and character's feelings. =(

Just 3 more dayss!! =)

It's alive! It's aliveeee!!!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick blog to let you know that my PS3 works!!

I gotta thank @EphiphoneMan2008 for giving me the idea to look for a PS3 reboot button pressing thingy, I googled it and I entered Safe Mode with my PS3 and could reboot it as it comes out of the box.

I'm glad I backed up some data in USB's 2 months ago just in case and that online profiles update automatically without need of backing up the online profiles. =)

So get ready coz' I'm back to PSN. :P

And also I started school today, it was fun, many friends of mine are at my same classes, and I got a super haircut =( it sucks that my vacations hair is over. :o

2 more weeks for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep!!!!!!!!!


Graci =)


I can't believe it!! My PS3 died yesterday!!

It all started when there were energy problems in many areas of where I live and my house's energy experimented low voltage, and they took almost a whole day to get it fixed.

So next thing I did when they got it fixed I turned on my PS3 and the whole screen froze, so I tried resetting it, though I would have lost all my information and it still doesn't work.

It seems it's a HDD problem so I have to repair it and change its Hard Drive, I hope it works by next week since I really miss my PS3:cry:

On the bright side: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is out in 18 more days!:shock:

I'm BACK to stay, I hope!

How's everyone doing, I just wanna write a quick blog since I haven't done one a while.

I created a new account here at GS called BboyCG013 but it failed since I didn't used it :P

I hope I use GS as much as last year's summer, though I'm not sure coz' I'm kinda busy collecting PLATINUMs in my PS3.If you own one then be sure to add me on PSN as gracideadude013, I'm playing MW2 and Uncharted 2 online as of now.

Lastly let me tell you I'm very psyched about Birth by Sleep, I just can't wait, I'm a hardcore KH fan and I find it as being the best game as of yet in the entire series, but I think everyone has the same thoughts since the new gameplay engine is really kicking it up!!

Just can't wait for September 7th!!!!!! I'll try to be online here every 2 days or so, cya around =)

Kingdom Hearts

Birth by Sleep

Just got back from Texas.

So hey everybody, I haven't written a blog since christmas so I hope you're all doing well and so on this kinda-short blog is about a trip I took this Thursday with my mother, 1 sister and my grandparents.

Soas many know I like in Monterrey which is located in Mexico so whenever I want a new game I have to wait a while till' we go to Laredo or McAllen,Texas and I've been asking my family to go since January when I found out the releases date for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III and well we went to Texas this Thursday morning and that day I bought Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver versions and we stayed at Fairfield Inn:Marriot or something like that and it was so cool with the service and everything and I loved it there coz' I could get out of the room and walk a few steps and buy a snack or a drink anytime I wanted, so I was drinking orange Gatorade all the time.

Then, Friday we went to the Mall all day long and in the Mall's GameStop I bought Uncharted Drake's Fortune, Pure and God of War III, though I felt weird because I'm only 13 and when I buy a "M" rated game the staff there just sell it to me like whatever but when I bought God of War III I was with my grandpa and the man working there said to my grandpa: "may I sell this game with your permision? coz it has extreme violence, a lot of blood and nudity" and my grandpa stared at me when he said that and he asked me that who recommended me a game like that but luckily he said that it's ok and that he'll check it out so I got it after all and this same week my mother went with my dad to Laredo, Texas as well and coz' we weren't sure we were gonna go Thursday she brought a Final Fantasy XIII copy from their trip.

So that's my 1st time I got 6 games the same week, well 6 super expensive games coz' I have bought 6 PS2 games as well but not that expensive.

Anyways I hope you're all doing fine and I will return full timestarting this Friday for my spring break of 2 weeks and right now my internet security is in WPA format so my DSi can't support it till' it's not WEP format but we will get a new modem so I can use HG and SS online so I'll post my new FCs later.

That's all for now folks! Bye

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year (or was it the other way around?) :P

Hi everyone I hope you enjoy your holidays and I give my best wishes to everyone here at GS.

I hope you all received what you wanted today and tomorrow and more and be sure to enjoy this Christmas Eve and Day because they only happen once a year ya' know, well although this year went flying around that I feel like the whole year was only 5 or 6 months and I have no doubt that some day a year will pass just when someone blinks an eye. :P

Well enjoy the Holidays!!

P.S: my new emblem is stupid and I still hate it :x :P


WTF with my new EMBLEM??!!!!!!

this stupid EmblemiT SAYS I have bad taste of games so how could GameSpot know if I have like 120 games or more on my collection, I hate this stupid emblem and it's insulting.:x:roll::evil:

I don't know why GS uses it I hate it. :x

And I do have a good taste coz' I like em' and many friends here at GS have the same games. :x :roll:

P.S: Yay!! 3 more days till' Christmas! :shock:

Ho-ho-ho bye

P.S2: Stupid insulting emblem :x

P.S3: I know I didn't blogged a lot in this blog but anywho I'm so bored :P and I hate this stupid emblem!! :x

P.S4: Check the insulting and stupid emblem on my emblems: it's obviously the one with the rotten tomatoes on it. :x

Some Good 'N' Awesome News!!


I'm out of school!!!!!

Whoooo finally since August 24th I haven't gotten vacations till' now!!


I'm gonna be moreoften on GameSpot since I'm OUT OF SCHOOL!! so I have more free time.


If you remember correctly I once wrote a blog about my super allergy problems, I think it was my 1st or 2nd blog you can read it if you want, well anyways in that blog I said I'm extremely allergic to wheat, lactose(cream,cheese,milk,ice cream,etc.) and chicken and the result if I happen to eat those foods are a terrible stomache like you would never imagined how horrible it is, I cried every night coz' I couldn't sleep because of my stomache since July, 2006 but luckily 2 weeks ago I went to see my allergist and now I can eat wheat and chicken!! as everyone else can but no lactose till' maybe another year when I go to see my allergist again and I went with him 2 weeks ago but I didn't blogged about it because I was not able to be on GameSpot till' now!


I got a PS3!! with Star Wars The Force Unleashed:Ultimate Sith Edition and with Modern Warfare 2 so if anyone wants to play online on MW2 feel free to PM or something plz coz' I'm very eager to play with anyone from GameSpot.

My account is: gracideadude013(it's 013, not 012) so plz recommend of any game as I want to extend my new collection of PS3 games, add me in MW2 because I imagine 3/4 on GameSpot that have a PS3 have it or just add me as a friend in PSN.

Cya all around more often.

Graci =D


Okay so I got tagged by sock ¬¬' so here are my 10 facts:

1.-I'm a boy.

2.-I'm 13 years old.

3.-My name is Carlos but I like to be called Graci.

4.-I live in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in Mexico.

5.-My origin language is SPANISH.

6.-I have a Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite (2) (One is a black and blue model and the other one is the Pokémon special edition), Nintendo DSi, PS1, PS2, PSPgo, XBOX, GameCube and a Wii.

7.-I love Kingdom Hearts!!

8.-I love Pokémon!

9.-I'm not gay :P (I hope nobody ever thought that :P)

10.-I don't use GameSpot a lot as before just once a week or depends so don't expect to see me here till' December 18th when I finish school. :(

I might add another fact.

11.-I have 5 sisters and I'm the younger one ofus alland the only boy so it's pretty much imposible for me to be with 5 sisters older than me. :P

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